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XinSpring the system for marketing teams


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XinSpring from MintTwist, the system for marketing teams

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XinSpring the system for marketing teams

  1. 1. XinSpring – the Online MarketingSystemPresented by MintTwist
  2. 2. MintTwistMintTwist is an international digital agencyworking with clients across the UK, MiddleEast, Europe and North America.
  3. 3. What is XinSpring?A tailored system of online marketing strategy,tools, training and support for serious businesssuccess.Based on MintTwist’s proven methodology for online marketingstrategy implementation and management.
  4. 4. How does it work?ManagementDeliveryOnlinemarketingstrategyformanagementOnlinemarketingstrategyfordeliverySet-up,configurationandsystemintegrationTrainingandsupport
  5. 5. Who is the XinSpring for?Effective strategy reporting for managementStrategy plan, online tools, support and deliverytraining for teamsMarketing managementteamMarketing implementationteam
  6. 6. What does XinSpring do and what do you get?1. Social marketing 2. Content marketing 3. Email marketing4. Website optimisation 5. Search marketingThe 5 most relevant specialist software tools licensed for 12-months, all accessible from your own tailored dashboard. On-site setup and on-site training. Delivery-focussed marketingplans.Annual support for effective implementation acrossmultiple channels.Enables management reports using pre-configuredmanagement reports that provide on-demand data analysis,collation and presentation.
  7. 7. What are the results?Increased visibility of online marketing resultsIncreased quality and quantity of effective online marketingactivityMore new customersImproved customer communicationImproved brand identity
  8. 8. Search/websiteoptimisationConsultancy andSystem SetupFull Strategy,Implementation andSystem TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewSocialConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewEmailConsultancy andSystem SetupInitialStrategy, TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewOnlineadvertisingConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewXinSpring entry level serviceSoftware systems, strategy, set-up, training,quarterly review, annual support£7,000 / €8’000 / $11,000 / 40,000 AED per annum
  9. 9. The next stepsSet-upInitial consultancyStrategy creationSystem set-upDeliverSystems trainingSystems support
  10. 10. info@minttwist.comContact MintTwist for a free consultation