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What could you do with XinSpring?


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What could you do with XinSpring?

  1. 1. What can you do with MintTwist?
  2. 2. Quickly setup a simple campaign CRM with yourdata
  3. 3. Easily design a marketing campaign
  4. 4. Get data on responses, identify potentials
  5. 5. Send personalised content to high potentialcustomers
  6. 6. Monitor the response in real-time, openopportunities
  7. 7. Use the integrated CRM to win sales, how much isa new customer worth to your business?
  8. 8. Search/websiteoptimisationConsultancy andSystem SetupFull Strategy,Implementation andSystem TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewSocialConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewEmailConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewOnlineadvertisingConsultancy andSystem SetupInitial Strategy,TrainingQuarterlyManagementReviewXinSpring Online Marketing System fromMintTwistSoftware systems, strategy, set-up, training,quarterly review, annual support£7,000 / €8’000 / $11,000 / 40,000 AED per annum
  9. 9. The next stepsSet-upInitial consultancyStrategy creationSystem set-upDeliverSystems trainingSystems support
  10. 10. info@minttwist.comContact MintTwist for a free consultation