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Tom jenkins


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Tom jenkins

  1. 1. Tom Jenkins is a British photographer who worksfor the Guardian taking photos for the sportsection. He is renown for taking photographs ofextraordinary moments in popular sporting eventssuch as the Olympics, The Ashes Tournament andThe Rugby Grand Finals. The purpose of his photosare to be advertised in the Guardian newspaperand to advertise well known sport events. This is a photo of Michael Phelps in the London 2012 Olympics winning his gold in swimming. As you can see he has used a very large telephoto lens to get up and close to the swimmer. This shows the physical strain that this sporting event has on your body and really captures the moment of the event. This is a photo of Manchester City winning the league in 2012. This photo like many photos that Tom Jenkins takes truly captures the exact emotions at the time, this is another photo like many of his others where he would have used a telephoto lens on his camera to get a very clear image from a distance. this is what he is well known for and this is why he is the main photographer for the Guardian sport sections.