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iPad Development Slides #ilta12


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Brief overview of how Fish & Richardson thinks about iPad Development. Talk given at ILTA 2012 in August.

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iPad Development Slides #ilta12

  1. 1. IntroductionIke EllisSenior Software ArchitectBrownie DavisApplication Development ManagerFish & Richardson, P.C.
  2. 2. History of iPads at the Firm• Last Year – No real mobile development initiatives• This Year – Five applications written, countless more coming in the pipeline• 29% of our attorneys have iPads• 80% have iOS.
  3. 3. “How did that happen?”
  4. 4. Ways We Explored to Write• HTML5 – HTML/JavaScript/MVC (PhoneGap)• Native - Objective C/XCode• Native – MonoTouch
  5. 5. HTML5/Web• 300 millisecond lag time on events• Good for replace to web application• Can reuse code on other platforms
  6. 6. Native - Objective C• Lots of ways to train• More responsive/More Control• Typical developer only needs a few weeks to a month of training• Recruit developers outside of the Microsoft stack
  7. 7. Native - MonoTouch• Use the .NET Framework (huge)• Reuse some existing code• Take advantage of training of existing Microsoft developers (fast rampup)• Responsive
  8. 8. Might Not Even Need to Write
  9. 9. Unexpected Bonus of iPad Apps
  10. 10. Hey Baby, I wrote
  11. 11. Mobile Device Management• Encryption of Data• Expiration of Data• Authentication• Remote Device Wipe of Selective Data• Application Delivery (based on version of OS)• Variety of devices
  12. 12. Shared Data/Logic• Microsoft Web API• Built on ASP.NET MVC• Replaces WCF• Simple• Restful• Uses HTTP like it was meant to be used
  13. 13. Think about Framework• Data Encryption• Data Expiration• Authentication• SSL
  14. 14. Other Apps Not Shown• APS/Document Management• Time Entry• Marketing Business Intelligence• Budgeting• Firm-wide Business Intelligence