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4th hw 1.4


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4th hw 1.4

  1. 1. Comprehension Skill: Theme Phonics Skill: Words with short o and long o Weekly Story: The Power of W.O.W. QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary 4th Grade Homework Student Expectations for the week of Sept. 13 - Sept. 17 Monday • Word building with spelling words Spelling Words: • Vocabulary circle maps for words 1-5 • Saxon Math Part B 1. block Tuesday 2. shown • List spelling words in alphabetical order 3. oatmeal • Vocabulary circle maps for words 6-10 4. wrote • Saxon Math Part B 5. fellow Wednesday 6. scold • Spelling Word handout 7. coast • Saxon Math Part B 8. odd Thursday 9. locate • Spelling Word handout 10. slope • Saxon Math Part B 11. throat 12. hose 13. online 14. shock **Study Spelling and Vocabulary Words Daily 15. solve 16. known Spelling Test will be on Friday!! 17. remote 18. stock 19. boast 20. globe Vocabulary Words: 1. assist- help or lend a hand 2. innocent- blameless or with good intentions 3. speculated- guesses or thought over ideas 4. suspect- someone who may have committed a crime 5. scheme- a secret, clever plan 6. burglaries- crimes that involve stealing 7. regretfully- feeling sorry or sad 8. favor- an act kindness or a good deed 9. prior- before or earlier 10. misjudged- was wrong about someone or something