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Pecha kucha - Collective Intelligence


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Collective Intelligence Web 2.0

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Pecha kucha - Collective Intelligence

  1. 1. Collective Intelligence “The real heart of web 2.0 is collective intelligence which I have defined as harnessing the network effect to build applications that get better the more people use them” - Tim O’Reilly
  2. 2. Open Source Software Open Source Software is computer software that is available in source code form for others to study, change and improve the content.
  3. 3. The Open Source Movement • Linux – a Unix-Based operating system used predominantly in servers • Apache — a leading server software and scripting language on the web • – an office suite software with word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities
  4. 4. Soundcloud SoundCloud was established in August, 2007, in Berlin, Germany, by sound designer Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlforss. It had the intention of allowing musicians to share recordings with each other, but later transformed into a full publishing tool which also allowed musicians to distribute their music tracks
  5. 5. Disadvantages of Open Source • Fraud and security e.g Emerald vs Linden Lab over ‘Second Life’
  6. 6. Collective Intelligence Wikinomics [Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams] 2006 ‘Peer – to – peer’ No hierarchy pc/ch20lev1sec3.html ‘GLOBAL BRAIN’ National and cultural boundaries reduced
  7. 7. RemixingFree creativity Collaborative Model Collective Intelligence – Creating something ‘new’
  8. 8. “People individually and collectively program the web” “New consumer power” “The power to become their own supplier” Customer Power
  9. 9. Collective intelligence Creating something ‘new’ from something that already exists Can it be trusted? Bad news for business? Creative Commons
  10. 10. Macro Wikinomics New focus Applied across society & all institutions ENGAGING customers Co-Innovation Societal Shift
  11. 11. AMAZON
  12. 12. Harnessing collective intelligence
  13. 13. +-9
  14. 14. Is collective intelligence good or bad?