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  1. 1. A little push to living: For my production I have chosen to show what the Bourne End Community Association does for the community and how it helps withloneliness within older people. I have chosen to address this issue because I believe it is a hidden killer within older people and something that needs to be helped with. Because it is something that older people have to deal with themselves it is never heard of so people do not ever see it is there, this is the reason behind naming it a hidden killer.The length of my production will be about 5 minutes long. I believe thiswill be enough time to get my point across and show both issues but alsonot rushing them. I will have interviews with the head of The Bourne EndCommunity Association and also interviews from children and pensionerswho spend their time there.The angle I want to take on my production is 1) to get the communityaware of what the Community Association do and how they can getinvolved, and 2) make people aware of the growing issue of lonelinesswithin older people and make sure they can do what they can to help theirown family (and others) not suffer.I will start with an introduction, with short statements of what I am goingto be talking about, and also quick clips of things that go on in theCommunity Centre. This will then lead into me talking about my first topicof the community center, what happens there, what they do, and howthey help. This will include my interview with a child or young adult whogo there and enjoy it. This will then lead me on to a quick paragraph ontalking about ‘Target Magazine’ the Bourne End magazine that lets thecommunity know what is going on, when, where and also any importantinformation they may or may not need to know. After finishing on this Iwill hit my main issue of loneliness. As I’ve been able to explain thecommunity association the viewers will have an idea of the place and whatthey can do, I can then go right on to talking about what they can do witholder people as well, not just younger kids. I will include several (if I can)interviews of older people and what they do to keep themselves social andactive within their lives. I will end off with a brief summary of both topicsletting the viewer’s then check the Centre out for themselves.My target audience for this production would be the community of BourneEnd and locals surrounding the area. The first half would be reaching outto parents and kids letting them know that the community centre is a lotbetter than it sounds! The second half would be going out to youngeradults, adults and older people who can be helped or help themselves outby going down there and joining in with what they do.I will be uploading my video to YouTube in the hope that with searches itwill appear and be easily accessible. I will also talk to the head of theAssociation and see about getting it on the Bourne End website.