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Trash talk


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Trash talk

  1. 1. Trash Talk is an American hard-core punk band from Sacramento, California, formed in 2005. Theyhave toured all over the world including Japan and Europe, as well as performing in many festivals insupport of their releases, which has helped give the band recognition from publications such as TheRolling Stones. The band has had their fair share of record companies; theyve been through REDDistribution, True Panther Sounds, Deathwish Inc. /Malfunction, Six Feet Under, Reflections Records,AllianeTrax, Rumble, Sell Our Souls, Holy Roar Records and Honey Bucket Records. They then startedtheir own label called Trash Talk Collective. In May 2012 it was announced that Trash Talk signed toOdd Future Records; this made them the first non-hip-hop artist to sign to the label. They willrelease their new album 119 on Odd Future Records in partnership with their Trash Talk Collectiveimprint and Sony BMG Music Groups RED Distribution.119 was released on October 9 2012.The song ‘Awake’ is taken from their EP titled Awake 7" which was released onTrue Panther Records on 11th October 2011. The music for the track Awake ofoff the Awake 7" EP was their first music video made for them. The director oftheir music video is Sean Stout. Stout is a 23 year old L.A based videographer, director and editor. Healso is the designer for the known music media website Terror Eyes TV, where they postunderground music videos for people to find out about and get to know the artists. They also post alot of live footage from the bands. Not only that he also has his own website where he posts musicvideos and live sessions that he has either filmed/directed or edited. It also contains informationabout himself as a director.
  2. 2. The camera work in Trash Talks music video is mainlyshot close up and also in first person. The idea aroundthis is that the audience feels more involved, bringingthe video down to a more personal level. It begins witha man who is talking to the camera; this is a first personshot as though the man is actually talking to you. Youalso have the men behind him who are staring rightinto the camera, furthering the impression that theyare looking at you. As he is talking towards the endflash clips of a man, in what looks like his home startappearing. You then hear a buzz that gets louder until itdrops and goes into the song. After the initial 42-second introduction the following clips are very fast, cutshots ranging from long shots to close ups. In themajority of the clips you do not see his full body; it triesto focus on the act rather than the man. This is thesame throughout; the only real change that is notedthat it has been shot throughout the day, as it getsdarker towards the end of the song.This video lives up to the hard-core band music typecast. That is that this type of genre is far morethat just music; it can bring a person to life. It doesn’t matter who you are or whether or not you canplay an instrument, the music allows free expression. Often this can be shown through aggression,which is more often than not too brutal in most circumstances for the laid back mainstreamlistener.Bands are willing to push all the boundaries when it comes to breaking the rules whenmaking music, they are unstoppable message that screams from the seams that they are differentfrom the countless trends that are around today.What hard-core does is bring everyone togetherand this is the exact message that the man was saying at the start of the video. Forget stereotypes,they mean nothing, it is the media that is separating people, it doesn’t matter who you are. Theybroadcast this message at the start showing their roots and where they are coming from not only asa band but also as a genre. Another great video that shows their diversity and views are this videohere. It contains interviews with all the different people at one of their shows. This follows the genreby meeting with the routs and bringing it to today’s standards, it then leads off into its only path,which is left for own personal interpretation.
  3. 3. The Land of Nodis a place in theBook of Genesisof the Hebrew In the land of nod, he who sleeps with both eyes open is God is not only And makes a living off of killing the living one at a time. responsible for the good things; everything I am your hammer and sickle I am your ball and chainGod only there that happens is underwhile the brain is I am your brain on drugs his watch.on drugs in theirimagination I seek the peak of bliss and ZZZ is all I wish He sees all that is Reflected in conniption fits Im jaundiced, gaunted, sick sicksick. Awake. good but wishes I sleep through day after day but I just want to stay awake that he could stopHis life is tough,but he would just I know the path is steep but still I seek the king of sleeplike to step down Amassed in moss, this ivory face I see cannot be meand relax Tie me off, come on and string me out Collapse the highways to my heart straight from the horse’s mouth I am the hole in your pocket I am your ball and chain I am your brain on drugs I seek the peak of bliss and ZZZ is all I wish Reflected in conniption fits Im jaundiced gaunted sick sicksick awake There is not many relations between what is happening visually in the video to what the lyrics are too the song. I believe the video is more there to be open to interpretation and be able to take it how you see it, personally I believe what they’re trying to portray by the relationship between the lyrics and the video is that god may be known whenever something good in life happens, people are very thankful for, but once something bad has happened it’s never mentioned, god would never be blamed or thought of because he is what people believe in. The video shows a man dressed in black running around freely, destroying things and taking what he wants, this I believe is a representation to the other side of god that people will not talk about. I also don’t believe that the band are religious; ‘I am your brain on drugs’ showing that god may only be there when you’re imagining him while on drugs. In the video the man is nearly always alone apart from getting a light from a homeless man and also when jumping into the swimming pool, so he is never seen interacting with many people another reason to show that only some people believe. I believe the relation to the music and video is perfect. The way the music starts coming in at the start as the man is talking you know it is going to hit and you’re waiting for it. When it does it jumps straight into fast cutting, close up shooting of the man dressed all in black skating around Los Angeles. The music is very heavy and has a fast tempo, from start to finish which is exactly how the editing is also, fast cuts, shaking camera, smashing things, smoking, skating all things shown in little bits but give you everything that is going on at the same time. Because the pace of the music is on- going throughout the song the video has no need to change its pace either, it stays fast.