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Question 6 - technologies


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Question 6 - technologies

  2. 2. Technologies used:
  3. 3. FRONT COVERI created the masthead of mymagazine on, I usedthis website because it offereda wide range of different font I also used to find thestyles. I wanted a font that fonts used for these small bannersrepresented distortion and which appear at the left of theanger and so I searched words page. I searched for fonts thatrelated to this. were similar to the bands This is the font that individual logo’s so they would bestood out to me the most recognizable to the audience.because it is bold, sansserif, and has a very rough edgewhich portrays violence andfear.
  4. 4. My cover story needed to portray similar emotions to my masthead. To achievethis, I browsed for other ‘distortion’ fonts but felt none were perfectlysuitable for my magazine. I then went on and searched the same theme; ‘distortion’.A wider range of fonts appeared and I was also able to change the backgroundcolour and font colour (although I did not need to use this in my magazine). I wrote in what I wanted my cover story to say so I could see exactly whatit would look like, so I typed in ‘flesh gates’ in the text bar.A wide range of fonts were found but I felt that this font called “Clarks summitpanic” represented the right amount of fear, distortion, but also portrayed elementsof blood and gore which was perfect to represent the words “flesh gates” andemphasize the effect it gives to the audience.
  5. 5. This is a smaller section of the photograph which I edited using Picasa, I wanted to make theI took this photograph of my self using a whole eye black to make it lookFujifilm bridge camera to ensure it was the slightly more creepy and possible quality I could achieve. I created this effect by retouching Post editing included effects I the entire area in a black shade.created on photograph editing softwarecalled Picasa. The process of making it howit is includes turning it black and white andediting the contrast slightly to ensure theblacks and whites were more stronglyopposing.
  6. 6. CONTENTSFor the heading on my contents page, I felt the font should be the same ofmy masthead to show the relation between the two pages. Although Iwanted it in white, rather than black which was not able tooffer. Since do have the option of change the font andbackground colour, I searched the website for the font most similar to mymasthead. I used related searches such as ‘distortion’ again to find this fontand went through the same process of finding the most suitable.
  7. 7. I created the effect on this photograph, taken with the same camera as the previous image, by I took this photograph also using I using a digital camera changed it to black and whitewhich enabled me to get a photograph of a and increased the saturation tohigh quality. I then I edited it on make the colours opposewhere there were a range of different editing more. I then added a ‘linetools and effects that were not available on artopia’ effect which made thePicasa, the photo editing software that I used photograph look slightlypreviously. cartoon-like which I thought To achieve the effect that appears would appeal to the the photograph I reduced the saturation to After I added the photographmake it appear more eerie, and also added a to my word document, I used‘Holgaart’ effect which was already available. the software on there toI chose this effect because I felt it portrayed remove the background tothe feel of a very loud noise due to the red make the outline fall aroundand blue tints and the slightly doubled the guitar player.composition.
  8. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Standfirst font is from microsoft word, I decided toThe coverline; take a font from here“Stanhope or because I wanted aNo Hope?” is classic, timeless yetwritten in font masculine font, which is verythat I found on common and was available without having toI went though search exterior websites. Iextra effort to also highlighted thefind an masthead in red on The font I eventually found was foundappropriate microsoft word to make it through searching ‘metal’ in the themesfont since it stand out more. bar which as well as reflecting on thelarger and will The same font genre, was also suitable for what Ibe attracting appears in the kicker, pull wanted to use it for.more attention. quote and photograph caption to create a classic, continuous theme.
  9. 9. For my double page spread, I photographed my model using the samecamera as the photographs taken for my contents page. This meant I wasable to achieve the same quality photos consistently. In post editing, I used again and also used theHolgaart effect which I have used previously. I used this again because I feltit created the desired effect and was also effective in my double pagespread, due to the amount of detail it created and the double composition. Other effects included the black and white and also increasedsaturation to create the same, more intense opposing colours.