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Rms titanic

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Rms titanic

  1. 1. B Y : T Y S O N T O L S O NRMS TITANIC
  2. 2. RMS TITANIC• In 1908, the White Star Line created three of thebiggest ships in the world, the Olympic, Britannic,and the Titanic.
  3. 3. RMS TITANIC• Construction of the Titanic began just after theOlympic.
  4. 4. RMS TITANIC• The Titanic was completed in early April, 1912. OnApril 10, the Titanic set sail in Southampton, England.
  5. 5. RMS TITANIC• Its next stop was Cherbourg, France. While there itpicked up more passengers and cargo.
  6. 6. RMS TITANIC• Titanic’s last port before reaching New York was atQueenstown, Ireland. This is the last picture evertaken of the Titanic.
  7. 7. RMS TITANIC• The voyage had gone on for five days until April14, 1912. At around 11:40, lookout Fredrick Fleetspotted an iceberg. By the time he called thecrew, it was to late.
  8. 8. RMS TITANIC• When the Titanic sideswiped the iceberg, it causedthe rivets that held the metal in place to fall out,letting in water into the doomed ship.
  9. 9. RMS TITANIC• It took about two hours for it to sink, and at 2:20 theRMS Titanic plunged into the Atlantic Ocean.
  10. 10. RMS TITANIC• In 1985, a scientist by the name of Robert Ballardfound the Titanic. Since then many films have beenmade about the Titanic, assuring that it will beremembered forever.