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Ok Computer


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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Ok Computer

  1. 1. Daniel Rose, Insight Lead – Future Audience Development & ReachTwitter: @leinadesor
  2. 2. “Giving”Time and skills – volunteeringMoney – donatingSupport – advocacy
  3. 3. Trend watchGoodsumptionTransparency triumphSocial activism
  4. 4. But who’s out there?Priority audiences?“Young, Free and Singles”“Family Citizens”“Big Society Champions”
  5. 5. Roles?
  6. 6. The platforms…
  7. 7. The devices…
  8. 8. Innovation
  9. 9. Key messages…• Not just platforms but devices;• Think about volunteer roles in a new way;• Social media strategy and advocates;• Sharing ideas, experience and learning from elsewhere…..