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Elliot tickle that thing


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Elliot tickle that thing

  1. 1. That Thing Type of Documentary: This documentary is a self reflective documentary as everyone who is in the documentary speaks directly to the camera. Themes: The theme which is most present throughout the documentary is gaming and animation, however there is also a more in depth theme of feminism and idealization as well.
  2. 2. Narrative Structure: That Thing doesn't seem to follow any form of narrative as there isn't much of a story being told. Instead the same subject is being discussed through the use of interviews and archive footage throughout. Camera Angle: All of the interviews throughout the documentary are shot from eye level and use the rule of thirds as well as being shot from MCU or CU. There are some tracking shots and high angle shots of computers and people when they are gaming as this makes it slightly more interesting to view for the audience.
  3. 3. Mise En Scene: The setting of this documentary is in some form of office where they produce or play games, it all looks very modern for its day as the rooms are filled with computers and also many of the rooms where people are being interviewed have green projectors on them which gives off a modern effect. All of the mise en scene in the documentary seems to represent the game which is being discussed. Sound: There is a fast paced ambient style dance music which is played throughout the documentary which gives it a modern and stylish portrayal of gaming. Ray of Light by Madonna is played which represents the time the documentary was made and the popular music of that time. Voice of God technique is used throughout as we don't see the narrator but we hear them.
  4. 4. Editing: The majority of the documentary has fast paced editing to keep viewers interested. Many of the interviews are edited together and go back and forth between topic, also some of the people being interviewed are super imposed onto a laptop screen which gives the documentary a modernized feeling. There are frequent buffers used of the sound of clicking and shots of computers are used as filler. Archive Material: The game footage which is shown and the film footage emphasizes how popular the game actually is.