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Reading Behaviour Interview Results


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Published in: Education
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Reading Behaviour Interview Results

  1. 1. Reading Behaviour hen?Why? Where ? What? How? W Depending on the kind of reading material
  2. 2. Wh o?: Huaiqi ● reads romantic books since the aura makes her happy. ● prefers paper because I should smell the book.. ● philosophical novels and biographies. ● finds scientific books the hardest one to read especially in a foreign language ● reads romantic novel or history without being affected by the noisy environment ● cant read in an uncomfortable and cold environment, likes to read in a warm, cozy room. ● likes to read scientic/educational books in the libray and novels at bedroom or in a couch. ● chooses the materials she will read by determining a topic each year and focusing on it. ● has weird facial expressions while reading and imaging herself being the heros of the novel, which helps to "live another live" through reading. ● has unreal fantasying in real life, which affects her personality by turning her into a unrealist dreamer and feels like this since she thinks that she easily falls in love with the heros of the novels and compares her classmates into those heros. ● has more knowledge after reading novels and philosophy and she believes that she becomes more mature after reading Russian novels ● forgets the time while reading.and a hard time in concentrating in other things after reading
  3. 3. W ho?: Laura ● She should be in her room - bed and her diary - special notebook. Unless they exist, she cant read. ● She needs her bed and prefers reading after midnight because her bed is so comfortable and after midnight is more quiet ● Books should be fenomen. Routine, yeap, she takes some coffee in her favorite cup and she wears her pyjamas that is red. She opens the curtains and sits in front of the window. By the way, she switches off the lamb, she reads in the light of the moon. ● Unlucky character and she thinks about them how she can make their situation better. Good exercise because there are a lot people around her in the real world and she helps them as she does in the books. Helping is good thing and makes her happy. ● She reads these books to enjoy so there is no educational contribution but there is huge positive that she loves people and they also do me. We are social animals :) ● By doing her ritual, she can easily enter because she gets used to it so much and she exits by the sunshine. ● Since she reads whole night, she needs some sleep in the morning.
  4. 4. W ho?: Dan ● Adventure, detective and cybersecurity because he wants to enjoy and learn sth while reading. ● Prefers %50 - %50, in paper while walking but for online reading he generally sits on a chair. ● His reading speed isnt related the level of noise because he cant read in noise since he cannot hear his own of repetition. ● For paper reading, he prefers reading while walking so if he does not have enough space, he does not read. ● He likes to read in the hole that has a long corridor. ● Criteria of chooosing the book is comments in the front and back of the book. If he likes a book, he tries to finish it as soon as possible. ● While reading about a detective, he feels himself like the detective or reading a hacker that is entering a website that is important and well protected, he begins to pretend like the hacker because he considers these two as his actual dreams and his ambitions are reflected in his reading behaviour.
  5. 5. hodology: Questions Met 1. What do you usually read? Why? 2. Do you usually make online or paper reading? 3. How does the kind of book change your speed and concentration of reading? 4. Where and when do you prefer to read depending on the kind of reading material? Why? 5. What is your criteria of choosing the kind of reading material? 6. How do you usually read it? Do you have any reading routine / style while you read this specific kind of book? 7. Do you picture / dream what you read while reading? Why? 8. Do you think if there is any effect of this kind of book into your personality? Why? 9. What do you think about the long term effects of this kind of book in your personality / regular behavior / reactions / reading style? How do observe them (example)? How can you enter into / exit from what you read?10. What do you think about physical results of reading this type of material? Can you give an example on your behavior? If you think negative, how do you do to compensate it?
  6. 6. Results: W hy? Goals i.e.● Enjoy %100 Crime● Knowledge %80 Newspaper● Education %80 Textbook● Pray %20 Bible, Quran● Social %60 Popular● Example %20 Biography %40 Spillane● Admiration Vian, Nabokov to writer %40 Most readed● Mentioning to others 
  7. 7. ich: Online vs. Paper Wh● Novel %20 %100● Article %80 %20● Coursebook %40 %60● Newspaper %80   %60   ● Blog %100 %80● Twitter 
  8. 8. H ow?: Helpe rs - Online● Browser Extensions ○ Turn off lights ○ Evernote ○ Dictionary● Readers ○ ThunderBird ○ Outlook ○ Google Reader● Machine learning algorithms● Search
  9. 9. Wh ere: PlacesTable + Chair %100 TextbookBed %60 NovelWindow %20 UndergroundBathroom %20 ComicsOn foot %40 AdventureLibrary %40 ArticlePlane %20 CulturalPublic transport %80 Newspaper
  10. 10. Ho w: Helpers● Coffee, Tea ● %60 Drama● Music ● %80 Adventure● Silence ● %60 Horror ● %80 Romantic● Pyjamas ● %80 Poem● Sunshine ● %40 Newspaper● Curious eyes ● %20 Self● Slippers improvement● Lamb ● %60 Science fiction● Gum ● %40 Detective
  11. 11. How ?: Criteria ● Back cover ● Topic ● Religion ● Front cover ● Writer ● Personality ● Back comments ● Popularity ● Must reads ● Front comments ● Price ● Found ● Introduction ● Time ● Summary ● Length ● News ● Example ● Layout ● Coincidence ● Force ● Friends ● Tags ● Links  ● Internet
  12. 12. Wh en?: Time● After midnight %40 Crime● To home (5 - 7 pm) %80 Novel● School(9 am - 5 pm) %100 Article● Up to school(6 - 9 am) %20 Newspaper