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Open Source Software and Libraries


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Part 2 of the Open and Libraries Presentation Series

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Open Source Software and Libraries

  1. 1. …and Libraries Ellyssa Kroski
  2. 2. What is Open Source Software?
  3. 3. OSS Checklist Source Code Free Redistribution Derived Works Non-Discriminatory Non Discriminatory Non-Restrictive
  4. 4. 1960’s-type person Been a ound around since his day
  5. 5. and d
  6. 6. GNU’s Not Unix
  7. 7. “ Free as in speech… not as in beer. i b ” ‐ Free Software Definition
  8. 8. GNU GPL •The freedom to use the software for any  purpose. •The freedom to change the software to suit The freedom to change the software to suit  your needs. •The freedom to share the software with  your friends and neighbors,. Th f d t h th h •The freedom to share the changes you  make.
  9. 9. Hello everybody out there using minix – I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing since april, april and is starting to get ready I d like any ready. I'd feedback on things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons) among other things) . . . Any suggestions are welcome, but I won't promise I'll implement them :-) Linus (torvalds@kruuna helsinki fi) ( PS. Yes—it's free of any minix code, and it has a multi-threaded fs. It is NOT protable[sic] (uses 386 task switching etc), and it probably never etc) will support anything other than AT-harddisks, as that's all I have :-(. Posted to the comp.os.minix newsgroup on August 25, 1991
  10. 10. Linus Torvalds “ I'm basically a very lazy  person who likes to get  credit for things other  people actually do. ” Tux the Linux mascot
  11. 11. “ I think Linus's cleverest and most consequential hack was not the construction of the Linux kernel itself, but rather his invention of the Linux development model. ” - Eric Raymond 1997
  12. 12. “ I believed that the most  important software  …needed to be built like  cathedrals carefully  crafted by individual  f db d d l wizards or small bands of  mages working in  splendid isolation, with  splendid isolation with no beta to be released  ” before its time. - Eric Raymond
  13. 13. “Release early and often,  delegate everything you  g y gy can, be open to the point  of promiscuity. ” - Eric Raymond
  14. 14. “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” - Li Linus’s L ’ Law
  15. 15. Netscape Goes Open Netscape Goes Open January 1998
  16. 16. The Open Source Software Initiative Open Source Software Definition #1 Free Redistribution Free Redistribution #2 Source Code #3 Derived Works e ed o s #4 Integrity of The Author's Source Code #5 No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups #6 No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor #7 Distribution of License #8 License Must Not Be Specific to a Product #9 License Must Not Restrict Other Software #10 License Must Be Technology‐Neutral
  17. 17. What OSS Are You Already Using?
  18. 18. Firefox Web Browser
  19. 19. Wiki di Wikipedia Open Encyclopedia MediaWiki Wiki Software
  20. 20. WordPress Blogging Platform Blogging Platform
  21. 21. Drupal p Content Management System
  22. 22. Open/Neo Office O /N Offi Office Suite
  23. 23. Audacity y Audio Editor
  24. 24. Songbird Media Player
  25. 25. Thunderbird Email Manager
  26. 26. GIMP Image Editor
  27. 27. Moodle Learning Management System
  28. 28. OpenProj Project Management Software Project Management Software
  29. 29. Open Journal Systems Open Access Journals Open Access Journals
  30. 30. Linux Apache MySQL PhP
  31. 31. SourceForge
  32. 32. Library y Open Source Software f
  33. 33. Integrated g Library Systems S t
  34. 34. Koha
  35. 35. Koha – back end
  36. 36. Koha Features •Faceted navigation •Limit to  available books •Limit to “available” books •Browse by Most Popular •Relevance Ranking and other filters •RSS feeds •User tagging •Amazon Reviews •User Reviews in Comments •Book Descriptions •Virtual Shelves Booklists •Virtual Shelves Booklists •Format Icons •Enriched content – images
  37. 37. Evergreen http://open‐
  38. 38. Evergreen
  39. 39. Evergreen Features •Relevance Ranking and other filters •Format icons •Book Reviews •Book Reviews •Table of Contents •Enriched content ‐ images •Browse Shelves
  40. 40. OPALS
  41. 41. OPALS Features •Format icons •Book Summaries •Enriched content images •Enriched content ‐
  42. 42. OPACS
  43. 43. Scriblio
  44. 44. Scriblio
  45. 45. Scriblio Features •Tagged browsing •Faceted Search Results •RSS Feeds •Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking •Text to Phone •Translate •“Related Items" Recommendations •“Related Items" Recommendations •Book Descriptions from Amazon •Sample Text •Author Bios •User Reviews in Comments •Enriched content – images Enriched content 
  46. 46. VuFind
  47. 47. VuFind
  48. 48. VuFind Features •Relevance Ranking •Favorite Lists •Favorite Lists •Amazon Reviews •User Reviews in Comments •Book Descriptions •Author Pages with Wikipedia Bios •Faceted Search •RSS Feeds •Text to Phone • Similar Items Recommendations •“Similar Items" Recommendations •Compatible with Zotero •Enriched content – images
  49. 49. SOPAC
  50. 50. SOPAC Features •Faceted Search •Relevance Ranking •Relevance Ranking •User Ratings •User Reviews •User Tagging •Book Descriptions •Enriched content – images g
  51. 51. In Development eXtensible Catalog p // g Fac‐Back‐OPAC‐back‐opac
  52. 52. Digital Repository p Software
  53. 53. DSpace
  54. 54. Fedora http://www.fedora‐
  55. 55. E‐Prints
  56. 56. Federated Searching
  57. 57. LibraryFind
  58. 58. dbWiz
  59. 59. Masterkey
  60. 60. more Library OSS
  61. 61. LibX
  62. 62. OCLC Open Source Projects
  63. 63. DCPL iPhone App
  64. 64. Commercial Support Services
  65. 65. Costs •Staff Training •Software Development •Software  Development •Maintenance
  66. 66. Benefits •Software Ownership •No license fee •Flexibility & Customization •Flexibility & Customization •No vendor lock‐in •Low risk of discontinued service •Integration with other systems •Support Choices •OSS community y •Documentation
  67. 67. •Steep Learning Curve •Risk of discontinued community involvement •Risk of discontinued community involvement •Fun stuff may get done before boring fixes •Documentation written for techies Documentation written for  techies •License incompatibilities •Costs
  68. 68. y Why Now •Disillusionment with proprietary  automation vendors  automation vendors •Business need  •Price •Personal ideology  •Web 2.0 features y •Trend at library conferences •Trend in library journals •Increased adoption by libraries •New easier to use technologies •New easier‐to‐use technologies •Commercial Support Services
  69. 69. How do you find OSS? •Sourceforge • •SchoolForge • •Open Source Software Directory Open • •Open Source Alternatives htt // lt • •Free Software Portal • •Free Software Directory • •Code4Lib OSS Directory Code4Lib •
  70. 70. Resources •The Open Source Initiative • •OSSWatch •http://www.oss‐ OSS4lib •OSS4lib • •Code4lib htt // d 4lib • •The Linux Librarian • •Open Sesame •‐sesame •Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography •
  71. 71. An OSS Interview An OSS Interview • Nicole Engard • Open Source Evangelist  for LibLime http://www archive org/details/NicoleEngardInterview
  72. 72. An Open Source Kickstart Activity #1: Download Open/Neo Office Activity #2: Download Firefox f Activity #3: Visit SourceForge Activity #4: Demo an OSS Library Solution
  73. 73. Image Credits • Slide 2: • Slide 4: • Slide 5: • Slide 6: • Slide 7: • Slide 8: p y • Slide 8: • Slide 11: p // y / • Slide 11: • S de 3: ttp://t yu .co /6 89u Slide 13: • Slide 14:
  74. 74. Image Credits • Slide 16: • Slide 31: Slide 31: • Slide 33: • Slide 33: Slid 33 htt //ti l /6 d td • Slide 66: • Slide 68: