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  1. 1. Advanced Coaching Pedagogy. Biomechanics and High Performance Sport. Why? Biomechanics. High Performance Sport. Biomechanics: The study of forces and there effect on living organisms. High Performance Sport: In my opinion - Those athletes, coaches and affiliated adminstrative/exercise practitioners that work to improve the performance of athletes whilst consistently working to improve their own work. With a focusupon the needs of the parties involved, aswell as supporting these people with the best facilities and services that are available.
  2. 2. "The Government is committed to ensuring the AIS remains a leader of pioneering high performance sport research, and elite athlete training and development". (Australian Sports Commission, Support for high performance sport research, 2/4/12). What are the basics of Biomechanics? 1. The Gait Cycle. 2. Newtons Laws. 3. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. Newton.
  3. 3. F = Ma.What can Biomechanics offer High Performance Athletes?
  4. 4. "An analysis of the technique deficiences of an athlete can assist the coach or teacher in identifying the type of training the athlete requires to improve". (P. McGinnis, 2005).
  5. 5. The role of Biomechanics within High Performance Sport. How is Biomechanics used in sport? Is Biomechanics really that important?