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XinSpring System Overview


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XinSpring, from MintTwist. System Overview.

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XinSpring System Overview

  1. 1. Online Marketing System(OMS)Presented by MintTwist
  2. 2. MintTwistMintTwist is an international digital agency working withclients across the UK, EMEA, APAC and North Americato help them improve results with Online Marketing
  3. 3. What is the OMS?A tailored system of online marketing strategy,tools, training and support for serious businesssuccess.Based on MintTwist’s proven methodology for online marketingstrategy implementation and management.OnlinemarketingstrategyformanagementOnlinemarketingstrategyfordeliverySet-up,configurationandsystemintegrationTrainingandsupport
  4. 4. What is the OMS?1. Social marketing 2. Content marketing4. Website optimisation 5. Search marketing2. Email marketing
  5. 5. Help with Online Marketing for your businessMarketingStrategy (OMS)GeneratorFree Consultancyon Strategy, Toolsand TechniquesMarketingStrategy SetupMarketing Systemof ToolsTools and StrategyHandover andTraining onTechniquesSupport andMaintenance
  6. 6. Two steps•Draft strategy•Setup guidance (via IMvideo chat)OMSWebsite(Free)•Strategy setup•System setup•Handover and Training•SupportOMSSystem(Paid)
  7. 7. OMS WebsiteQuestionnairecompleted onwebsiteDraft strategyproduced byOMSalgorithmFree guidanceonstrategy, toolsandtechniques
  8. 8. OMS SystemStrategySetupSystem ofToolsSetupStrategyandSystemHandoverSupport
  9. 9. OMS SystemStrategySetupSystem ofTools SetupStrategyand SystemHandover.Training.SupportDocumented ManagementStrategyDocumented DeliveryStrategyChannels and techniques toengage and grow targetaudiences with targetmessages
  10. 10. OMS SystemStrategySetupSystem ofConfiguredToolsStrategyand SystemHandover.Training.Support1. Social marketing 2. Content marketing4. Website optimisation 5. Search marketing3. Email marketingEnables management reports using pre-configured tools thatprovide on-demand data analysis, collation and presentation.The 5 most relevant specialist software tools licensed for 12-months, allaccessible from your own tailored dashboard. On-site setup and on-sitetraining. Delivery-focussed marketing plans.Annual support for effectiveimplementation across multiple channels.
  11. 11. OMS SystemStrategySetupSystem ofTools SetupStrategyand SystemHandover.Training.SupportMarketing managementteamMarketing implementationteamEffective strategy reporting for managementStrategy plan, online tools, support and deliverytraining for teams
  12. 12. OMS SystemStrategySetupSystem ofTools SetupStrategyand SystemHandover.Training.SupportIncreased visibility of online marketing resultsIncreased quality and quantity of effective online marketingactivityMore new customersImproved customer communicationImproved brand identity
  13. 13. Search/websiteoptimisationConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewSocialConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewEmailConsultancy andSystem SetupInitialStrategy, TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewOnlineadvertisingConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReview£5,000 / €6’000 / $7,000 / 30,000 AED per annumOMS PriceStrategy, set-up, training, quarterly review,support
  14. 14. The next stepsGet a strategyGo to togenerate a free onlinemarketing strategyStart marketingGet the strategyGet the toolsGet the trainingGet started
  15. 15. info@minttwist.comContact MintTwist for a free consultation