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WALT: Describe people in Japanese

Published in: Health & Medicine, Lifestyle
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  1. 1. Describing people in Japanese
  2. 2. Kami ga nagai desuThis person has long hair
  3. 3. Kami ga mijikai desuThis person has short hair
  4. 4. Kami ga akai desuThis person has red hair
  5. 5. Kami ga kinpatsu desuThis person has blonde hair
  6. 6. Kami ga kuroi desuThis Person Has Black
  7. 7. Kami ga chairo desuThis person has brown hair
  8. 8. Kono hito wa se ga takai desu This person is tall
  9. 9. Kono hito wa se ga hikui desu This person is short
  10. 10. Kono hito wa onaka suite imasu This person is hungry
  11. 11. Kono hito wa hosoi desu This person is skinny
  12. 12. Kono hito wa genki desu This person is fit
  13. 13. Kono hito wa kowai desu This person is scary
  14. 14. Kono hito wa debu desu This person is chubby
  15. 15. Kono hito wa kawaii desu They are cute
  16. 16. Thanks for watching Hope you had fun