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Jessica Cooper @ Convestival 2013


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Jessica Cooper @ Convestival 2013

  1. 1. London 2012 Volunteer Management in the National Trust Make every day a gold medal day
  2. 2. Introduction & context
  3. 3. “Volunteers make the difference between a good Games and a great Games” Seb Coe Volunteering & the Olympic movement – 1948 London Game saw the birth of the volunteering movement at the Olympic Games – London 2012 volunteering programme launched in July 2010 with the goal to find 70,000 volunteers for the Olympic & Paralympic Games – Received quarter of a million applications – Volunteers, Paid Staff and Contractors made up the London 2012 workforce – Workforce managed at Games time by Workforce Operations Managers based at venues
  4. 4. Attract & select the right people with the right skills to deliver the best games ever Goal of the Volunteer Programme
  5. 5. Outreach & Attraction – How many volunteers do you need? – Who do you want to attract? – How can you reach out to them? Making the difference
  6. 6. Expectation Management – Clear expectations before you recruit – What role will they be doing? – How long will they be required to volunteer? Making the difference
  7. 7. Rigorous Recruitment – Professional – when, where, what the interview will consist of? – What experience do you want to create for your volunteers? – What are you looking for? How will you look for it? – What information do you want to communicate? – How can you build their excitement about becoming a volunteer? – Don’t be afraid to say ‘thank you but no thank you’ Making the difference
  8. 8. Training & Feedback – Equip volunteers with the skills to do their roles – Good induction – Ongoing training – Qualifications? Recognition? Making the difference
  9. 9. Communications – Clear, regular, planned – Appropriate delivery mechanisms for messages; posters, text messages, twitter, email Making the difference
  10. 10. Recognise skills & embrace individuality – Variety & breadth of experience – Code of Conduct – Individuality Making the difference
  11. 11. Reward & Recognise – A good job – Commitment – Thank you Making the difference
  12. 12. Volunteers – truly inspiring Summary