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House vocabulary and history of Río Tinto mines and British influence in Huelva


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House vocabulary and history of Río Tinto mines and British influence in Huelva

  2. 2. TYPES OF HOUSES.1 • This is a detached house. A detached house is a house which is not connected on any side with any other building.
  3. 3. TYPES OF HOUSES.2 • These are semi-detached houses A semi-detached house is a house that is one of a pair of joined houses.
  4. 4. TYPES OF HOUSES.3 • These are terraced houses. A terraced-house is a house which is part of a row of houses joined to each other.
  5. 5. TYPES OF HOUSES.4 • This is a block of flats. A block is a large building divided into separate parts,especially flats and offices
  6. 6. TYPES OF HOUSES.5 • This is a bungalow A bungalow is a house which is all on ground level.
  7. 7. TYPES OF HOUSES.6 • This is a country house A country house is a large house in the country.
  8. 8. TYPES OF HOUSES.7 • This is a weather- board house A weather-board house is a type of American house, found especially in New England with overlapping wooden boards on the outside.
  11. 11. MATCH EACH DEFINITION WITH THE RIGHT TYPE OF HOUSE 1-A terraced house 2-A weather-board house 3-A detached house 4--A bungalow 5-A semi-detached house 6-A country house 7- A block of flats A-A house that has only got one floor B-It´s one of a pair of houses that are joined together. C-A house that is not connected to any other building. D-A house joined to others in a row. E-A large traditional house in the countryside, F- A house whose outer walls are covered by overlapping wooden boards. G-A large building which contains flats.
  13. 13. PARTS OF A HOUSE Welcome to my house. It is a house with two floors. If we take a look at the house from outside you´ll see that the front garden has a nice size and the back garden is really large. We´ve got a car, so the garage next to the house is quite useful. You can see there are two chimneys on top of the roof. That´s because there are two fire-places in the house, one in the living room and another one in the dining room. Besides, we have installed central heating in all the rooms. Now, if we go through the path, you´ll find a small hall where you can leave your coat on the hanger by the stairs. On the right there is a big living room. In fact it´s the biggest room in the house. The door on the left will lead you to a small dining room. The next door on the left is the kitchen. There´s a door that communicates the kitchen and the dining room to make meals easier. From the kitchen window you have a beautiful view of the back garden. You can see the hedge around it makes it, which makes it more private. Ok, if we go up the stairs to the second floor you´ll find a large bathroom on the right and three big bedrooms. All the house has wooden floor and the walls inside are painted in light green , which is very relaxing. The ceilings are not painted in green but in white. What do you think of my house?. Do you like it?
  14. 14. GIVE A WORD FOR EACH DEFINITION 1-A level of a building 2-A building in which motor vehicles can be kept. 3-A hollow passage often rising above the roof of a building which allows smoke and gases to pass. 4-The passage just inside the entrance of a house, from which the rooms open 5-The opening for a fire in the wall of a room with a chimney above it and often an ornamental area around it. 6-The main room in a house where people can do things together. 7-A track or way made by people walking over the ground. GARAGE CHIMNEY HALL PATH LIVING-ROOM FLOOR FIRE-PLACE
  15. 15. GIVE A WORD FOR EACH DEFINITION 8- A room where meals are served and eaten. 9-A room used for cooking. 10- A row of bushes or small trees which divides one garden from another. 11-The side of a building or a room 12- A system of heating buildings in which heat is produced and controlled at a single point and carried by pipes to the various parts of the building in the form of hot air or water. 13- The inner surface of the top of a room 14-A piece of land near a house where flowers or vegetables can be grown. DINING ROOM KITCHEN HEDGE WALL CENTRAL HEATING CEILING GARDEN
  16. 16. PARTS 0F THE HOUSE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TEXT 6-What is the difference between a chimney and a fire-place? The fire-place is inside the house in a wall and the chimney is outside, on the roof. 2-How can you get to the second floor of the house? Going up the stairs. 3-What are the floors of the house made of? wood 4-How many bathrooms are there in the house? Just one 1-which is the largest room in the house? The living room 5-Why has the house got privacy at the back? because it has got a hedge surrounding the back of the house 7-COMPOSITION. Describe your house and talk about the differences between yours and the one in the text
  19. 19. LOOK AT THESE ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 HOLLAND ROAD, W14 A unique opportunity to purchase this ground floor, one bedroom apartment, completely refurbished. Quietly located, overlooking St. James park and close to all the facilities of Holland Drive. 24 hour security porter. One minute walk to underground station. A Small garden at the back. BAKER STREET, NW1 A third floor flat located in one of the liveliest parts of the city. Two minutes walk to theatres, pubs and cinemas. Two bedrooms, large entrance hall, kitchen bathroom and cloakroom. Warning: The building has no lift.
  20. 20. LOOK AT THESE ADVERTISEMENTS. 2 RANNOCH ROAD, W6 A gorgeous four bedroom family house on the popular end of Ramnoch Road, close to the river. This property is well proportioned offering considerable entertaining space and eat- in kitchen, three large double bedrooms and a single bedroom. The property also has two bathrooms and a big garden at the back. DURRELS HOUSE, KENSINGTON A delightful refurbished flat with wooden floors throughout, situated on the second floor of this block. It is ideally situated for the facilities of Kensington and the open spaces of Holland park. Entrance hall, kitchen, one double bedroom, bathroom, gas central heating, lift and porter.
  21. 21. LOOK AT THESE ADVERTISEMENTS.3 SOUTH TERRACE, SW7 A recently refurbished terraced house located in a beautiful street off Thurloe Square, with a sunny south facing patio garden to the rear. In addition to the separate dining room, there is a pretty breakfast area overlooking the garden. Entrance hall, living room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and garage. KENSINGTON, W8 A fantastic two double bedroom apartment with lift and 24 hour security porter in close proximity to Hyde park. This property offers excellent all round living accomodation, including a larger than usual hall, fitted kitchen and two bathrooms. Well situated for Gloucester Road underground station.
  22. 22. LOOK AT THESE ADVERTISEMENTS. 4 Imagine you work for a property agency. Several customers have visited you today. After talking to them you must choose the most suitable house/flat for each of them . Support your decision. 1- Miss Thomson is a young business woman who wants to live on her own. She doesn´t mind if it is a house or a flat but she wants it to be near the shopping area and near a park. She is also a bit afraid of living alone, so someone watching the entrance to the building is also a requirement. 2- Mr. And Mrs. Smith are retired. Their children are now married and they want to move to a small place in a quiet area . They also want to have a garden. They´d like to move near an open area to go for walks and they want a place without any stairs. Security is also important for them. 3- Mr. and Mrs. Rose have a big family, four children, two boys and two girls. Besides they have two dogs. That´s why they need to move to a bigger house, with plenty of room and a big garden for the children and the dogs to play. 4- Mr. And Mrs. Watson are recently married. They want to move to a comfortable place, well communicated, not too big and furnished if possible.
  23. 23. LOOK AT THESE ADVERTISEMENTS 5 FIND SYNONYMS IN THE TEXT FOR: 1- All over the place, everywhere 2-Buy 3-Furnished 4-Having a view of 5-Lovely 6-Near 7-Situated 1-Throughout 2-Purchase 3-Fitted -Overlooking -Gorgeous -Close -Located
  27. 27. HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION.1 The history of Riotinto goes back to the time of the first organised civilizations; already in the age of copper the development of the mine was united to the development of the civilizations: Tartesos, Phoenicians... But the mining development arrived with the Romans, with the introduction of many techniques that allowed the introduction of the mining work in an intensive way. However, after the Romans the region was inexplicably abandoned, until it was rediscovered in 1556 and reopened as late as 1724. Frustation and inefficiency ruined their exploitation and in 1871 the Spanish Government sold the mines to a British syndicate for a sum well below their real value, 2,000,000 pounds . In 1873 the Riotinto Company Limited is founded. In the Anglo- saxon style, the British managers of the company soon had the mining working at full steam, making this one of the most important sources of copper and sulphur in the world. After arriving these British people many new features were introduced in Huelva, among them a typically British architecture, although, in some cases adapted to the Andalusian style.
  28. 28. HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION.2 Samples of this British architecture can be found in Bellavista district, in Riotinto, In Huelva with the Riotinto Pier, Columbus house and Victoria worker´s quarter among others. We can also see British influence in Punta Umbría. Although all the original Bristish houses have been pulled down, some houses of the village still keep the British style. Ad we shouldn´t forget that these houses were the origin of Punta Umbria as a touristy place.
  29. 29. HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION.3 1- Say if the following sentences are true or false. Justify your answer with the text. 1.1- How did the Romans improve the development of the mines? 1.2- Why did they Spanish government sell the mines? 2-Are these statements true or false?. Justify your answer with words or phrases from the text. 2.1-The Romans discovered the mines 2.2- The Spanish made a very good sale when it sold the mines to the British syndicate. 2.3- The mines were working in 1557. 2.3- There are still original British houses in Punta Umbría.
  30. 30. HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION.4 3.USE OF ENGLISH 3.1 Find in the text a word that has the following definition: “the place from where you get something” 3.2 Find in the text a synonym for “characteristics” 3.3 Give a word that has the same root as “arrive”. 3.4 Which ending is not pronounced the same? EXPLOITATION , POSITION, MISSION, ILLUSION 3.5 Turn the following sentence into the passive voice: The British have influenced our construction 3.6 Complete the following sentence putting the verbs in the correct form. If the British (come) _________ the mines (close) ______ 3.7 Complete with the correct preposition From 1556 ______ 1724 the mines were closed. 3.8 Combine the following sentences using a connector (Do not use and or but) The Spanish government sold the mines for 2,000,000. Its value was higher.
  31. 31. HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION.5 4-PRODUCTION Write a composition (80-100 words). Choose one of these options. a) British people are more hardworking than Spanish people. b) What was Punta Umbria like in the XIX century?
  32. 32. HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION.6 5-Find words or expressions in the text that mean the same as: 5.1- Advance, progress. 5.2- Origins 5.3- Making the best use of 5.4- Nevertheless 5.5- Without an explanation 5.6- Let 5.7- Amount of money 5.8- Characteristics 5.9- Lack of capability or ability. 5.10- Work very hard 5.1-Developement 5.2- Sources 5.3- Exploit 5.4- However 5.5- Inexplicably 5.6- Allow 5.7- Sum 5.8- Features 5.9- Inefficiency 5.10- Work at full steam
  33. 33. BRISTISH ARCHITECTURE IN HUELVA Do you recognise any of these houses and buildings?
  34. 34. THE ENGLISH DISTRICT OF BELLA VISTA.1 The English district of Bella Vista (Beautiful View) was constructed at the end of XIX century by the Riotinto Company Limited to lodge the staff. Leaders of the company made their residence there. It still keeps intact airs of Victorian architecture and their conception of life. The first house in Bella Vista, only district of this type in Spain, was constructed on an old Roman dump, from where all the mountains were seen. That´s why it was called Beautiful View. Some morphological aspects of the village show the segregationist ideology in the British colony. There was a stone wall surrounding the district in all its perimeter, there were observation posts and the district itself was located at the back of the town. The workers were accomodated in functional quarters near the mines. 1-why do you think they were separated? They were separated for several reasons. One of them was to avoid conflicts with ploretarians, another reason was to mentally fix proletarians to their daily occupation and approach the experience to work place and finally because it also diminished transport cost.
  35. 35. THE ENGLISH DISTRICT OF BELLA VISTA.2 1-Answer the following questions: 1.1 Why was the district of Bella Vista built? 1.2 Why is it called Bella Vista? 1.3 Did the British people live together with the people from Riotinto? Support you answer. 1.4 Why did British and Spanish people live separatey? 2-Find a synonym in the text for these words: 2.1- Employees 2.2- Working- class 2.3- Accomodate 2.4- Prevent 2.5- Decrease 2.6- Situated 2.1- staff 2.2- Proletarians 2.3- Lodge 2.4- Avoid 2.5- Diminish 2.6- Located
  37. 37. 1.THE COUNCIL HOUSE This house was constructed in 1880 as the new manager´s house, since until that moment the main managers had always lived in Huelva. It was also the meeting place for the directive commitee of the company and in addition it was place of lodging for king Alfonso XIII in his visit to Riotinto. The house was plenty of luxurious elements such as marble,forged iron, beautiful fire places, gardens and fountains.
  38. 38. 2.THE PRESBITERIAN CHURCH 1-Why do you think another church was built in Riotinto? 2-What is a presbiterian church? 3- What is a kirk church? 4- Compare the two photographs
  39. 39. 2.1 PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH It was built with the purpose of offering service to the followers of the protestant religion. The protestant christian church is the national church of Scotland. They have strict rules of behaviour and morals based on the principles of John Calvin. Presbyterians are typically thought of as rather strict, serious people. The building shows the typical features of the Scotish presbiterian churches “kirk”.(see photograph) It consists of a single nave with pointed windows of neogothic influence.
  40. 40. 3.THE ENGLISH CLUB 1-Is this a private or public building? 2- What do you think is this building used for? 3- Do you know any of the activities the British did in their spare time at that time?
  41. 41. 3.1 THE ENGLISH CLUB It´s one of the main buildings in the District. It was built in 1903 with bricks and classically British windows, replacing the old club built with wood. It was equipped with powerful fire-places identical to those installed in the houses of the district. Nowadays it keeps the English room “Men only”, where men met to have a drink or play cards. The club also had facilities to play different sports. First they built a mini-golf, which was then replaced by four tennis courts. It also had a football pitch. (Don´t forget football began in Spain thanks to British people in Riotinto)
  42. 42. 4. THE PROTESTANT CEMETERY Look at the photograph of this British cemetery. In what sense is it different from ours? As you can see the graves are usually on the ground, there aren´t any vertical constructions as here. The protestant cemetery was built to the image of a British Cemetery. It has two different areas separated by a stone wall which is nowadays covered with ivy.
  43. 43. 5. THE HOUSES There are three different types of Houses: a row of three- floor Victorian terraced houses*1, semi- detached houses and detached Houses. The level of luxury and comfort of the houses depended on the importance of the person who lived there. *1 Victorian buildings are typically made of red brick and often decorated on the outside. Inside they usually had furniture made of dark wood and a lot of ornaments and photographs in frames inside.
  45. 45. TYPES OF HOUSES 2 -Look at the photograph of this house and imagine what it is like inside. Make a description as complete as possible.
  46. 46. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER? 1-What was the club built with? 2-Are protestant cemeteries like ours? 3-Whose principles do presbyterians follow? 4-When was the Council house built? 5-What are presbyterians thought of? 6-Which was the manager´s house? 7-What kind of houses can you find in Bellavista? 8-Where did Alfonso XIII stay during his visit to Rio Tinto? 9-What are Victorian houses like? 10- What is the name of the Scottish church? 11-Which sports were practised at the club? 12-Could women enter the club? 13-Which style are Scottish churches ? 14-What kind of heating system did the club have? 15-Was the Council house luxurious? 16-Where did the directive comitee meet?
  47. 47. HUELVA
  48. 48. ENGLISH ARCHITECTURE IN HUELVA With the Riotinto Company Limited Huelva underwent a great industrial ,demographic and economic advance.
  49. 49. 1. TINTO PIER One of the most important facts that shows this great economic power is the construction of the railroad line Riotinto-Huelva, Which was constructed in 1875 in the record time of two years. This allowed the transport of mineral from the mines of Riotinto to the port of Huelva , which made Huelva flourish as the export harbour of Riotinto.
  50. 50. 1.2 TINTO PIER The Rio Tinto pier was built at the beginning of the xx century. Nowadays the pier is one of the greatest architectural monuments in the city
  51. 51. 2. COLUMBUS HOUSE In 1892 the situation was so flourishing that they celebrated with pomp and ceremony the fourth anniversary of the discovery of America and built a colonial style building called Casa Colón (Columbus House). Today it is used as a congress center.
  52. 52. REVIEW GRAMMAR 1-TRANSFORM THESE SENTENCES INTO THE PASSIVE OR ACTIVE FORM. 1.1 The British constructed the railroad line in 1875 1.2 The Riotinto Pier was built at the beginning of the XX century. 1.3 They celebrated with pomp and ceremony the fourth anniversary of the discovery of America. 1.4 A worker quarter was also built. 1.5 The original design was altered by andalusian style. 2-JOIN THE SENTENCES USING RELATIVE CLAUSES. 2.1 The railroad line was constructed in two years. It was constructed in 1875. 2.2 The Riotinto Pier was built at the beginning of the XX century. Now it is one of the greatest architectural monuments in Huelva. 2.3 The “Casa Colón” was built in 1892. They celebrated the fourth anniversary of the discovery of America that year. 2.4 The houses built in 1922 had two floors. Their architects were Aguado and Pérez Carasa. 2.5 A new quarter was built in Huelva. Many workers lived there.
  53. 53. 3. REINA VICTORIA WORKER QUARTER Along with the pier a worker quarter (Barrio Obrero Reina Victoria) was also built. It was a small residential district built for British workers in the company. The original project in 1916 was the construction of one-floor houses that remember the English architecture, based on a concept of a city garden, with walking paths and community services such as a club house, a library etc. In 1922 architects Aguado and Pérez Carasa took charge of planning new rows of two-floor houses that give the district a peculiar aesthetic, superior to the primitive design. However this construction prevented the building of the community services previously planned. This original design was altered by Andalusian style, for example adding colours to the facades of the houses.
  54. 54. 3.1 REINA VICTORIA WORKER QUARTER 1-what type of houses are these? 2-Which English elements can you find in these houses? 4-Say if these sentences are true or false: -All the houses have just one floor -The original version was better then the second one. -The quarter had a lot of facilities. -The houses were kept exactly as in the original design. -All the houses were designed by British architects. 3- Write sentences using these words: -take charge of -prevent -aesthetic
  56. 56. PUNTA UMBRÍA.1
  57. 57. PUNTA UMBRÍA.2 At the beginning of the 1880s. The Riotinto Company showed their interest in Punta Umbría , a place where you could only get to on horse or by boat. The representative of Riotinto Company Guillermo Sundheim had already built a small bungalow and the enterprise decided it would be the right place of rest, a sanatorium of clean air where they could send their managing staff to recover from malaria and the harmful sulphuric air of Riotinto as well as from any psychological problem caused by the polluted and oppressive enviroment of the mines. The company got a concession from the Town Hall of Cartaya over an area of 10 hectares located between the ocean and the sea inlet. From 1884 to 1917 the company built fourteen buildings. Their morphology corresponds to the type of weather-boarded house together with some colonial influences. -What is a weather-boarded house like? The main features of these buildings are: -They were made with wood -They were surrounded by verandahs or galleries -They were elevated from the ground with pillars leaving free space between the ground floor of the building and the ground.
  58. 58. PUNTA UMBRÍA.3 -Why do they have these features? Do they have a specific purpose? Of course they had a function. The verandahs or galleries were used as protection against the sun and the elevation of the construction was to avoid the sand and the advance of the dunes.
  59. 59. PUNTA UMBRÍA.4 The houses were located in first and second line from the sea. There was a main path that comunicated all the houses with the pier where a boat brought the daily supply from Huelva.
  60. 60. PUNTA UMBRÍA.5 Besides the buildings mentioned some private families started building their own houses, always keeping the same British style which still can be found in some houses of the village. In 1978 all the old houses were pulled down.
  62. 62. PUNTA UMBRÍA.7 Thanks to the British people Punta Umbría is today an important holiday resort, a place of relax with a growing touristy offer, but still keeping some of the atmosphere of colonial times. 1990s Nowadays
  63. 63. PUNTA UMBRÍA.8 A-COMPREHENSION a)ANSWER QUESTIONS 1 AND 2 ACORDING TO THE INFORMATION GIVEN IN THE TEXT. Use your own words. 1-Why did the British build the houses in Punta Umbría? 2-What are the houses like and why? b)ARE THESE STATEMENT TRUE OR FALSE?. JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWER WITH WORDS OR PHRASES FROM THE TEXT. 3-There were no houses before 1884. 4-Cartaya sold the land to the British . 5-Some of the old houses are still kept in good condition. 6-Punta Umbría was very well communicated to Huelva at that time. B-USE OF ENGLISH 7-Find in the text a word which has the following definition: “food, equipment and other things needed by a group of people” 8- Give the opposite to the word GROWING
  64. 64. PUNTA UMBRÍA.9 9-Which –ed ending has a different pronunciation? ELEVATED--- DECIDED--- CLEANED--- BOARDED 10-Give an adjective with the same root as WOOD 11-Complete the following sentence putting the verb in the correct form. They avoided the sand from (enter) _______________. 12-Complete the following conditional sentence: If I (live) ________ in the 1990s, I (go) ________ on holiday to Punta Umbría. 13-Turn the following sentence into the active voice: They were surrounded by veandahs and galleries 14-Turn this sentence into reported speech: They said: “ We have built these 14 houses for our workers” C-PRODUCTION 15-WRITE A PRODUCTION (80-100 WORDS). CHOOSE ONE OF THESE OPTIONS: A-Tourism and urbanism in Punta Umbría B- Going to the beach or going to the mountains?