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6 Words Minneapolis: a participatory public art project

  1. 6 Words Minneapolis was a public art project…
  2. …that asked Minneapolitans to share something essential about themselves in 6 words.
  3. People submitted their 6 words online, in person, via print mail, or
  4. by writing them directly onto posters in cafés and community centers around town.
  5. Memoirs were displayed in storefront galleries and gathering places around the city.
  6. 800+ people created memoirs for 6 Words Minneapolis.
  7. They were young,
  8. old,
  9. and everywhere in between.
  10. Some shared struggles…
  11. …others, triumphs…
  12. …still others, advice.
  13. Some had lived in Minneapolis their whole lives.
  14. Others found their way here.
  15. Sorrow came up a lot. And pain. And regret.
  16. So did love, hope, and joy.
  17. The 6 word limit was a challenge for some
  18. but showed that 6 words can be worth more than a thousand
  19. more than a picture
  20. and can almost encompass
  21. a city.
  22. 6 Words Minneapolis was initiated and curated by Emily Lloyd (@PoesyGalore) See more at