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5 edited photos

  1. 1. This was the original uneditedphotograph which I chose toedit. For this photo I simply changed the brightness and contrast by using mode adjustments – brightness and contrast and then made the photo slightly brighter and with slightly more contrast, this got rid of some of the pixilation on the photo and made the photo look a cleaner and more sharp.
  2. 2. Then I went on image adjustments –exposure and put the exposure level upslightly, I then clicked on variations andgive the photo a slightly darker tint, thismade the photo more vibrant andinteresting to look at.
  3. 3. I then clicked on the layers tab at the side of thescreen and went through to the option luminosity Finally I made another copy of the photo and push it onwhich made my photo look black and white with a below the original photo layer, I then went through the layerslightly blue tint to it. options and changed it to dissolve which made most of the background and the most of the model disappear apart from his tee shirt, then when the layers were put together it made the tee shirt look bright red with most of the picture black and white, apart from a few hints of colour in parts.
  4. 4. This was the original uneditedphotograph which I chose to For this photo I simply clicked on imageedit. adjustments, brightness and contrast and then made the photo darker by turning the brightness down and turned to contrast up. This made the photo look more appealing and got rid of some of the pixilation.
  5. 5. This was the original uneditedphotograph which I chose toedit. In this photo I simply went on image adjustments – brightness and contrast. Although I only altered the brightness slightly by making the photo a little brighter, it was the contrast which affected the photo by being turned up greatly. This give the photo a less grainy look
  6. 6. Once the brightness and the contrast wasturned up a bit I then went onto imageadjustments – hue/saturation and turnedthe saturation down to -100 which madethe photo black and white but still with aclear and vibrant image.
  7. 7. This was the originalunedited photographwhich I chose to edit. Although this photo doesn’t look much different to the original unedited photo it is simply a little darker with a lot more contrast, this made the photo look clearer and more appealing.
  8. 8. For the final edit of this photo I went ontoimage adjustments , exposure and thenchanged the exposure just slightly and changedthe gamma radiation up as this made the photolook darker and more shadowy which made thephoto look better.