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Ellissa white low res


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Fashion portfolio. Styling, image manipulation and graphic design.

Published in: Lifestyle
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Ellissa white low res

  1. 1. E llissa WhiteDesign Student fin-ishing in Business atLondon College ofFashion. Commercialand editorialstyling, marketing,multimedia,design, layoutsand copy writing.
  2. 2. CClientsfreelance-commercial styling and tests
  3. 3. CCommercial work 2008-2011
  4. 4. E arthmovers SS 2009Caterpillar, renowned for their consruction and workwear wanted to reposition their footwear and fash-ion lines to attract a younger more urban audience.The“Earth Movers” campaign was created to illustratethe brand’s credibility and offering, highlighting theform and function of the brand’s fashion offering. Creat-ing each character’s wardrobe from the concept of urbanshadows, casting numerous acrobats and capoeira art-ists and then shootingacross roof tops, heli-copter landing pads, carparks and outdoor spac-es across London, thiswas an ongoing projectthat ran for 2 yearsand included shoots inLondon, Madrid andBarcelona. Further, thecampaign running intoits 2nd year was award-ed by Creative Review,credited for using realartists and acrobats asopposed to models andphotoshop to manipu-late the final images.
  5. 5. 2009Nike Zero Resistance Nike’s “Zero Resistance” campaign centres on the inno- vative fibres and technology of the brand’s unisex perfor- mance swimwear category. Nike has developed superior technology in this sector with a product that creates less drag or “Zero Resistance” The campaign was shot in a studio on a trampoline and the final images were edited and framed using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
  6. 6. C D Plus tv ad. Plus tv ad.Conceptualization, casting and cre-ative for CD covers and accompany-ing tv ads. Briefed within specific de-mographics and guidelines to sourcewardrobe. Working within brief, bud-get and release dates running from2008 onwards to 2014. Some of thegarments were custom made from myown wardrobe. Other pieces such asjewelry and accessories sourced fromnumerous suppliers across London. Plus tv ad. Plus tv ad.
  7. 7. TVVarious tv commercials requiring the sourcing ofprops, wardrobe, dancers and models. Each project re-quired a thorough understanding of the final finishesin order to create the right looks to go along with thetheme. Involved in all aspects of planning from concep-tual and art direction to pitching and casting models.
  8. 8. Creamfields Roll on, Roll up. 10th anniversary Cam-paign. Circus theme with the creation of 3 characters to run in print, web and edito- rial. Sourcing items from numerous sup-pliers including high street, Angels and the BBC costume house.
  9. 9. I Interactive Campaign. interactive viral campaign for the launch of the 2010 Suzuki Swift. You tube, web and social channels activated through the use of audience-led participation based on the con- Dressing the 3 main charac- cept of “Swift Decisions”. On-going activ- ters to go on an adventure ity for 6 months utilizing the brand’s social around London promoting following and asking the audience to make the car and interacting with “swift decisions to be carried out by the 3 the audience through on- characters. Acted as the campaign stylist line social channels on the dressing the presenters and characters. basis of “Swift Decisions”.2010Clothes Show LiveAs sponsors of Clothes Show Live, Suzuki challengedthe public to make some Swift Decisions as part of aFashion Challenge. I dressed 8 of the people involved. Valentines Day Special A Valentines Day special in which the team orchestrate a speed dating event in the back of the Swift. A series of suitors (dressed by me) wel- comed into the chauf- feur driven Swift to compete for the at- tention of one girl and a £200 gift cer- tificate at a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant.
  10. 10. EEditorial, Art Direction and Test Shoots 2008-2011
  11. 11. 2 8 Approached by Sony Records, sing- er/songwriter Lizzy Spit contacted me to create press shots. For the shoot Iused all my own clothes, designed and customized items as well as creating the back-grounds edits, manipulations and finishes. Hair and make up were also done by me. Lizzy Spit, Laura’s Diary Laura’s Diary Before and after photoshop
  12. 12. 2 009Test Shoot 2009
  13. 13. TMilitary themed test shootutilizing a £1000 budget ofmy own to buy and custom-ize clothing. Model fromNevs, Photographer SquizHamilton, Make Up and Hair, Sarah March. 2009.
  14. 14. M Models 1 test shoot 2008Securing an incredible location in a Knights-bridge based nightclub, and putting togethera team consisting of a photographer, 2 makeup artists, a hair stylist and myself we pro-duced two separate shoots and 8 differentlooks in one day. For this shoot I wanted tocreate an electro floro feel and used gradi-ents in photoshop to enhance the finishes.
  15. 15. 2010A test turned commission. Again using myown clothing, creating a cape out of the bot-tom of a skirt, finding patterned tights inCamden and cutting them into stockings,shoes bought from New Look, belts andsome accessories Primark. Putting together 8looks all together on 2 models with a final 4shots making it into 1883 online magazine. .
  16. 16. 2012V in Vein ogue“Style is in your Veins”Wordpress logo and layout design. Using a number of different back-ground images and WGSN trend forecasts the final logo, seen be-low, achieves the illusion of dripping blood in vivid acidic artificialcolors. Drafts can be seen on the right. Site still under development.
  17. 17. November 2011An innovation pro-posal at LCF whereI was asked to re-search innovativepractices currentlyutilized outside offashion to illustrate how they could be utilized within the industry. I chose augmented reality and incorporated images to relay the possibilities within experiential events and the applications achievable within mobile phone and tablet applications.
  18. 18. Storm Test 2012Starting on a Friday af-ternoon and heading outthrough East Londonmyself and photgrapherfriend Eliza Harvey setout to capture some de-baucherous images of anight of prowling and re-belion. It was a shoot forfun, all clothing my own.
  19. 19. IIllustration and graphics 2003 to present. Anongoing hobby and passion for design and art.
  20. 20. 2012 2007 2003 2009 2011 2010 2011Sketch Book 20032003 2003