Question 4 and 5


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Question 4 and 5

  1. 1. n 4:Targetaudienc
  2. 2. I conducted research into my targetaudience to find out their preferences,interests, hobbies and personality to whatI could do make my magazine as appealingto them as possible. From this research Ifound out my audience consists of bothmale and female, but is predominantlymale.
  3. 3. These three magazines are all aimed at a similar audience to mine, so I researched into these to get a better idea of how I can appeal to my audience.I have used similar color schemes as the red, black and white connotes danger, anger, violence and death. I was also inspired by the photographs on my cover, the font choices and the mise en scene. I also decided to use the effect of the cluttered layouts to connote chaos and mess.
  4. 4. 5: How does mymagazineappeal to
  5. 5. In my audience research, I found out my target audience would prefer to see features and interviews with bands/artists, photographs of them, upcoming tour dates, posters and recommended songs. To appeal tothem, I included details of these things in the page references in the right third of the contents page. These were all things the audience thought were conventional to.
  6. 6. My target audience showed they are most likely to buy Kerrang, Metal Hammer and NME, although NME is not metal this shows that the audience is versatile and probably wouldn’t mind occasional softer rock or indie bands featured in my metal magazine.Since my target audience were mots likely to buy Kerrang or Metal Hammer,I asked them what bands they would like to see in my magazine. The results showed that the most popular metal was Slipknot, Machine Head, While She Sleeps, and Architects and so I included these and other similar bands in my magazine.
  7. 7. The survey helped me find out the interests of my target audience.The results showed that 1/3 of mytarget audience play either drums, guitar or bass, and that they are most likely to shop in Topman, Band merchandise stores, eBay, Charity shops and Drop Dead. Using this information to myadvantage to entice the audience, I photographed the artist featuredon my double page spread wearing a denim Drop Dead jacket andclothes that would appeal to them.
  8. 8. In my focus group interview, I asked them whatthey would most like to see in my magazine that they haven’t seen any where else. Theyresponded with an idea that I have incorporated into my contents page (the left third where the brief descriptions of the pages are), which is a large interview mash up consisting of metalartists from various bands, both well known and relatively knew.
  9. 9. Audience feedbackI got audience feedback by sending out a surveyon This helped medetermine my strongest and weakest points ofmy magazine and to see how successful I was.