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Power bi premium


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What you get with Power BI Premium as of January 2020: Incremental Refresh, Paginated Reports, Power BI Report Server, Dedicated Capacity, and more!

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Power bi premium

  1. 1. Power BI Premium for Fun & Profit Ike Ellis, MVP Crafting Bytes – Partner Solliance – General Manager – Data & AI Practice @ike_ellis
  2. 2. Ike Ellis • /ikeellis • @ike_ellis • • Founder of San Diego Power BI and PowerApps User Group • MVP since 2011 • Author of Developing Azure Solutions, Power BI MVP Book • Speaker at PASS Summit, SQLBits, DevIntersections, TechEd, Craft, MS Azure & AI Conference
  3. 3. let’s get pricing out of the way Power BI Desktop – Free to use and share Still needs Power BI Pro to publish
  4. 4. power bi embedded pricing
  5. 5. All things being equal, when is power bi premium worth it? Well, at the lowest tier • 500 users who view reports in the portal. $10 per user per month • 1,000 users who view: $5 per user per month
  6. 6. Examples 1) If an organization consists of 200 total users – 50 are engaging in self-service BI, while the remaining 150 are limited to viewing BI content – Power BI Pro is the most economical deployment option for all users within the organization. 2) However, if the organization consists of 700 total users – 100 are engaging in self-service BI, while the remaining 600 occasionally view BI content – the most economical deployment option would be to license Power BI Pro for the 100 users engaging in self-service BI and to license Power BI Premium for the 600 seeking occasional access to view BI content.
  7. 7. Dedicated capacity • The Power BI Service (portal) is a shared resource • Makes performance inconsistent • Cheaper • Power BI Premium means having your own Power BI server, with dedicated compute (CPU) and memory • Surprises me that people who spend $250,000 in SQL Server licensing complain about Power BI Premium costs
  8. 8. Early use of new features Microsoft has stated that features will be released in Power BI Premium BEFORE Power BI Professional This could be considered a huge competitive advantage
  9. 9. Power BI Report Server • Power BI reports and SSRS reports completely within an organization’s firewall • The same number of virtual cores provisioned in the cloud can also be deployed on-premises with Power BI Report Server – without the need to split the capacity • providing the freedom to move to the cloud at your pace.
  10. 10. Embedding Power BI Premium allows for embedding Power BI into a custom application
  11. 11. Admin settings
  12. 12. Admin demo
  13. 13. Multi geo region for data residency You can choose which country and region your Power BI tenant resides in
  14. 14. Assigning capacities
  15. 15. Monitoring
  16. 16. Large Datasets • 10GB Datasets • Refreshed up to 12GB
  17. 17. Incremental refresh advantages • Refreshes are faster • Refreshes are more reliable - It's no longer necessary to maintain long- running connections to volatile source systems. • Resource consumption is reduced - Less data to refresh reduces overall consumption of memory and other resources.
  18. 18. Incremental Refresh
  19. 19. Options
  20. 20. Incremental Refresh Demo
  21. 21. Paginated reports • based on Report Definition Language in SQL Server Reporting Services. • not the same as Power BI Report Server • using the free Power BI Report Builder Windows Desktop application, • Paginated reports are a workload that must be enabled for a capacity by using the Admin portal
  22. 22. Paginated Report Demo
  23. 23. Power BI Embedded • Pausable • Billable hourly • Cheaper • No Power BI Service (Portal) for viewers • Deploy to SharePoint or a custom portal written by developers • Similar to Premium
  24. 24. Power BI Embedded Demo
  25. 25. Azure Analysis Services • Both Power BI Premium and AAS have incremental refresh • Also pausable – can keep costs very, very low • AAS is around $500 a month PBI Premium AAS
  26. 26. Azure Analysis Services Demo
  27. 27. Future Features • Data Lineage • Data Protection • Datasets larger than 10GB in Premium • Historical Capacity Metrics • Power BI Home Customization • XMLA Read/Write Endpoint (Read is GA, Write in Preview) • SSMS Connectivity • Excel • Profiler
  28. 28. Demo: Excel connectivity
  29. 29. • Ike Ellis • Twitter: @ike_ellis • YouTube: • Solliance – General Manager – Data & AI Practice • Partner – Crafting Bytes • Microsoft MVP • • • Contact Me!