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Pass the Power BI Exam


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Prepare yourself to pass the Power BI and Excel exam

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Pass the Power BI Exam

  1. 1. • Eat for energy
  2. 2. • Avoid drinking too much • Avoid going to the bathroom during the test
  3. 3. • Listen to your first answer, try to stop questioning yourself
  5. 5. • Shake off a bad question or answer
  6. 6. • Don’t go too fast, but don’t go slow either
  7. 7. • Process of elimination
  8. 8. • Four things are produced by Microsoft 1. The exam objectives 2. A Microsoft Official Curriculum course 3. A Microsoft Exam Prep Guide (you can buy on Amazon) 4. The Actual Exam
  9. 9. 1. The exam objectives 1. I have been on the team that has written these for other products and courses 2. A Microsoft Official Curriculum course 1. I have written several courses 3. A Microsoft Exam Prep Guide (you can buy on Amazon) 1. I wrote the book (1st and 2nd edition) for Developing Azure Solutions 4. The Actual Exam 1. I wrote part of this exam and other exams 5. Test Taking 1. I have taken over a hundred exams from Microsoft. I’ve been Microsoft certified since 1997. Guess what my pass rate is?
  10. 10. • These four things are probably not written by the same people • First the Exam Objectives are written, usually in a collaboration between members of the product team, some hand-selected instructors and consultants, and a third-party company • They might sit physically in a room and discuss what should be covered on an exam
  11. 11. • Those people also might write the other three things, but they probably won’t. Other people will produce those artifacts based on their interpretation of the exam objectives • This means that reading the exam prep book or taking the courseware is likely not enough to help you pass the exam. • The people who wrote the courseware may have never taken the exam • The exam might not have even been produced while the courseware was being written • But they were all written off of the same set of objectives• T
  12. 12. YouTube San Diego Tech Immersion Group Twitter: @ike_ellis 619.922.9801