White paper how to get the best service at your hotel


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When guests travel, there are certain standards of service they expect from their accommodations. However, they may not always be aware of other services they can take advantage of to improve their hotel experience, or even how to effectively communicate their needs. Here are some tips that hotel guests can use to understand what hospitality services can generally provide them with as well as who to direct their requests to. For more information about accommodating specific guest requests, planning an event, or booking a conference room, contact an associate at the Ellis Hotel.

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White paper how to get the best service at your hotel

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  2. 2. Finding a Suitable Guest Room Even in the first interaction with a hotel, there may be opportunities to improve your experience that most people miss out on. Within each category of room, whether it’s a standard or a suite, there are a range of different shapes and styles of rooms. While booking your room, make your needs known to the person you’re speaking with. Even if you book online, call the hotel with any special needs you have after completing your order. If you are traveling on business and would like a worktable, if you need an extra-long bed, etc., hotels can often find a room to better suit your needs. Unless you contact the front desk directly, there is no guarantee that a third-party site or travel agent has passed on your requests to hotel staff. If you think of any more requests for your room, ask about them while checking-in. Whether you want a view of the river you glimpsed on the way in or a room on the top floor, it will be easier to make any changes before you settle into your room Communicate Your Needs Hotels will keep a number of items on hand that could be helpful for travelers. Lint rollers, cell phone chargers, mini fridges, irons and ironing boards, umbrellas, area maps, shaving kits, mini fridges, firmer pillows, softer pillows, and more may be just a phone call away. Instead of relying on taxis, ask about shuttles for area or airport transportation. Hotels sometimes partner with neighboring restaurants and are able to offer you discounts at certain establishments. Secretarial services such as photocopying, typing, and deliveries may even be available. If a hotel itself does not offer a certain service, staff should be able to arrange or recommend alternative services for you. Hotels & other facilities within the hospitality industry often provide many more services than their customers think to take advantage of. From booking to after check-out, hotels offer a wide range of services to make your transactions smoother, your trip more pleasant, & your departure easier. By learning how & when to communicate your needs to hotel staff, you can improve your experience no matter where you go. Just remember, while there are no guarantees, if you ever have a request, it never hurts to ask. Kediri Magazine
  3. 3. Kediri Magazine 3 For more cumbersome requests, such as switching rooms after check in, it may help to express why you are making your request. Hotel staff members are hired for their emotional intelligence, or their ability to intuitively understand a person’s needs or feelings. A genuine, respectful request will receive a genuine, empathetic response. Be Respectful & Show Your Appreciation Courtesy is the easiest way to make a favorable impression with the people taking care of you during your stay. In all of your dealings with hotel staff, be respectful. Some people believe that they will receive better service if they complain and show how angry they are. Staff members are responsible for accommodating every guest’s wishes to the best of their ability; however, staff will be more eager to make a kind, polite guest more comfortable. After you’ve received a good recommendation or valuable service, be sure to thank the concierge or staff member afterward. People like to know that they were helpful and that the service was appreciated. It also gives them clues as to what your tastes are, which allows them to provide more tailored service in the future. If you travel frequently to a certain location, make a point of staying at the same hotel. Staff will recognize your patronage and make sure you are looked after during your stay. Be Honest About Your Stay If you were less than satisfied with your hotel visit, tell the staff. Staff will address the problem and possibly find a way to compensate you. By telling them your stay was fine out of politeness, but going home to write a terrible review, you are not giving the hotel a chance to resolve the issue. Ultimately, no one benefits in this type of scenario. However, by being forthright about any issues you faced during your stay, you may still walk away with a positive experience. What ultimately defines a hotel experience in the minds of guests is the service they receive during their trip. With this in mind, good hotels strive to go the extra mile. Most hotels will do anything they can to create a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment because good service and a memorable experience keep guests returning. If you have needs or desires outside of the binder of amenities on your guest room dresser, you should make your preferences known so that staff can make your stay a more enjoyable one. The Ellis Hotel is a boutique hotel in downtown Atlanta. In close proximity to Atlanta’s main business center as well as many of the city’s attractions, the Ellis Hotel is an ideal spot to host a business conference, plan a family vacation, or escape for a romantic getaway. To better support the needs of guests, the hotel offers a business center, meeting and event planning services, catering, pet-friendly options, and a Women’s-- Only Floor for female travelers. For the best in downtown Atlanta accommodations, book a stay at the Ellis.