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Hiding last Friday night: How to clean up your social media presence


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In session one of three for Digital District and George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs, we discuss cleaning up your social media presence. In session two and three we show you how to slowly release the more important, professional areas of social media sites, and build out your personal brand.

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  • Please keep in mind that this session focuses on cleaning and becoming aware of your presence online. Though we tell students to lock certain profiles at first, it's only because you need to first clean it up and build out what you want employers, clients and other professionals would ideally want to see.
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Hiding last Friday night: How to clean up your social media presence

  1. 1. How to clean up your Web presence
  2. 2.     A non-profit focuses on improving digital literacy, best practices, and facilitating conversations Designed and managed by the DC community, for the DC community Previously called Social Media Club DC, which was the largest chapter in the global organization Learn more at
  3. 3.    Elliot Volkman (@TheJournalizer) Co-Founder of Digital District One part journalist, two parts communications, and a bunch of social media on top
  4. 4. Tweet with us using #GWUDD Instructor @thejournalizer
  5. 5.  Establishing Your Personal Brand: How a Strategic Online Presence Can Land You a Job Before Graduation ◦ Hiding Last Friday Night: How to Clean Up and Secure Your Online Networks ◦ Building Your Brand: How to Create and Build a Strong Online Presence ◦ Personal SEO: How to Rank For Your Name on Google
  6. 6.      Not all employers or recruiters will search for your name; however, many do Most won’t search past the first page If you have a common name or share it with someone famous, it’s more challenging to control the information Once you have the job, there is no law preventing a company from monitoring your social accounts, and you can be fired for what you post Though it’s not used as frequently, it doesn’t hurt to know what shows up on Bing
  7. 7.   Start by cleaning up Facebook, it ranks high Select the Privacy option, then look at how public your profile is: Who can see my stuff? -> View as -> Public
  8. 8.      There is no way to completely hide your profile Always require approval for images, status updates, and comments tagged to you You can ask Facebook not to index your profile, but it does not always work Photos of you posted by friends can still be found publicly Your public comments on public groups or friends walls can be accessed by anyone
  9. 9.  Applying to a job that involves social media or journalism? ◦ Yes -> Don’t lock your profile ◦ No -> Lock your profile
  10. 10.    Don’t tweet about getting drunk, high, etc. Don’t tweet about negative things relating to your current job/classes Be careful who you have conversations with or tweet at, as their profile image will appear
  11. 11.     Check your profile and the photos/videos you shared, this includes from conversations Have a professional or at least normal photo of yourself Point your profile to a portfolio or something professional Make sure you don’t follow anyone that may have an odd profile image, it will show up on your profile
  12. 12.     Make your profile private while job searching Go through and remove any questionable content Make sure you don’t publicly Like any images that could get you in trouble Selfies are acceptable, just no duck faces
  13. 13.     Set your custom URL to your name Have a professional image Build out your profile with as much professional information as possible (including internships, school clubs, charitable work, etc.) Ask for recommendations from friends, professors, and anyone else that you have worked with
  14. 14.   Google yourself Personal view vs Public view
  15. 15.  Set up a Google Alert ◦  Have extra questions? ◦ Send them to @thejournalizer or @alexkstevens
  16. 16. Learn more about the digital space  Meet awesome people  Get a student discount  Connect with hiring managers  Join the street team and get into free events  Build a stronger social following 