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How to create an emergency halloween costume


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A creative and quick costume for emergencies.

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How to create an emergency halloween costume

  1. 1. COSTUMEHow to Create anEmergency HalloweenCostumeThis is a unique and imaginativecostume utilizing everyday items.Created with drawing illustrationBy Elly Potamianos
  2. 2. Figure 1 How to Create an Emergency Halloween Costume, that’s Unique, Creative, and with Originality By Elly PotamianosFirst, the items necessary to create a last minute costume must be within ourpractical reach for this unique object. Yes, it is a four side dotted gambling dicefound in all casinos (See Figure 1).You will need a cardboard box large enough to fit the individual’s shoulders(Figture 2). Then remove the folding flaps from the upper side (this will be thebottom). Cut a circular hole at the top to fit the head by measuring and drawing acircle in the middle. The best method is to draw a cross within the circle and cutit up to the circumference prior to cutting around. Then draw the two circles forthe arm holes on the sides. Make sure they are close to the top or at acomfortable range for the arms to come out.Paint the cardboard box completely white (or rubber cement white poster boardfor a smoother surface if necessary) and either draw, or cut out and paste theblack dots on each side (front, back, and the two sides) with numeric variations.Of course, if you’ve already found and saved a nice white box then the work iseven less.2|Page
  3. 3. Figure 2Dress the subject in black leotards and top with long black sleeves. For makeup,paint the face half white and half black, and cover the head with a black tight cap.A staff is optional. With an old broom stick, puncture/drill a hole in an already orpainted black ball and insert unto the stick. Then apply a little glue.This is not only quick, easy, and affordable costume to make, but practical. Thereare no visual obstructions for safety purposes and there’s room for additionallayers of clothing under the box for colder weather.3|Page