The Need for Music Videos


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The Need for Music Videos

  1. 1. The Need for a Music Video How effective is a music video at promoting your band or music?RenataUlman - Executive Producer of ProfileProductions : In this video from YouTube Renata Ulmanfrom Profile Today talks to artists such as William Shah (Aka Champagne), DJ Stubbs, Leroy andBandit. This was a good source of information because it was hearing from the artists themselves sothey will know first-hand what a music video does for them. Though the music video is crucial, it isn’teverything says Champagne. A music video will get out on social network sites which is what as anartist you will need to be on, sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube you will have people usingthese sites and if they come cross your page and like what they hear it is a way to broadcast yourmusic freely without going into paying for advertisements. Once you have set up sites like theseposting regularly is the next important thing. People will want to see you’re active and doing thingseven if it isn’t posting a music video, uploading vlogs or tweets letting your fans know you haven’tdisappeared and constantly popping up in front of them will keep them thinking about you.The reason a music video is one of the most important things as an artist is because it is putting aface to the music. It is letting your fans see you, and be able to show your personality in more thanjust a picture. A music video will let you express what you really feel, it brings out the story in thelyrics and what you wanted to represent by the song. It will also more likely than not bring in newsupporters because a lot of people will watch music videos rather than just click on a song because itis more enjoyable to watch and listen.Music videos are notonly there to give theaudience more of whothe artist actually are, 2 forms ofthey are also there to Advertising inpromote and extend Hadoukenstheir income also. The new songreason a music video Levitateis able to do this isbecause it will branchout to more peoplethan just who knowthem now. They canpop up inadvertisements inother videos and alsoon social network sites. Also by having advertisements on the actually music video generates moneytowards their label which will then be shared out towardstheir income.
  2. 2. An example of how a music video helps promote the band and also boost sales is Bullet for myValentines – Tears don’t fall (which can be found here). The single was released on 17th June 2006through Trustkill Records. This is the song to really kick themselves off the ground, with over48,100,000 views. It also won a Kerrang! award for best single. The album The Poison which containsthe single ‘Tears Dont Fall’ has sold 1,200,000 copies worldwide and 500,000 copies in the US alone.Compared to their previous album Hand of Blood; this album sold nowhere near as much. The Poison nd ndalso got 2 in Top Heatseekers for 2006 and also 2 in Top Independent albums. There are only twosongs on Hand of Blood that have had a music video made for them which is 4 Words to Choke Uponwhich has just over 1,300,000 views and the song Hand of Blood which has even less views at only363,000. The reason I believe Tears Don’t Fall helped their album sales so much is because oncemagazines and promoters had heard about this track it became one of the biggest songs of that year,this music video is one of the first I ever saw and will definitely be with me forever. Still too this dayTears Don’t Fall is one of the bands biggest songs, it is the song that the band are most known for.Another song off of The Poison which has a music video is All These Things I Hate which only has142,000 views. Very poor compared.Vevo is a music video site run by Sony, Universal and Abu Dhabi Media. It was launched inDecember, 2009. The concept of what VEVO does is hopes to attract more high-end advertisers withthe artists going through a site such as them to show their music videos. What VEVO also does iscensor content such as language so that they are more acceptable to advertise to partners.VEVO has a main YouTube channel which you can find here that posts songs, interviews and newsabout bands that go through them. VEVO then spits off into personal channels for single bands. Thisgives you the choice to subscribe to them so you know you will only receive content from that band.This isn’t just music though, there are making of videos, interviews and news about the band. It is agreat place to subscribe if you are interested in that artist. As I talked about the band Bullet for myValentine here is there VEVO channel. A reason a band may choose to go through a site such as thisis so that they have a big company attached to them and can be advertised to a whole lot of newpeople.
  3. 3. “Synergy is the working together of two things to produce a result greater than the sum of theirindividual effects.” – WikipediaWhen it comes to films, TV programmes and adverts the music in the back is one of the mostrecognised aspects of that clip, especially within adverts, and this is where company’s use synergy sothat the video and music can bounce off of each other bringing it too life. For example, if you heardthis, what advert would it remind you of? I know that instantly I cognise the advert, but even if youdon’t if you watch television you will know the song, and you will kick yourself when you find out.Here is the advert. It is boots! They use this song in every advert, just with a different style. This is sowhen you hear this song on the radio you will think of their brand. I believe this is one of the mostrecognisable songs to adverts, and once you get that status it is a very clever way to advertise. Anexample within television is this. Though when you’re first starting to listen you may recognise thetune and voice, but may not know where from. After 40 seconds in you will shout to yourself theprogram which is of course scrubs! This time it isn’t advertising a product or store but when you hearthe song on the radio you’ll think of the programme and want to be able to watch it. Lazlo Bane theartist of the song at the beginning of Scrubs has just under 3,000,000 views on that song, and I’d putmoney on before the boost in listens from it being in that programme he was under 100,000 views.