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(the pages in this preview aren't in a specific order)
This is a preview of my first children's e-book, "No, Cory! You Can't Do This!". This book is about a little cardboard box, Cory, who doesn't understand why his parents tell him 'No' when he wants to do something like riding the bicycle in his room.
This e-book with 48 pages fully illustrated by the same author is perfect for children of any ages. With this book they will learn they hear sometimes 'No' from the big ones and also they will love the cute illustrations made with bright and warm colors.

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No, Cory! You Can't Do This! preview by Elly Color

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 by Elly Color All rights reserved.
  2. 2. No, Corry! You CAN’T Do This! Written and illustrated by Elly Color
  3. 3. “Thank you so much for buying this book! I hope that you will really enjoy it! This book was written with a lots love for children from all over the world!” These words are from your beloved Romanian writer, ELLY COLOR
  4. 4. Do you know a cardboard box who lives with his family in a small city? Well, let me introduce him: his name is Cory and he is a little cardboard box. He lives in a square-shaped with his parents. house
  5. 5. One day, Cory wanted to play outside. He was very excited to go in his garden to play kite. with his favorite
  6. 6. Elly Color is a young artist who loves to use her time making people happy with her colorful art, especially children.. She has her own online shop and … she writes and illustrated books, like this one. “No, Cory! You can’t do this” tells the story of a little cardboard box named Cory who doesn’t understand why his parents tell him to not do something he wants, like riding the bicycle in his room. What event will change Cory’s life? Will Cory learn the real meaning of ’No’? You will find out yourself by reading this wonderful book.