Task 5 genre conventions


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Task 5 genre conventions

  1. 1. Task 5: Genre ConventionsGears of War 3 is a military science fiction third-person shooter video game, it couldalso fall into the action category. Some of the conventions that come under this genreare:•First and third person shooters•Violence and gore (action)•Hero persona•Linear narrative•Good vs Evil•CollectablesGears of War 3 is a third person shooter, this means that the camera is always trailingbehind the protagonist that you are playing as, unlike first person shooter games whichare usually associated with action games.
  2. 2. Violence and gore is present almost constantly throughout Gears of War 3, like many othergames which feature these genre conventions the violence and gore is presented in a verygraphic and over the top way. Tones of blood poor out of the victims when they are shot,stabbed or decapitated and covers the floor which surrounds the character; the blood isvery bright red and gushes out of the victims which is one of the reasons it is rated 18.The way the person playing as the main character kills the enemy is also very violent andmalicious; this can be from throwing the enemy on the floor and beating it to death,sticking bombs onto the enemy so it explodes on them or cutting them in half with achainsaw.A large amount of weapons are also used throughout which is a basic convention of anaction game. This can be from a basic machine gun with a chainsaw attached to the end toa weapon that shoots mortars at the enemy.Violence and Gore
  3. 3. Hero personaAnother common convention of many third person shooter and action games is the heropersona. This is usually the character you are playing as in the game and the character whosucceeds in there mission at the end of the game. A character who is the hero usually hasan even mix of mental and physical strength which is what over powers the enemy of thegame as there strength is usually only physical. An example of this from Gears of War 3would be Marcus Fenix, he is the protagonist of the game and has an even mix of wisdomand strength. Whereas the two enemies in the game are called the Locust and the Lambentand both of these enemies rely on physical strength and therefore easily get out smarted.Unlike other characters in games the character with the hero persona never fears theirenemy and always has a determination to succeed in their mission. This is often due to afamily member or a friend being killed earlier on in the game which sets the character withthe hero persona off seeking revenge. An example of this from Gears of War 3 would bewhen the character Marcus Fenix witnesses his friend Dom sacrifice himself to save hissquad and this sets his off to seek revenge for Dom’s death.
  4. 4. Linear narrativeLinear narrative is often the type of narrative that is used in first person and third personshooter games. This means that they follow a specific order with a beginning middle andend present in the game. Usually it will start with some kind of battle, progress into somekind of journey and then come to a conclusion which the characters have been preparingfor throughout the whole game. For Example in Gears of War 3 the story starts on a largewar ship that gets invaded by the enemy. They then leave the ship and go on a journey torescue Marcus’s father and win the war; around half way through the narrative is whenDom sacrifices himself to save his friends. Then this sets Marcus and the rest of his squadon a mission for revenge and justice which eventually leads to the end of the game wherethe war is won and the enemy has been defeated.
  5. 5. Good vs EvilOne of the most obvious conventions of a typical first person or third person actionshooter game is the theme of good vs evil. The character that the player will control isalmost always the good character or team and the characters that you are fighting againstis usually the evil character or team. The good characters in these games are often seen inlighter more pleasant looking colours and the evil characters are often seen wearingdarker and more aggressive looking colours. Also the good characters can sometimes havemore appealing character traits, for example they may be charming or more friendly thanthe evil characters.In Gears of War 3 the good are the Cog army, specifically the main characters you play aswhich consists of Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Augustus Cole (Cole Train) and DamonBaird. These all have traits that appeal to the players, for example some of them arehumorous, strong or smart. The evil are the Locust and the Lambent who are fighting totake over the earth. There are many of these characters but many of them look the samewhich stops the player taking much notice of them as individuals.