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Lucy Andrews Manion Presentation

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Lam nt presentation 16 5 12

  1. 1. The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Lucy Andrews-Manion Volunteer Co-ordinator
  2. 2. Volunteering at Ironbridge Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust • One of the worlds largest Independent Museums • An educational Charity • 10 Museum Sites, 36 Historic Sites in total over 7 square miles • 200 members of paid staff • Based in a World Heritage Site, The Ironbridge Gorge • Around 500,000 visitors per year
  3. 3. Volunteering at Ironbridge400+ regular volunteersCorporate Volunteering-1000+ peopleGreat range of ages-16 up to 90Opportunities for young and unemployed peopleMonthly projects/Regular placementsA better Museum thanks to their efforts
  4. 4. Volunteering at IronbridgeWhy Volunteer?This is the key to getting and keeping the right people-Social interaction-Gain skills and experience
  5. 5. Volunteering at Ironbridge Demonstrate Guide Research Maintain SupportHelp us to add to and deliver an excellent level of service
  6. 6. Volunteering at IronbridgeWhere do we find them?Newspaper ArticlesWord of Mouth Staff VolunteersVisitor interestVolunteer Centre
  7. 7. Volunteering at Ironbridge To become a volunteer at Ironbridge: Application It doesn’t need to be too formal, References this is a volunteer role, not a job. Interview BUT it does need to be structured. Placement Induction Monitoring
  8. 8. Volunteering at Ironbridge Getting the Right people Role Descriptions- know what you want before you recruit, think about things which could help your organisation, but seem a long way off- could a volunteer get you there? Interview-get to know your volunteer, recruit carefully, and specifically for the role-only place someone if they are the RIGHT person Monitoring-keep talking to your volunteers keep them informed, give them goals let them know outcomes they can expect to get from their role.
  9. 9. Volunteering at IronbridgeBuilding RolesA volunteer role should benefit all partiesAlways think of the ‘BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME’Think wider than day to day, WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU REALLY NEED?
  10. 10. Volunteering at Ironbridge Justyna Gasinska  20 year-old Polish student  Currently working weekends in a factory  Studying Business Administration at college, evenings only  Would like to have an office job but needs experience Rob Davies  59 years old  Lives locally  Recently retired  Misses work and the contact with others  Feels he has skills to giveDifferent types of Volunteers
  11. 11. Volunteering at IronbridgeRETAINING YOUR VOLUNTEERSBenefits: Free entry Quarterly Newsletter Monthly coffee mornings and events Free ticket to events Free parking Discount in Museum Shops LunchAccess to trainingA friendly, welcoming atmosphere!
  12. 12. Volunteering at IronbridgeDEALING WITH ISSUESBe prepared Recruit the right people into the right role Be open to changeHave a procedure in place Follow it!Be open and honest& Most importantly, be nice!
  13. 13. Volunteering at IronbridgeMost Importantly…Get to know your volunteers – the better you know them the more they will want to help.Remember that they want to help, give them the opportunity.Show appreciation - Say thankyou!
  14. 14. The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Lucy Andrews-Manion 01952 601044