How Compulsory Voting Makes Minnesota Even More Awesome


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As part of my MA program in Organizational Leadership at St. Catherine University, I recently took a strategic communications class. Over the course of the class, I applied different written and oral treatments to my chosen topic of compulsory voting. I explored the political and civic culture of Minnesota and potential channels for advocacy. This is the deck for my persuasive speech.

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  • Baseline of awesomeness
  • How MN is exceptionalEngagement and political landscapeHow CV fits into that
  • Lake Wobegon definition
  • Top 10 listsCold keeps riff raff outPlay above our weightQUESTION – favorite fun fact about MN not on this list?
  • Charitable giving indicator of civic health
  • Wilder researchInfluenced by AND influencesExceptional things indicators of communityCompulsory voting part of cycle of reinforcement
  • Vocabulary wordAccording to textbookEPITOME – “perfect example”Themes: notion of obligation of all citizens to participate in public life for common good
  • Civic engagement embedded in cultureMinnesota ripe for an initiative that serves to further improve engagementCompulsory voting is an initiative that’s in alignment with this culture
  • How does CV fit into all this?
  • ENFRANCHISEMENT– strong correlation between turnout and SES, CV eliminates the gapENFRANCHISEMENT – disruptive but doesn’t fix social forces that cause disenfranchisementPRIORITIES – do the newly-enfranchised have different needs, cater to centrists/independentsFOCUS – no GOTV or suppression activitiesTALK – research showsTALK – how many researched? Judges? soil & water?
  • REPRESENTATIVE – chosen by allLEGITIMATE – fair, trusted, participatory processLEGITIMATE – “I didn’t vote for X” – can’t complainRESPONSIVE – give voice to those not represented, different issues get addressedRESPONSIVE – republicans + independents vote for democratic senatorOVOV – every vote counts, recounts
  • DUTIES – things we’ve collectively decided are okay to require from citizensOBJECTION – any attempt to implement in the u.s. has to include this componentREVENUE – 2012 election math example
  • Compulsory voting will make us more exceptional by increasing civic engagement in a way that is entirely consistent with how we govern ourselves and what we like best about ourselves.
  • Take the temperature
  • How Compulsory Voting Makes Minnesota Even More Awesome

    1. 1. How Compulsory VotingMakes Minnesota EvenMore AwesomeErica MauterORLD 6300 – Strategic Communication
    2. 2. Minnesota is ExceptionalCompulsory Engagement + Voting Political Culture
    3. 3. Minnesota is ExceptionalStrong WomenGood-Looking MenAbove-Average Children
    4. 4. Minnesota is ExceptionalLow unemploymentMost theater seats per capitaHighly educated workforceTeams in all major professional sportsLow rate of uninsuredParks and lakesFortune 500 company headquartersMinnesota Miracle
    5. 5. Minnesota is Exceptional 53,339 donors $16,391,905 4,381 Nonprofits 24 hours
    6. 6. Minnesota is ExceptionalCompulsory Engagement + Voting Political Culture
    7. 7. Civic Engagement Sense of community Perceived ability to improve community Volunteerism Voter turnoutCivic Engagement – Overview – Minnesota CompassRetrieved from:
    8. 8. Moralistic Political Culture Politics as… …an effort to exercise power for the betterment of the commonwealth. …a public activity centered on some notion of the public good. …a matter of duty and concern for every citizen.Daniel J. Elazar: “Minnesota: The epitome of the moralistic political culture”Retrieved from:
    9. 9. Engagement = CultureCivic Engagement Moralistic Political Culturesense of exercise powercommunity for the betterment of theperceived ability to commonwealthimprove public activitycommunity centered on some notion of thevolunteerism public good duty and concernvoter turnout for every citizen
    10. 10. Minnesota is ExceptionalCompulsory Engagement + Voting Political Culture
    11. 11. What CV DoesEnfranchisementRe-aligns prioritiesChanges the focus of campaign time and moneyMakes people talk more about elections
    12. 12. How CV HelpsBetter Government Representative Legitimate ResponsiveReflects and reinforces “one vote, onevalue”
    13. 13. CV Won’t HurtExisting Civic Duties Taxes K-12 Education Jury duty Selective Service Health insuranceConscientious Objection, Right NOT to VoteRevenue
    14. 14. Minnesota is ExceptionalCompulsory Engagement + Voting Political Culture
    15. 15. CV: Love It or Hate It?Let’s put it in the constitution!I still need to know more.I shall not be compelled to vote.