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  1. 1. LO3 Audiences responses and behaviourThe Media has taken over in terms of control. They can curve your opinion andchange your attitude due to what content they can put out, which can be used forgood and for evil. With use over the internet which is accessed through laptops,computers and mobile phones it can be seen by nearly anyone with an electronicdevice at any time. Then with television being broadcasted and newspapers beingprinted people without access to the internet, can use the television and peoplewithout access to even electronic devices can read the newspaper that will tell youwhat is going on around. Different newspapers will then portray the news to adifferent style. You have papers such as The Times which give the informationcorrectly and formally, there are then newspapers such as The Sun which use a bitof tongue and cheek, and change titles which can throw up a bit of controversy nowand then. If we look back to something such as the London Riots, it escalatedbecause of the media, because it was all over the internet and newspapers. Peoplesaw it and thought they could get away with it too. I’m not saying the London Riotswere not a terrible event but the media was there to blow up the situation so morepeople heard about it, some doing what they can to help, but others gettinginvolved and triggering the situation worse.When it comes to the Video Game industry the media can change how the release ofa game will go down. The journalists can curve criticism and opinions to how theythen advertise the game, giving it good or bad ratings which then can have animpact on sales and people’s opinions of it.If we look at a game such as Bioshock:Infinite, a recent release with a huge public release. I personally saw banners allover London and advertisements popping up all over the internet. ’10 out of 10Unforgettable’ – Game Informer, ‘9.5 A brilliant shooter’ – IGN and ‘An earlyfavourite for 2013’s game of the year’ – USA today. It got great reviews from all thetop game magazines and news sites and I haven’t seen a bad word about it fromreviews. This is a situation where the media has really helped out a game to beheard about and then played. It is one of the biggest releases of this year. I believewithout the media this game would have still been a great success because of itsprevious accomplishments (Bioshock 1 & 2) who again got great reviews commentsand scores. Many fans had waited for this game for 3 years so once they knew adate the fans blew up for it. A game where the media hasn’t helped a release of a
  2. 2. game is one such as Dead Island. This was going to be a huge first person freeroam zombie game so had a lot of press against it pre-release. Upon release thegame was published, mass produced and SOLD with a button that put you intodeveloper’s mode. How this was never noticed was beyond a lot of people so whatgood press there was turned into bad press fast. It soon spread across that a bugthis big had been left in the game. This blew up around YouTube, social networkingsites and also Game magazines such as PC Gamer. But they do say bad press isgood press. Lots of talk on the game got it further known and people wanted tothen try it out for themselves.There are 3 main theories which discuss how we as an audience use and understandthe media industry. Firstly there is uses and gratification, this is the theory that weuse the media to fulfil our needs, such as our cognitive needs. This is includes howwe find information knowledge and understanding, something people enjoy andneed in life is to seek new information either for personal enjoyment or forknowledge and understanding. They can gather this from the media because ofoutlets such as the news. Secondly we use the media to fill our affective needs. Thismeans our emotion, pleasure and feelings, this can be when you’re passionateabout something so you will look into it for pleasure and interest. Thirdly there arepersonal integrative needs which includes credibility, stability, and status. This ishaving the service there and active when you need it. Social integrative is the needto have contact and be ‘in the loop’ when it comes to talking and keeping up withfriends and family. Finally there is tension release needs which are havingsomething that the person can feel like they can escape too, the media in this senseis something you can get lost in, fill your mind up with other story’s and thoughtsthen your own. Which can be good and bad.Hypodermic needle is the 2nd theory that suggests the mass media could influence avery large group of people directly by ‘injecting’ them (where the needle comesfrom) with messages designed to generate a chosen response. This can relateentirely back to the riots as I discussed earlier. This was something that was blownup by the mass media and continued to grow as it was shown across the media. Theimages used to express this theory are quite hard hitting. The bullet and a needle,the bullet being that the it is being fired by the ‘media gun’ into theaudience/viewers ‘head’ which is quite a site. Similarly the media messages beinginjected straight into the audience/viewer is again sounding like it can only meanbad, which in most cases it does.
  3. 3. Thirdly there is passive and active consumption; which is the audience being opento what the media is injecting into us and being active in knowing what is going on,through a daily basis or so. Having an active consumption of such informationmeans that you must be okay with what is being published otherwise it wouldn’t besomething you have passive emotions towards.When it comes to the media how different subjects can be taken or ingested varieswith your audience and the type of person they are. For eg. Violence in video gamescan heighten or lower due to what the game genre is, there has been hugecontroversy over a game called ‘man hunt’ in the past due to its violent nature. Inthis game you roam around using any tools you can find to kill innocent people inthe streets. This controversy began when a boy killed his best friend with a hammerafter playing this game and getting the idea from it. Are games like this suitable forany age? Are video games ruining kids? The game was then banned from beingproduced because of this story, but there are games not as violent but close such asGrand Theft Auto.Such adverts as lynx, where they use women to lure in men to buy their deodorantbecause men believe that if they start using Lynx that women will literally climb allover them at any time, like in the adverts, which clearly won’t be the case. Is it rightfor adverts to give false ideas to consumers? Or is this just a technique used byseveral companies so it makes it okay?When the mass media gets a lock on a story it WILL blow it up to as high as it cango, it wants to be heard, and they will get there way about it. This can work out forwhen a charity organisations or such needs help. Something as big as this canspread the message and then people can choose to help out, such as Kony whichwas good and bad. The mass media can be used for bad though giving out thewrong messages and causing trouble and making situations escalate.