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  1. 1. RankinJohn Rankin Waddell was born in 1966 and is a fashion photographerwho specifies in portrait photography, he is one of the biggestphotographers in Britain and is very well known for taking photos offamous stars and for doing the front page photographs for magazines.He is very well known for black and white photography and the purposeIn many of his photos is to attempt to use famous celebrities who mayhave a bad image or a fake image and make them look natural.Examples of this would be Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan.Image analysisThis photo would have been takenin a studio with artificial lightingand a model which would havebeen specifically chosen for thephotograph. He would have takenhundreds of photos to get thepicture he wanted and dressed themodel up to how he wanted. Thecamera would have had a smallaperture and a fast shutter speedto capture the model in movementclearly.Interpretation of meaningIn this photo meaning is producedprimarily from the colours in thepicture, the vary simplistic andsubtle colours could show thatKate Moss is beautiful on theinside as this is what would getignored usually because her careerrelies on her physical appearanceand not her personality.
  2. 2. Image analysisLike all the previous photos thisphoto would have been taken in astudio with artificial lighting and aplane white background. MillaJovovich would have beenspecifically chosen as the model forthis photo. A small aperture andfast shutter speed would have beenused to get clear and sharp photoswithout any motion blur as themodel would have been movingabout as Rankin took lots of photos.Interpretation of meaningMilla Jovovich is portrayed aselegant and beautiful through theblack and white colour and positionshe is in. The black and white colouralong with the high amount ofcontrast makes the model look likeshe has ‘perfect’ skin in the way shehas no blemishes or imperfections.The use of the hand running downher neck shows her elegance andpossibly how protective she is overher body. The fact that she alsoseems to have no cloths onemphasis the purity of Milla.
  3. 3. Image analysisThis photo is taken in a studio withartificial lighting and white background.Florence Welch was used as the model asthis was put into a magazine with anarticle about her. Once again smallaperture and fast shutter speed wouldhave been used to get a clear sharp imageof Florence, you can see this as the photoseems to have captured her hair in amovement but there is no motion blur.Interpretation of meaningThe meaning that could be produced in this photocould be about how Florence’s occupation isprotected by her image. Lots of people know herby the colour of her hair and in this photo you cansee that her hair covers a lot of her face and takesup most of the photo which could produce themeaning that her hair is what has helped herbecome so successful. She is well known foremotional and sometimes serious during herperformances when singing live, yet in this photoshe is smiling which suggests that he possibly has amore playful side.