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Recruitment walkthrough vci consultants v2


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Recruitment walkthrough vci consultants v2

  1. 1. Volunteering Systems & Processes Recruitment walk through - VCI Consultants 9 Oct 2013 1
  2. 2. Volunteer Recruitment Find out more Express Interest Find an opportunit y Apply Select Start 2
  3. 3. Volunteer Recruitment - overview Key Stakeholders Volunteers, Volunteer managers, VCI Consultants & Whole Trust, Regional hubs / offices, Supporter Service Centre Current Process This process includes all activities related to volunteer recruitment across National Trust sites - including creating and promoting volunteering ‘jobs’ online , to managing expressions of interest to application and selection Current Challenges • Approx 30% of enquiries lost / not followed up • Balance of supply and demand – many properties don’t have the capacity to manage more interest. On the flip side some are desperate and will accept anyone. Both approaches can lead to a poor supporter journey • Confidence and capability of volunteering managers to say no to interest and signpost to other opportunities • Clear and consistent guidance around selection e.g. when to ask for references - leading to reputational risks Systems and Processes Programme deliverables • System - new recruitment website enabling prospective volunteers to search for opportunities and apply online. It will also help managers promote and manage opportunities and ensure all volunteers have the appropriate screening • Guidance – revised recruitment guidance – incl. new and improved section on managing initial interest and also selection – including interview questions and different approaches to selection for different audiences • Forms / templates – revised interest and application forms, role description templates, reference requests and group activity forms Benefits through systems and processes programme • Improved promotion of opportunities online – leading to increase in interest and ability to reach wider audience • Online application process – leading to higher levels of conversion into active volunteers • Ability to track people through the journey – will help efficiency , customer service and conversion rates • Improved role of SSC will help manage expectations – signpost to other ways to support the Trust • New guidance on selection will help build capability and confidence of volunteer managers Pre system implementation (Dependencies) • Single point of contact for all volunteer expressions of interest at each Trust place • Recognition of the importance of good planning of volunteer opportunities (including being more proactive in areas such as work experience and employer supported volunteering) • Understanding of recruitment ‘foundations’ including new guidance and forms 3
  4. 4. Recruitment - Out of Scope • Pushing promoted opportunities from the recruitment system automatically onto the DO-IT website • Automated approval process for volunteer opportunities • Replacement or modifications of the Snowball system (NT web based template system) • Governance volunteer recruitment • Working holiday participant recruitment • Physical link between Traveller system (working holidays) and any new developed systems • Fully integrated with social media – though links will be made 4
  5. 5. Recruitment – key principles 1. Our processes should make it easier for people to join in. They should be focused on building relationships with people – helping managers to listen to and explore volunteer motivations before matching them to an opportunity. 2. This does not mean we should be finding an opportunity for everyone – but aiming for great service, being more supporter led and getting better at managing expectations. The process is as much about the volunteer deciding whether they like us, as about the organisation deciding to take on the volunteer 3. We should only be asking for and holding information as and when we need it 4. Different types of volunteering may be supported by different processes – eg. collect more info for Internship applications to help shortlist as competitive process 5. Our offline process should mirror online process 6. Volunteer recruitment is changing. We need to become more flexible – which will mean managing a much greater pool of interest. In reality properties are unlikely to have the capacity to do this in the short term – so we need to keep things simple! 5
  6. 6. Volunteer Recruitment Online journeys 6
  7. 7. Recruitment – supporter journey • Different segments – curious minds, young experience seekers, families • Different stage of journey – current relationship with us, ready to get involved now, wanting to find out more • Different channels – online, email, phone, face to face, onsite, open days • Our processes will need to support above scenarios with the aim to grow long term support as well as place people as volunteers Next few slides support most common journeys A. Prospect keen to get involved, finds opportunity and applies B. Prospect keen to get involved, but can’t find what they are looking for C. Prospect wants to find out more, have a conversation before taking next step D. Prospect keen to get involved, finds activity (requires no screening) and books a place (recruitment ‘light’) 7
  8. 8. Online recruitment – general volunteering A. Keen to get involved, finds opportunity – submits application • • Process in place to support people who are ready to get involved Prospect can choose more than one ‘job’ opportunity to apply for. Use of wish lists to select several jobs and then complete appropriate online forms • All applications (emails, online forms) will be acknowledged automatically and then followed up by local contact within 10 days • Application form can be printed to bring to informal discussion – to complete missing info • Application form presented in different sections. Separate info captured for specific jobs to support screening Prospect goes online and searches for an opportunity Finds ‘job’ opportunity and completes and submits online application form (plus optional equal opportunities form) and receives auto acknowledgement Data automatically transferred into YourVolunteering and nudge sent to manager Prospect receives a follow up call / email with local recruitment contact to discuss application and next steps Local contact sends info to vol manager (may be same person!) Line manager arranges informal discussion / interview References requested if needed Prospect attends interview / informal discussion Mutual decision made to continue Start date agreed Screening steps complete – YourVolunteering updated – volunteer now Active 8
  9. 9. Online recruitment – general volunteering B. Keen to get involved but can’t find an opportunity – submits expression of interest Prospect goes online and searches for an opportunity Either no jobs available or can’t find one that suits them Directed to an online interest form • Interest form very simple. Details automatically transferred into YourVolunteering – so managers can view • Ideally conversation should be had with all interested volunteers • Some managers may decide that due to capacity the prospect is added to a ‘waiting list’ • • • SSC will help manage general interest – directing people to local contacts where possible. Potential ‘pinch point’ – so need to manage expectations / provide great customer service. If on ‘waiting list’ prospect to be sent auto alerts when new opportunities for that particular property are made live. Time limit for people to remain on a list Properties can decide whether to send extra info such as open days, other events Auto acknowledgement received when form submitted If location field completed – interest details sent to local contact Otherwise – interest details sent to Supporter Service Centre (SSC) SSC calls prospect. Talks through options - incl add to local waiting lists, signposting to national opportunities such as Working Holidays and other ways to support the Trust Nudge sent to local manager – re. waiting list of interested people Prospect receives a call from local contact to discuss interest Agree / communicate options. Include invite to Open Day, remain on waiting list, other ways to support local place, signposting to other organisations or invite to a meeting 9
  10. 10. Online recruitment – general volunteering C. Would like to find out more before proceeding Prospect goes online • Process used for individual volunteers who are unclear or unsure how to proceed • Details only logged if move to expressing interest or wanting to stay in touch via a waiting list • Process also used for volunteer groups where contact needed first to talk through potential (in the absence of online forms and specific opportunities. Ideally like to introduce this for employer supported volunteering) • Group info held on separate pages Info provided on website to paint picture of types of opportunities available – ways to get involved, case studies, testimonials Searches for a job but is not ready to apply Two options 1. Contact property to find out more. Each job / property will have clear contact details (name, phone, email) 2. Contact SSC. Contact details provided in a slightly hidden ‘contact us’ section SSC or local contact to add details onto YourVolunteering if prospect would like to stay in touch / interested. Otherwise no data needed – except call logged by SSC 10
  11. 11. Online recruitment – general volunteering D. Finds a one off opportunity (no screening) – books onto a volunteering activity • • • • Recruitment ‘light’ would enable individuals or groups (particularly relevant to families) to book or reserve a place on a volunteering event or activity – without having to go through further checks or discussions Prospect completes and submits online reservation form and receives auto acknowledgement Examples include Family Volunteering, volunteering ‘one off’ days, helping out at events Limit placed on number of bookings Online form completed to reserve place – would capture all details needed – such as contact info, number of people, emergency contacts etc. Where no booking is needed, such as ‘Drop In’ days – then no online form required. Just contact details provided for further info. Details of volunteers added retrospectively onto the system Prospect goes online and finds volunteering activity they would like to attend / support Prospect receives confirmation of booking and further details by email Prospect updated if changes made to activity Volunteer/s attend / turn up Further details captured if missing. Can be entered onto YourVolunteering retrospectively 11
  12. 12. Volunteer Recruitment Search for an opportunity / ‘job’ Note: the following slides aim to reflect the Volunteer and Volunteer Manager experience and process flow. The system and role names are undefined, screens shown are not wireframes. 12
  13. 13. Prospect Volunteer goes onto MyVolunteering (Login is not required to access the recruitment pages) 13
  14. 14. Recruitment pages – Logical functionality (not wireframes) 14
  15. 15. General search for an opportunity - basic search / browse Search for volunteering opportunities (Trust place, Town / City, Postcode) Roles than can be done at home, or anywhere in the country Interactive map List of local opps • List all opps within 30 mile radius Links to more ways to volunteer • Separate ‘tab’ to highlight other ways to get involved • Links to national / other opps • Opportunity name • Summary description • Time period / start date • Internships • Location • Working Holidays • Distance from location • Campaigns • Allow user to order by date and distance • Big Family Day Out • Fundraising / Supporter Groups • Click to see more details 15
  16. 16. Advanced search options Search for volunteering opportunities Accommodation provided? (Trust place, Town / City, Postcode) Yes / No Area of interest (Drop down list that would include Vol Type and Job Recruitment Family) Your availability (Weekdays, evenings, weekends or days of the week am / pm) When / how often (Drop down list – once a week, once a month, full time, project, one-off) Who with?* Drop down list – friends, family, team, young people * less of a priority Keyword search (free text field – linked to meta data) 16
  17. 17. Volunteer Interests Volunteer Interests – drop down list used in the advanced search Each job could have multiple interests * Indicates same as MyPlace • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Archaeology Administration* Catering* Countryside & Coast Digital & Social Media Education & Learning Family Volunteering Finance* Fundraising* Gardening* Governance House & Buildings IT Legal* Management* • • • • • • • • • • • Marketing & Communications* Nature Conservation* Policy & External Affairs Publishing, film & photography* Retail* Surveying* Training & Development Visitor Experience & Events Volunteer Management Working Holidays Work Experience As part of user testing good to test language and whether these categories link to appropriate roles 17
  18. 18. General search results – summary display Once the prospective volunteer has entered details into the search then a summary list of opportunities will be displayed Local to you – 45 opportunities found Opportunity - Garden Guide – Quarry Bank Mill Distance – 10.3 miles When – 25 May - What – exciting two lines about how great the garden guide role is ….. Find out more Opportunity – Gardener – Dunham Massey Distance – 12 miles When – June onwards What – spend time in our fantastic winter garden…. Find out more Opportunity – Tuesday Taskforce – Lyme Park Distance – 15 miles When – First Tuesday of each month What – join a team repairing the footpaths in our woodland… Find out more 18
  19. 19. General search results – detailed display Opportunity Garden Guide Ref no. – VQBM001 Where Quarry Bank Mill Distance – 10.3 miles When 25 May - What – fuller description about how great the garden guide role is What we’re looking for? Bullets – incl number people Picture of property? What can you gain? Bullets Tags? Print? Contact first name, last name, email address Further Information* downloadable files, link to QBM Share opportunity (links to Social Media to facebook, email a friend) Apply Info would be the same as that held within the role descriptions 19
  20. 20. Volunteer Recruitment Forms & data 20
  21. 21. Online recruitment – what info is captured when? General - Online Interest Form General - Online Application Form Informal discussion / before start • Title, first and last name • Title, first and last name • Health / access requirements • Postcode • Full address incl. postcode • • Email • Email Support notes from informal discussion • Phone, mobile • Phone, mobile • Emergency Contact • Preferred contact • Preferred contact • Location – are you interested in a particular Trust place? • Why are you interested in this opportunity? What type of opportunity are you interested in? • • Dependent on age / job • DBS forms • Parent & Guardian Consent Why do you think you would be suitable? • Drivers Details • Availability – weekdays, evenings, weekends • Photo copyright • Ideally copies of the above scanned into YourVolunteering – if not paper files needed for each volunteer – sensitive info • Are you over 18? • Resident of EU? • Access to a vehicle • Data Protection statement • Criminal convictions declaration • Date (auto added) • Date of birth • Eligibility – declaration Resident of EU? • Data Protection and confidentiality statement After start • Skills • Date (auto added) • Change of details • ** References and DBS details requested if selected by recruiting manager • Notes • NB. Equal opps data separate online • Training 21
  22. 22. Offline recruitment – general volunteering Prospect contacts local property / office by phone, email or face to face • There are many ways to express interest in volunteering offline – recruitment fairs, Open Days, visitor reception • At all touchpoints prospects should be inspired about the Trust and volunteering and be clear what happens next • In all cases basic contact details should be captured – interest postcard • Ideally these details should be entered onto YourVolunteering • Interest is then followed up – with process similar to online • If no opportunities are available then details entered onto waiting list • Application packs could be used for people to take away – however prospects should be given a card that directs them to MyVolunteering to find out more Local recruitment contact discusses interest and potential opportunities. Details entered onto YourVolunteering Initial contact details / Interest form (postcard) completed – could be done over the phone or by prospect themselves If opportunity available - extra info (application info – including link to online details) sent to prospect including next steps (open day, informal discussion) If no opportunity available – prospect added to waiting list Prospect either applies online or if no access to internet, completes form and returns by post / brings to informal discussion / Open Day Process – same as online – informal discussion, screening – start if all happy! 22
  23. 23. Volunteer Recruitment Screening Plans 23
  24. 24. Volunteer Screening Process • When setting up a job the volunteer manager must decide on the appropriate screening needed • Each job will have only one volunteer type. Each type has a standard screening plan • Volunteer Manager can have the ability to add or remove different aspects of the screening plan. They can do this within fields linked to the job. Guidance will be provided on how to decide what screening will be needed • Once an aspect is completed then this will be confirmed by the manager – tick box • Once all aspects have been completed and a start date agreed then a volunteer will become Active Business rules • All volunteers (except recruitment light) should have some sort of interview / informal discussion before starting • All volunteers will need to have self declared (tick boxes) on criminal convictions and eligibility to volunteer in this country. This info will be held on the application form (online and offline) • Two references are needed for jobs that involve financial info or cash handling, access to sensitive info, working with young people and where there is potential reputational risk (eg. social media) • A DBS declaration needs to be completed for jobs that need a check – to ask vols to declare spent and unspent convictions. The VM will need to decide whether this is needed and provide vols separate info. System would record whether a DBS check has been received • If it is deemed that References and DBS checks are needed then they must be received before a vol starts 24
  25. 25. Screening plans by volunteer type / job family Volunteer Type / Job Family Interview / discussion – happy to proceed Criminal Convictions (declaration on app form) Eligibility (EU / EEA) (declaration on app form) References Archaeology Y Y Y Buildings Y Y Y Business Support Y Y Y Catering Y Y Y Collection Care Y Y Y Countryside Y Y Y Digital & Social Media Y Y Y Y Driving Y Y Y Y? Education Y Y Y Y Engineering Y Y Y Environmental practices Y Y Y Events Y Y Y External Affairs Y Y Y Finance Y Y Y Food and farming Y Y Y Forestry Y Y Y Fundraising Y Y Y DBS Job Specific training Other Y? Drivers Details Y Y 25
  26. 26. Volunteer Type / Job Family Interview / discussion – happy to proceed Criminal Convictions (declaration on app form) Eligibility (EU / EEA) (declaration on app form) Gardens & Parks Y Y Y General Management Y Y Y Governance Y Y Y IT Y Y Y Legal Y Y Y Marketing & Communications Y Y Y Nature Conservation Y Y Y Project Management Y Y Y Publishing, film & photography Y Y Y Retail Y Y Y Rural Surveying Y Y Y Training & Development Y Y Y Visitor Experience Y Y Y Volunteering & Community Involvement Y Y Y Work Experience Y Y Y Working Holidays Y Y Y References DBS Job Specific training Other Y Y Y? PCI ? Leader weekend / MIDAS Assessment Centre 26
  27. 27. Volunteer Recruitment Online process – volunteer manager experience Note: the following slides aim to reflect the Volunteer and Volunteer Manager experience and process flow. The system and role names are undefined, screens shown are not wireframes. 27
  28. 28. Volunteer Manager securely accesses YourVolunteering class Recruitment CRM Opportunity search Search by Opportuni ty name Core or non core opportuni ty Fi lter opportuni ty status (e.g. Acti ve) Opportuni ty type Opportuni ty category NT Property Creati on date Opportuni ty ow ner Opportuni ty reference number Keyw ord Others..... Recruitment - CRM Opportuni ty search Logi n Opportuni ty detai ls Create opportuni ty Edi t opportuni ty Opportuni ty appli cati on form selecti ons Opportuni ty screeni ng plan Archi ve opportuni ty Promote opportuni ty on recrui tment w ebsi te Promote opportuni ty on soci al medi a Key recrui tment assumpti ons: All NT properti es w i ll have a clear poi nt of contact for expressi ons of i nterest All opportuni ti es w i ll have a opportuni ty ow ner and opportuni ty contact (these roles may be covered by the same person or by a team) Opportuni ty detai ls (equi valent of role profi le) Set of core opportuni ti es Opportuni ty status - Draft, Acti ve, Archi ve Pri nt/save electroni c fi le opportuni ty detai ls Pri nt/save electroni c fi le opportuni ty appli cati on form Pri nt/save electroni c fi le expressi on of i nterest form Opportuni ty appli cati on form Expressi on of i nterest form Screeni ng plan w i th selectable opti ons e.g. References 28
  29. 29. YourVolunteering – managing interest / applications class Recruitment CRM Recruitment - CRM Process offli ne opportuni ty appli cati on Process offli ne expressi on of i nterest Managi ng w i ati ng li sts Managi ng volunteer appli cati ons Managi ng screeni ng plan Respond to 'Contact us' enqui ry Respond to 'Expressi on of i nterest' Update volunteer communi cati on record Update volunteer detai ls 29
  30. 30. YourVolunteering – job admin, reporting class Recruitment CRM Recruitment - CRM System Admi n - set up Set up NT Property Volunteeri ng Contact Create core opportuni ti es Fi nd read recrui tment gui dance Recrui tment/Expresssi on of i nterest tracki ng Run recrui tment reports Report equal opportuni ty data Run opportuni ty campai gn 30
  31. 31. Volunteer Recruitment Summary of main business changes 31
  32. 32. Summary of main business decisions / changes 1. Introduction of new search engine – linked to property pages 2. Replace Registration form with Interest and Application forms 3. Online approach becomes the default – focus on self service. Minimise paperwork 4. Clear point of contact for recruitment at every property / office 5. Intro of enquiry handling / response times / ‘SLA’s’ 6. Capturing details of enquiries onto YourVolunteering 7. More time needed upfront – to support initial conversation, help manage expectations and provide great customer service 8. Use of waiting lists and better approach to referrals / signposting 9. References only needed for certain roles / ‘jobs’ 10. Introduction of core jobs (standard templates – local flexibility to alter) 11. Introduction of equal opps form (optional and just online) 12. Introduction of screening plans 13. Move towards more proactive approach to work experience & employer supported volunteering – dependent on planning 32