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The Twilight Series


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The Twilight Series

  1. 1. The Twilight Series By Stephenie MeyerThe Author The Characters The Film
  2. 2. The Author Stephenie Meyer is the best selling author of ‘The Twilight Series.’ The books revolve around the love story between mortal Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen. Since their debut the series has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide and Eclipse knocked the final Harry Potter off the top of the best sellers list all around the world. Meyer has said she is influenced by her family, and many of her books feature characters named after personal friends. She also quotes many other novels throughout the series. For example: Anne of Green Gables, Romeo and Juliet and Jane Eyre. She is also heavily influenced by the music of Coldplay, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Blue October and Linkin Park. The Books...
  3. 3. The Books The protagonist of the book (Bella Swan) moves to Forks, Washington, in order to live with her father. Once there she meets a mysterious boy that she can’t stay away from. Bella is soon embroiled in a love triangle between an old family friend (Jacob) and this new boy (Edward).Soon, though, she realises nothing is as it seems as she’s sucked into a worldof vampires and werewolves – and she always seems to be the main target for trouble. Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn
  4. 4. Twilight The first book introduces the reader to the characters that are central through all the books. (Bella, Jacob, The Cullens and Hales). Bella meets Edward shortly after moving to Forks. She can’t understand how he could hate her so quickly when she was so enthralled by him. She comes to realise that it’s not hatred keeping him away – it’s her safety. Edward confesses he’s a vampire...but he can’t live without her. Their relationship nearly kills Bella when a tracker – James – takes a dislike to Edward. Luckily Edward saves Bella, but it seems their relationship is doomed. The Books Book 2 – New Moon
  5. 5. New Moon In New Moon we see the proper Alice, Rosalie and introduction of Jacob Black. Jacob inadvertently The Cullens throw Bella a make Edward birthday party...but when Bella believe Bella has accidently cuts her finger died.everything changes. Jasper can’t control himself and tries to kill Bella and Alice Bella himself – this event makes have to fly to Edward rethink everything. Italy to save Edward fromHe leaves Bella and tells her that suicide; before all the Cullens are leaving. Bella he angerscollapses and it’s only when Jacob vampire royalty visits and they become friends – The Volturi. that she starts to feel normal again.Just as she starts to think her and Jacob could become an item her father’s (Charlie) friend dies. The Books Book 3 - Eclipse
  6. 6. Eclipse After putting her mortality to a vote atthe end of New Moon, Bella is eager to be changed...Edward tries every way to prevent this. Bella realises that she isn’t going to get her own way...and so agrees to marry Edward before she does any changing. When a vampire killing spree in Seattleturns out to be related to an old enemy of Bella’s - rivals Jacob and Edward decide that a truce must be called – Bella’s protection becomes paramount.Bella’s in turmoil not knowing what will happen to her future...both wolf andvampire. In the end she ends up hurting her best friend as she decides a clean break would be good for both her and Jacob.... The Books Book 4 – Breaking Dawn
  7. 7. Breaking Dawn Breaking Dawn is the final book in ‘The Twilight Series.’A newly married Bella and Edward honeymoon onEsme’s Island . Only when they return they discover Bella’s pregnant...and the baby’s growing at analarming rate. Bella insists the child has to survive, Jacob has to step us as rightful heir and grantEdward permission to save her with the only thing that can – his venom.Jacob and Bella’s relationship becomes a harmonious (sometimes strained) onewhen Jacob imprints on Bella’s daughter Renesmee. Again the wolves and Cullens have to unite when The Volturi sentence everyone to die. It’s only when faced with annihilation that Bella discovers her true power... The Books The Quiz...
  8. 8. Quiz1. What is the name of Edward and Bella’s child?2. Who does Bella have to decide between at the end of Eclipse?3. Edward & Bella, Alice & Jasper, Esme & Carlisle, Rosalie & ......?4. What age was Edward when he was turned into a vampire?5. What is different (venom-wise) about Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett and Bella, Alice and Jasper?6. What are the names, and order of all four books? Answers...
  9. 9. Answers 1. Renesmee 2. Jacob and Edward (she chose Edward!) 3. Emmett 4. He was 17. 5. Carlisle turned Esme, Edward, Rosalie and Emmett into vampires. Whereas Jasper and Alice joined the family after they were created; and Edward created Bella. 6. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn.
  10. 10. The Main Characters Edward Bella Alice Jasper Jacob Emmett Rosalie Carlisle Esme Charlie
  11. 11. EdwardFull Name – Edward Anthony Masen CullenD.O.B – 20th June 1901Vampire Change – 1918Changed By – Carlisle CullenSpecial Talent – Can hear people’s thoughtsOriginally From – Chicago, IllinoisEdward was struck with Spanish influenza in 1918. Both his parents diedfrom the illness; just before she died his mother begged Carlisle to save him– as if she knew that Carlisle was a vampire. Carlisle obliged. Since thenEdward has spent all his time with Carlisle, except for a dark 4 yearswhere he rebelled and lived off human blood – only hunting the evil.When he met Bella her blood sang for him – he almost killed her himself.Although after talking to her he realised his stronger feelings...he lovesher. Often he can be overprotective but his intentions are always good.Like most vampires he has a passion for speed and collects cars –including an Aston Martin V12. He’s also a very talented pianist. The Main Characters Bella
  12. 12. BellaFull Name – Isabella Marie SwanD.O.B – 13th March 1987Originally From – Phoenix, ArizonaBella first moved to Forks in order to help her mumspend more time with her new husband Phil. Whenshe arrived she was inundated with offers fromboys in her class....but she was intrigued by Edward.It seemed that he detested her straight away andshe couldn’t understand why. She didn’t know about his secretlife. When Bella found out she accepted him as she wasirrevocably in love with Edward. Bella drives an old ChevyPickup in red which was a present from her father Charlie tohelp her settle in to Forks. Bella never really felt she fit in until shemet Edward and his family. She is very accident prone but has a goodheart and is more intelligent than she believes. Bella also has a passionfor reading love stories. It upsets her to see Edward angry and oftenblames herself for things that are beyond her control which infuriatesEdward regularly but they always work it out. The Main Characters Edward Alice
  13. 13. AliceFull Name – Mary Alice Brandon CullenD.O.B – Predicted at sometime in 1901Vampire Change – 1920Changed By – An unknown Vampire.Special Talent – Has visions of the future.Originally From - Biloxi, MississippiAlice met Jasper after searching for him when she saw that they belongedtogether. After they’d met they travelled to the Cullen family where theyhave been adopted into the coven and have stayed with the family eversince. Alice is Edward’s favourite sibling and Bella’s best friend. She is verystubborn but usually gets her own way. The smallest of the Cullenvampires, Alice has pixie-like features but her special gift gives her theedge in the fights that she participates in. Like Edward Alice has a passionfor cars and speed. After her and Bella’s trip to Volterra Edward promisesAlice to buy her a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo for Christmas. Alice isconstantly bothered by Bella’s lack of fashion skills and usually takes itupon herself to ensure the family looks fashionable. The Main Characters Bella Jasper
  14. 14. Jasper Full Name – Jasper Whitlock Hale D.O.B – Sometime in 1843 Vampire Change – 1863 Changed By – Maria Special Talent – Can manipulate emotions Originally From - Texas Jasper started out vampire life as Maria’s second. He has fought in many wars and is severely scarred by venom. He soon came to despise his life when he realised he could feel the emotions of everyone he killed. Soon after he met Alice and his life changed. Although he loves the Cullens Jasper still finds it hard to resist from the temptation that blood offers and in New Moon almost attacked Bella. In order to remain inconspicuous and to be able to remain in one place for longer periods of time Jasper has adopted the name Hale and assumes the identity of Rosalie’s brother. Even though Jasper is tied to the Cullens his whole life is Alice. He would do anything for her and this is one of the primary reasons he does try to abstain. The Main Characters Alice Jacob
  15. 15. JacobFull Name – Jacob BlackD.O.B – Sometime in 1990Originally From – Forks, WashingtonJacob lives on the reservation La Push. Amythical place – Jacob scorns the legendsuntil the Cullens move close by and theproximity triggers a change. He becomes ashape shifter able to transform into a wolf.Other than Alice Jacob is Bella’s best friend, though he wished he wasmore. Throughout the series he and Bella draw closer.Eventually Bella realises what Jacob’s known all along – she’s in love withhim. But when Edward returns Bella knows she’ll have to choose asEdward and Jacob can’t seem to get on. She chooses Edward and Jacob isheartbroken – he leaves La Push and lives life as a wolf for a while. Whenhe returns he tries to put a brave face on it but struggles to keep his angerin check when Bella gets pregnant. Once the baby is born Jacob makes toleave Bella’s life again but he imprints on Renesmee and is unable to leave.His main aim in life is to protect Renesmee. In a way Bella is relieved as itmakes her relationship with Jacob a lot easier. The Main Characters Jasper Emmett
  16. 16. EmmettFull Name – Emmett McCarty CullenD.O.B – Sometime in 1915Vampire Change – 1935Changed By – Carlisle CullenSpecial Talent – Strongest of the Cullens.Originally From – TennesseeRosalie found Emmett being mauled by a bear whilst she was on a huntingtrip. His dimples reminded her of a friend’s baby from her previous life andso she carried him back to Carlisle to be changed – she was scared shewouldn’t be able to do it herself. Emmett is the perfect match for Rosalie ashe is very laid back with a positive outlook. Emmett is fiercely loyal and likesto poke fun at his family. He never passes up on a fight and violence isalways his first port of call. Emmett watches baseball and American footballconstantly and loves to play baseball. He and Rosalie have a very passionaterelationship and often they live separately from the other Cullens. Emmettwill do anything for Rosalie and so to keep up appearances he and Rosalieget married often. The Main Characters Jacob Rosalie
  17. 17. RosalieFull Name – Rosalie Lillian HaleD.O.B – 1915Vampire Change – 1933Changed By – Carlisle CullenSpecial Talent – The most tenacious of the CullensOriginally From – Rochester, New YorkDuring her mortal life Rosalie was attacked by her fiancé, this has made herfiercely dependant and often closed off. Rosalie is very stubborn and alwayswants to be the centre of attention. Her and Emmett match well as theybalance each other out but are both more about the physical – Rosalie withher beauty and Emmett with his strength. From the start Rosalie didn’t likeBella as she thought she was making all the wrong choices by being withEdward but during Bella’s pregnancy the pair grow close. At first Bellaknew Rosalie didn’t like her and felt threatened especially when shediscovered Rosalie was intended to be with Edward...but they only ever feltlike brother and sister. Rosalie is a very talented mechanic and takes greatpride in her ‘ostentatious’ red BMW M3 convertible. The Main Characters Emmett Carlisle
  18. 18. CarlisleFull Name – Carlisle CullenD.O.B – Sometime in the 1640’sVampire Change – Between 1663 and 1672Changed By – Unknown VampireSpecial Talent – His compassionOriginally From – London, EnglandCarlisle’s father was a preacher and trusted Carlisle with the job of findingvampires. He was successful but he got attacked in a pursuit. He crawled awayand managed to keep quiet as he burned through the transformation. His greatestquality is his compassion which led him to his ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle. He travelledthrough Europe eventually finding Volterra – he realised he didn’t have to try tohurt himself or keep himself away from others as he could be civilised like theItalians. He began practising medicine and found his love. When he found Edwarddying he changed Edward and he became Carlisle’s adoptive son. He and his wifeEsme act as adoptive parents to Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper.Carlisle has great restraint to be able to hold back whilst changing people but hedecided long ago he’d only change someone who was definitely dying. The Main Characters Rosalie Esme
  19. 19. EsmeFull Name – Esme Anne Platt Evenson CullenD.O.B – Sometime in 1895Vampire Change – 1921Changed By – Carlisle CullenSpecial Talent – Ability to LoveOriginally From – Columbus, OhioEsme jumped off a cliff in her mortal life when her baby died. Her injurieswere so bad that she was taken straight to the morgue. Carlisle found herbarely alive and changed her. Since then they have been together and arenow married. Esme misses her baby but adopted Emmett, Rosalie, Alice,Jasper and Edward and loves them all equally. Esme worries about all of her‘children’ and likes to mother them as much as possible. She loves Bella as herown and thinks she is so brave to accept the vampires into her life. Esme alsoacts as a peace keeper during the group. Her and Carlisle are the leaders ofthe group and Carlisle views her as his rock. She helps everyonesubconsciously and has a very generous heart – she even tries to befriend theshape shifters. The Main Characters Carlisle Charlie
  20. 20. Charlie The Main Characters Esme The Film...
  21. 21. The FilmThe film was released in England on the 19th ofDecember 2008. Millions of Twilight fans wereimpressed by the dedication and talent within thefilm.The film became one of the highest grossing films ofthe year and fans can’t wait until New Moon isreleased. All of the actors from Twilight haveconfirmed they will appear in New Moon. The Actors...
  22. 22. The Actors Ashley Greene Kellan Lutz & & Jackson Rathbone Nikki Reed Kristin Stewart & Robert Pattinson Peter Facinelli Billy Burke & & Elizabeth Reaser Taylor Lautner
  23. 23. Kristin Stewart & Robert PattinsonKristin Stewart started her acting career in 1999. Shestarred in The Thirteenth Year (Released 15th May 1999).Since then she has starred in 15 films. She plays Bella.The Thirteenth Year (15-May-1999), The Safety of Objects (24-Apr-2001), Panic Room (29-Mar-2002), Cold Creek Manor (17-Sep-2003), Speak (20-Jan-2004), In the Land of Women (18-May-2006), The Messengers (2-Feb-2007), Into the Wild (1-Sep-2007), What Just Happened? (19-Jan-2008), Jumper (6-Feb-2008) and of course Twilight (17-Nov-2008). Robert Pattinson was mainly known for his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and now for his role of Edward. However he starred in both TV and film roles before then. As well as being a gifted actor Robert is a talented musician and plays Bella’s Lullaby in the movie. Robert Pattinson has starred in, or will star in: Vanity Fair (2004), Ring of the Nibelungs (2004), Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (2005), The Haunted Airman (2006), The Bad Mother’s Handbook (2007), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), How To Be (2008), Twilight (2008), The Summer House (2008), Little Ashes (2009), Parts Per Billion (2009) and the Twilight Sequel New Moon. The Actors Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz
  24. 24. Ashley Greene & Jackson RathboneAshley Greene’s career started in 2005 when she appeared as anactress in one of the setups on Punk’d. Since then she hasstarred in a list of TV and film roles. She is currently filming anew film and has 2 films set for release. She plays Alice Cullenin Twilight. Her other roles were in:Punk’d (2005), Crossing Jordan (2006), Desire (2006), King ofCalifornia (2007), Shark (2008), Otis (2008), Twilight, (2008),Radio Free Albemuth (2008), Summer (2009) and Skateland(2009). Jackson Rathbone’s first role was in River’s End in 2005. Since then he has appeared in both TV and Film roles. In 2008 he played Jasper in Twilight He currently has a number of films in production and ready to release. He has been in: River’s End (2005), Close to Home, (2005), Pray for Morning (2006), The O.C. (2006), Beautiful People (2006), The Valley of Light (2007), The War at Home (2007), Big Stan (2007), Senior Skip Day (2008), Hurt (2008), Young Again (2008), Twilight (2008), DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse (2009), S. Darko (2009) and he is currently filming Dread. The Actors Nikki Reed & Kellan Lutz
  25. 25. Nikki Reed & Kellan LutzNikki Reed plays the vain Rosalie Hale in Twilight.Her career started in 2003 when she starred inThirteen. She also appeared in:Man of God (2005), Lords of Dogtown (2005), AmericanGun (2005), The O.C. (2006), Mini’s First Time (2006),Justice (2006), Cherry Crush (2007), Reaper (2007),Twilight (2008), Familiar Strangers (2008), Chain Letter(2008), Privileged (2008), Last Day of Summer (2008). Kellan Lutz’s career started in 2004. HE started off in TV in The Bold and the Beautiful, he then starred as himself in Blow Out and Model Citizens. He stars as Nikki Reed’s on-screen husband in Twilight – Emmett Cullen. His other work has been in music videos, film, TV and adverts: CSI: NY (2005), Six Feet Under (2005), Summerland (2005), The Comeback (2005), With Love (music video 2006), Stick It (2006), Accepted (2006), Diet Mountain Dew (advert 2007), Ghosts of Goldfield (2007), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2007), Heroes (2007), Deep Winter (2008), Prom Night (2008), Generation Kill (2008), 90210 (2008), Tyler Shields (advert 2008), Twilight (2008), Without You (music video 2008), Strife (2009), Warrior (2009), Afterlife (2009). The Actors Peter Facinelli & Elizabeth Reaser
  26. 26. Peter Facinelli & Elizabeth ReaserPeter Facinelli plays the head of the Cullen coven inTwilight – Carlisle. His career started in 1995. He has alsoappeared in:Calm at Sunset (1996), After Jimmy (1996), Touch Me (1997),Telling You (1998), Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (1998), The BigKahuna (1999), Honest (2000), Ropewalk (2000), Supernova(2000), Riding in Cars with Boys (2001), Fastlane (2002), TheScorpion King (2002), Six Feet Under (2003-2005), Chloe (2005),Enfants Terribles (2005), Hollow Man 2 (2006), Damages (2007),Lily (2007), Twilight (2008), Thicker (2008), Road to SuperStardom: The Mark Reich Story (2009), New Moon (2009). Elizabeth Reaser plays caring mum Esme. She’s also been in: Scrubs (1999), The Sopranos (2000), The Believer (2001), Thirteen Conversations about One Thing (2001), Emmett’s Mark (2002), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2002), Hack (2004), Mind the Gap (2004), The Jury (2004), Stay(2005), The Family Stone (2005), Shut Up and Sing (2006), Saved (2006), Standoff (2006), Grey’s Anatomy (2007-2008), Purple Violets (2007), Twilight (2008), The Ex-List (2008), Against the Current (2009), New Moon (2009). The Actors Billy Burke & Taylor Lautner
  27. 27. Billy Burke & Taylor LautnerBilly Burke plays Bella’s father Charlie in Twilight. Hiscareer first started in 1996 and he stars predominantly infilms:Gone in the Night (1996), Marshal Law (1996), JaneAusten’s Mafia! (1998), Without Limits (1998), Don’t LookDown (1998), Dill Scallion (1999), Komodo (1999), TheIndependent (2000), Along Came a Spider (2001), LostJunction (2003), Ladder 49 (2004), Fracture (2007), Feast ofLove (2007), Untraceable (2008), Twilight (2008). Taylor Lautner started acting in 2001. Jacob Black in Twilight is his first mass market film. He stars in: Shadow Fury (2001), The Bernie Mac Show (2003), My Wife and Kids (2004), Summerland (2004), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005), Danny Phantom (2005), Duck Dodgers (2005), The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (2005), What’s New Scooby-Doo? (2005), Love, Inc (2006), He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown (2006), Caught Up in You (music video 2008), Twilight (2008), My Own Worst Enemy (2008). The Actors The Quiz...
  28. 28. QuizTrue or False....1. Jasper falls for Bella? True / False2. Robert Pattinson plays the piano? True / False3. Alice is the first pitcher in the baseball game? True / False4. Carlisle is Edward’s brother? True / False5. Stephanie Meyer has a cameo in the film? True / False6. Bella appears in her school’s newspaper? True / False7. Edward became a vampire in 1918? True / False8. James is a werewolf? True / False9. Charlie adopted Bella when her mother died. True / False Back
  29. 29. CorrectBack
  30. 30. IncorrectBack