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LO2: Task 1 - How media producers define their target audienceNintendo Wii AdvertPlaystaion 3When the Wii first started be...
this console because their graphics and range of games is not completely up to scratch. Alsothe mechanics of having to mov...
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  1. 1. LO2: Task 1 - How media producers define their target audienceNintendo Wii AdvertPlaystaion 3When the Wii first started being advertised it is completely family orientated as they decidedthis is where their market was for such an involving and social product. With this being theirmain audience market, a product that requires energy and movement won’t appeal to themajority of harder gamers that use it as a relaxation method not something to catch a sweattoo. This is where the PS3 will cater to their needs that the Wii doesn’t. This is shownin thisparticular ad as it goes further than just showing the console. It talks about the hardwarewithin and what it is capable of. This is something left out of other standard console ads as itis not something everyone is interested in as they know nothing about. With this, they’regoing for the hardware know it all’s and an audience that is interested in video games andhow they’re progressing in times of specifications. Whereas the majority of the stereotypethat will be buying the Wii won’t think twice about the contents of the machine, they’reinterested in the games and accessory’s you can buy as extras such as ‘numchucks’,steering wheels and golf clubs. It is for families because it has games that don’t require youto be specifically good at something, the skills required for the Nintendo games such as WiiSports and Wii Play go from balance skills to games with test your reactions and everyone isbetter at something then the other so everybody has a chance to win.The Nintendo Wii Ad features Jamie Redknapp with his wife, kid and brother sat at homeplaying the game ‘Goal Getters’ on their Nintendo Wii. They’re all getting really into it and arecheering and shouting at the television when they win and lose. This is a realist narrative, asthe situation isn’t unbelievable. Jamie spending time with his family would be something heenjoys, so having something that everyone can enjoy of all ages will bring them all together.The way this is going to get to the audience is1. Because of the celebrity endorsement. Ifyou were a fan of football and were able to recognise Jamie and if you looked up to him, itwould make you want to do what Jamie was doing because it is what he thinks is cool. Youwant to do what famous people do in hope that you can be like them. They do this techniquewith other advertisements such as perfume and clothing brands. You want what they have,and that is why this method works.With spending time with your family in mind this is where the 2ndtechnique they use works. Itis a product that bases around not playing alone (though of course the option is there). Itwants you to be playing with your family and friends which then this also works out asadvertising for their product, you will go off and discus how you had such a great timeplaying it earlier to other friends and family. This is called word of mouth advertising wherebecause people enjoy the product they want to tell their friends and family without thecompany needing to tell them too. This is a benefit that company’s can get, because to themit is basically free advertising. Usually buying a console for their child means they will sit intheir room to play, and will end up not seeing as much of them. The Wii has been designedfor living rooms, and open area where you can fit multiple people in and have space tomove. It is there to bring the family together so they can laugh and have fun, which is shownin the advert. Jamie Redknapp with his family being happy they wouldn’t have the familyhaving a rubbish time, because what help would that be to selling the product and gettingpeople to want to buy it? The audience for the Nintendo Wii is family’s, being the parentsbuying the console and having it to share together. You do not find average gamers buying
  2. 2. this console because their graphics and range of games is not completely up to scratch. Alsothe mechanics of having to move and not just relax often puts gamers off, this also meansyou couldn’t play for long periods of time.This is where a console such as the Play Station 3 comes in, with an audience from kids toadults that can play together and still socialise, with a more relaxing feel to video games thenjumping across your living room, then something like this is for them. The Play Station hasan extension called the PlayStation move, which has dance games and such that requireyou to get up and move, but these are optional. With such a broad market you also tend tofind people buying the PlayStation3 because it also has a built in blue ray player so for themoney they could have just got the Blue Ray player with that have a package deal as such.PlayStations market is a niche market, I believe it’s not as advertised as other consoles suchas the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360, but tends to pick up customers from its previous lineas the ever so successful PlayStation2. The advert is a heading to a completely differentmarket then the Nintendo did, it gives you facts on what the Play Station 3s processer iscapable of, it talks about phyics, artificial intelligence and lighting, which not many peopletake notice of as they want the product and are not concerned in its power and capabilitiesbecause it is not in their hobbies or interests. This being said, that is why is sort of advertwould be going out to the tech heads and gamers that are not only interested in playingvideo games but also the mechanics behind them. I don’t believe this advert would appeal tothe younger audience as it is quite slow and monotone, something children would not findinteresting, especially if they didn’t understand what he was saying. Out of the two adverts,they both do great in the markets they are going for. The PlayStation3 gives information onits specs, what it is capable of doing, and how it has improved on from the last console. Italso has some footage to show the kind of games you can be playing with this system, andsays it is as if it is real life. The Nintendo Wii inspires kids with the celebrity being featuredand promoting the console. With the Football player with his family it then inspires parents tobe able to have a good family time, while everyone is enjoying themselves.I asked 10 people two watch both these commercials and then answer the questionnairebelow.PlayStation3 Nintendo WiiWhich did you find moreinformative?1111111 111Which made you want to buythe console more?1111 111111Which advert used atechnique that would workmore for you?111 1111111Which Advert did you prefer? 111 1111111Which console would yourather go out and buy afterwatching this?11111 11111