Elizabeth Khan, Middle School Science Teacher, Portfolio


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As required by New Jersey DOE, and Jersey City Board of Education, this is my professional teaching portfolio in electronic form.

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Elizabeth Khan, Middle School Science Teacher, Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Elizabeth Khan Middle School Science Teacher JCPS#24
  2. 2. 4e
  3. 3. To help families feel successful during Science Fair, I share my personal time, at lunch and after school, to help their children build their best experiments. 4a & 4d
  4. 4. 4c
  5. 5. Students know that I am available after school most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for consultations, and support. 4c
  6. 6. 4d & 4f
  7. 7. Three of our JCPS#24 scientists placed in the District Science Fair Challenge! 4d & 4f
  8. 8. The school community was so proud! 4a, 4d, & 4f
  9. 9. In response to my students’ learning styles , I embed the content with relevant media technology. 4a & 4f
  10. 10. My colleagues and I meet every morning to improve our services to the students. 4b & 4d
  11. 11. To help families keep their children on track, I communicate through gmail, g-docs and the Engrade messaging feature. 4b, 4c & 4f
  12. 12. 4c & 4f
  13. 13. As often as necessary, my colleagues and I meet with parents to discuss the unique needs of their children 4c & 4d
  14. 14. It is important to keep a record of my students in clubs, and field trips. 4b & 4f
  15. 15. I write personal comments and request parents’ signature on all quarterly progress reports. 4a , 4b, 4c & 4f
  16. 16. I believe that the mind works better when the body is strong. So I designed and instructed the school’s first Yoga for Children as an after school club. 4a & 4d
  17. 17. I make it a point to help my community make connections. 4d & 4e
  18. 18. During Happy Times 4d
  19. 19. During Happy Times 4d
  20. 20. During Silly Times 4d & 4f
  21. 21. During Times of Growth 4d
  22. 22. During Times of Growth 4d
  23. 23. During Sad Times 4a, 4d & 4f
  24. 24. During Competitive Times 4d, 4e, & 4f
  25. 25. During Adventures Photos courtesy D. Mancuso, PS24 Math Teacher 4d, 4e & 4f
  26. 26. During Learning Times PhotocourtesyM.Capursi,Grade5Teacher. 4d, 4e, & 4f
  27. 27. I am always analyzing data to help keep the children on track. 4b 4e & 4f
  28. 28. I try to treat each student the way I want my own child treated. And many parents seem to know that. 4a, 4e & 4f
  29. 29. To help our budding scientists and engineers, I stay current on trends in science teaching through online journals and course work... http://vimeo.com/41706647 4e
  30. 30. 4d
  31. 31. To help PS#24 students get “college ready,” my teaching practice crosscuts core STEM ideas outlined within the district’s Science curriculum. 4a, 4b & 4f
  32. 32. Lesson Plans 4a, 4b, 4f
  33. 33. To help all my students be successful, I provide opportunities for students to relearn the key concepts. 4a , 4b, & 4f
  34. 34. I use my Professional Development to improve and reflect on my teaching techniques. 4a, 4e & 4f
  35. 35. In my life, learning never ends. 4a, 4d, 4e & 4f