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  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventionsof real media products – PAGE LAYOUT, DESIGN, GENRE, MODE OF ADRESS Annotated magazine ages to show conventions
  2. 2. Compari ngmagazin es with my own
  3. 3. Front cover Aggressive, masculine fonts, which reflects distortion, gore, and blood Minimalistic colour scheme to appeal to the predominately male audience Violently worded pull quote under the short and brief cover story A sample of the posters at the bottom of the page
  4. 4. Front cover A number of bands written in a similar font to their logo’s to make them more individual and recognisable Close up of the scary, gory, grim-looking model to show the detail and to enhance the ugliness The majority of the cover lines are placed in the left third Barcodes placed in the terminal area
  5. 5. Front cover Well known genre specific bands across a banner at the top Masthead placed at the top of the page Use of numbers to show there is a lot of content Small, brief cover lines placed around the hotspots of the image
  6. 6. My front cover is conventional since it involves a range of different features similar to other metal magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer and Terrorizer. The layout is moderately cluttered which is conventional to the genre as it implies chaos, violence and mess. It includes a large masthead written in font whichimplies the sense of distortion and violence which is appealing to the target audience. The features of the cover are all placed accordingly to the photograph, but mostly onthe left third. These include a short pull quote related to the cover story, a preview of the posters at the bottom of the page, the barcode placed in the terminal area of the route of the eye and the logo’s of a number of genre-specific bands placed in the left third and in the top banner to briefly indicate the content of the magazine. The colour scheme is limited and consists mainly of black, whites, reds and yellows which is appealing to the predominantly male audience. The photograph displays conventions since I have edited it to be black and white, which keeps the colour scheme as minimalistic and therefore as masculine as possible. I have used various make up products to create a very disturbing and scary looking model and therefore took the photograph in a close up to enhance the detail of the model. The mode of address is conventional from the use of colloquial language to address the audience. For example, I used the phrase “Most Brutal Bands” to suggest the bands were very heavy and violent which would be appealing. I also connoted thisviolence in the pull quote beneath the cover story, the line “We’re all at war with eachother” suggests the band are quite aggressive, like the majority of metal bands, so this would also be appealing.
  7. 7. Contents page Issue number and date placed near the heading Competition previews Contents split up using headings
  8. 8. Contents page Large heading to clearly state this page is the contents One larger image placed in the top left third Minimalistic colour scheme including mainly black, white, yellow and red Editorial section at the bottom of the page with a casual photograph of the editor in a casual environment
  9. 9. Contents page Main text and contents information placed in the right third Page numbers written in a larger, bolder font placed in front of the brief description Very short and brief description of the content of the page Subscription information in the terminal area
  10. 10. The layout of my contents page is conventional since the heading is at the top of the page, and is also the largest, boldest and most prominent so the reader will immediately recognise the page as the contents. The issue number and date of the magazine release is also placed above the heading which is conventional since these features appear in every magazine. Most of the text is on the right third of the page and is broken up using headings, which separate the content of the magazine but also make it look more appealing. There is one main photograph to the left as well as a section on a competition, this is conventional since the main photograph indicates one of the main features in the magazine. The photograph is edited to look distorted which connotes a loud noisesuch an electric guitar, which is evidently one of the props used. This makes the artist look appealing the reader so they would be interested in reading the feature. It isconventional to advertise a subscription of the magazine so I included mine by placing it in the terminal area. This makes it noticeable in terms of the route of the eye because it is the last thing the reader would see when scanning the page. But since the subscription is not the main feature or the most interesting part of the page, it is kept out of the way of the rest of the content. An editorial section is almost always included on the contents page and so since I created the magazine, I wrote a brief round up of the contents of the issue and also used a casual photograph of my self. I placed this at the bottom of the page which is where it is conventionally placed since it is out of the way of the main focuses of the page I also kept the colour scheme consistent by including mainly black, white, yellow and red, much like the front cover and the double page spread. This links all the pagestogether and carries on the masculine theme throughout. Minimalistic colour scheme including mainly black, white, yellow and red.
  11. 11. Double page spread Body copy on the right third of the page Similar colour scheme to the contents page and cover, simplistic to appeal to the masculine target audience Stand first at the top of One photographthe right third above the which is the body copy main focus and takes up two Body copy arranged in columns to break up the thirds of the text and make it look more appealing page
  12. 12. Double page spread Small, highlighted caption The artists are standing in a casual pose, wearing stereotypical with the name of the metal fan band/artist at the side of clothing which the photograph the audience could relate to Small pull quote Large headline placed within the text placed on the which stands out and left third, over entices the audience the top of a to read the rest of the dead zone of article the photograph
  13. 13. Double page spread The body copy is written in The photograph is taken in a medium small, sans- close-up, which is close enough to show serif font so the emotion on the artist’s face but is far it’s easy to away enough to see the body language read, and is in too. a contrasting colour to the background Play on words to make Body copythe heading seem more starts with witty to appeal to the a kicker target audience the same colour of the stand first
  14. 14. My double page spread is conventional since it portrays all of the main features of the real media products. The majority of the page is dominated by an edited, sepia toned, mid- shot of my model, which creates an eerie, old, vintage effect. I placed the standfirst in the right third, above the body copy which consists of small, sans serif font which contrasts against the light background. There is also a pull quotewithin the body copy in a larger font which attracts attention to the audience andalso breaks up the text to make it look more appealing. The large headline which is placed over the dead zone of the photograph is also conventional, as well asthe small, highlighted caption to indicate the name of the artist at the side. I also placed a smaller version of the masthead in the top left corner to link it to the rest of the magazine. The main colour scheme consists of red, black and white, this is conventional since they connote blood, gore, death and violence. The simplicity is very masculine which appeals to the audience.The mode of address conveys a witty persona similar to the majority of the target audience. The heading “Stanhope or No Hope?” is a clever play on words which would stand out be appealing to the audience. Also, by using the term “the young Chuck Norris of metal” in the standfirst, I am relating to the audience by mentioning the name of a character the audience would be familiar with.