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  1. 1. Brainstorming IdeasIdea #1My idea for this advert would be (If possible) to film me talk about the game in front of thegreen screen, doing so I can then put the footage of me over the top of gameplay footageand thus being able to talk about the different aspects of the game while you can see themon screen and explain the idea behind them. I would record myself playing the whole gamethrough and then edit down the footage specifically to fit what I am saying and what isneeded. This would mean recording around 4 hours of footage to then go through and findimportant bits I want to use. I could only record the specific parts I’d use but doing thismethod; I could miss out on important events or moments within the game. I have chosenEvoland for my advert because it looks like a game that would be very interesting to me anda lot of the audience of video games. It being a recent release would hopefully bring in moreattention to the game as more people would be inclined to try and find an advert for it to seethe gameplay and what it is about.
  2. 2. Idea #2My idea for the video game review is close to how I would like my advert to go, butmy review would be a lot longer than a short advert for television. This would be tohighlight all key aspects of the game and why they’re important and different.Basically the reasons you will want to play this game. I would try not including anyspoiler information though as I would find a lot of loss in audience if I was ruining thegame to people who had not completed it. If I do find myself with spoiler information Iwill have a tag on the title and before the review starts warning this. I would againlike to be able to have use of the screen to put myself in front of the gameplay as Ibelieve this is more catching to the audience then just my voice talking over thegameplay. I would like some comedy value to this and have thought of a great startthat will get the audience interested.Having a video game review will interest me when making it because I can bring inmy personal opinion of the game and what I believe was good and bad about it. Ihave chosen the game ‘Bioshock: Infinite’ for this because it is my favourite game of2013 so far. With great gameplay and storyline it’s something I have a lot to talkabout.
  3. 3. Idea Mock upAfter having my survey filled in by various people, it is clear that I need to fit in asmuch information as I can, but without boring the audience. They’d like to be able tosee as much as the game as possible to know if it is worth their money and time.Keeping my review informative while being entertaining I believe this can be donewell if I focus on making the points fast but in depth. Having the footage will help meexplain game mechanics and scenes that may be hard to describe without visualhelp such as powers and weapons. From my survey the most important aspect of avideo game review to the people that filled it in was Gameplay footage. They want tosee what they will be playing which from my point of view would be top too. This iswhy I have included the gameplay as one of the main features of my review.Recording my first-hand experience of the game to then cut up to the main parts Iwant to discuss and review. Coming up 2ndwith most requested is if the graphics ofthe game, if they are up to today’s standards and such. Not that a game has to havegood graphics to be fun but to some people this is important. This will be bettershown then explained. Thirdly is if it is worth the price (If they get their money’s worthfor e.g. Time played, entertainment value (, Background information on the game(such as past games stories to catch you up) and then upcoming expansions (DLCto bring more to the game in the future such as extra levels or maps). Everythingwas a least voted once showing me that I should include the entire list I produced. Ihad one comment saying that spoilers are not to everyone’s taste which I canunderstand. So if I find myself struggling to not show some small spoilers then I willtag the video and produce a warning message at the beginning.
  4. 4. Audience ResearchAge:Video Games have such abroad spectrum when it comesto age range. There are gamesfor kids when they can just pickup a controller all the waythrough to when they’re in theirolder age. The graph to the rightshows the percentage ofconsole owners and alsogamers. The difference is thatgamers are someone or playsvideos games on a regular basis whereas the console owner is a home with aconsole in the house, used now and then. The peak for video games is at 15 to 19years old which is not surprising as this is the age span when they’re in school withsocial groups where video games is one of the biggest hobbies around. Teenagersat this age will find it strange if someone did not have some sort of console at home,be it a Play Station, Xbox or PC. This is why there is around a 96% ownership levelfor that particular age group. At this age as well is when you have the most free time.Younger then this age you are still going up and won’t completely understand allgames, and older you will most likely have a job and family to look after leaving not alot of time to play games.Gender:Surprisingly, female gamerstake up 47% of the populationof gamers overall. This issomething that surprised mebecause you never hear aboutfemale gamers as much asyou do men playing games.This tells me that I will need totake both genders into equal consideration when producing a product to appeal toboth. When it comes to mobile games, study has found that there are a higherpercent of women over men. My product can be watchable through mobile so this isalso something to keep in mind.
  5. 5. Socio-Economic statusThis is research done into different economic groups such as upper, middle andworking class individuals, this then determines what each household is watching,and giving the company then a start to what area they should market their game too.Whether to pick up the budget, because they know they can sell for higher to a upperclass group or whether to stick with what they’re doing and bring it out to all markets.Below is a graph that shows what information is checked in this research and what istaken into account.DemographicsThis is research further into each individual rather than certain areas of a country.This has to do with age, gender, sexual orientation etc. From this they can gatherwhether males of females are playing games more. Information will also tell you howto decide which age range your game is for, because if you use swearing or violencebut only 10% of 18+ year olds are buying video games you may choose to removesome of this so that the 50% of gamers ages 12+ gamers can play bringing in abigger market.Primary content researchPrimary content research is research done yourself without aid of books or theinternet etc. It is going out and finding the information you seek out for yourself.Interviews: An interview is one way of finding out this information. Setting up aninterview with someone in the field of your interest is a great way to ask thequestions you’re looking for an answer too. In my subject field I could organise aninterview with a ‘Youtuber’. Someone who posts content on YouTube as theirprofession. They could tell me the type of audiences they say and techniques theyuse. Another great interview would be with a game developer. Someone who workswith games for a living. They will know the most important aspects of the gameinside and out. A reason Primary research such as interviews is good is because youget to write the questions yourself instead of searching through the internet for thatone other person who has the information online.Questionnaires:Questionnaires and surveys can be used as a feedback device. Being able to writethese yourself again means you can find out the information you need. These canalso be mass-produced to the number of responses you desire. Handed out orposted online. Because you can choose who you send these questionnaires too youcan also only aim for your market, which is really important when creating product.Here is a link to the online survey I produced to get feedback on how I should goabout producing a video game review. This worked great because I can send thislink to the people I would like to answer my survey. For this I wanted a range of
  6. 6. different people because I want to bring in an audience that isn’t quite their usualthing.If you are stuck own or peer observation can be great help. Own observation can beused to have someone watch you and help out with what you’re doing, this is helpfulwhen you know what you’re doing but may need some help in creating it. Peerobservation is useful for coming up with ideas but keeping in mind that you cannotcopy word for word. It is more to get your started.Secondary content researchSecondary research consists of finding information that other people have done formsuch sources as newspapers, books the internet etc.Magazines: Magazines will have useful information written by professionals. Theycan also contain outside information from other sources and interviews with gamecompany’s. Magazines I could use for secondary research are; PC Gamer, XboxWorld and Official UK PlayStation Magazines. These will cover the 3 main consoleswhich the game I will be reviewing is on. I can look back through old copies and findwhen the game was featured and find out information on it. Though these are my 3main choices of magazines when I am out I will look for other magazines that canhelp me.Books are not something I will be looking at buying. Something that may come underas a ‘book’ would be the game strategies guides. These will be full of in gameinformation, storyline and character information. I can pick these up online and willmake sure too because I think out of secondary research, for my project this can beone of the most important research.For me the internet will be my main source of information. I will be using Websitessuch as Youtube (for research into other game reviews to get ideas and information)PC Gamer and IGN for information on the games, as they will have a range ofinterviews content. Sites such as Wikipedia can help out a great deal with Storylineinformation and character profiles so I will be using this also.
  7. 7. Research into competitorsMy main competitor for video game reviews is a YouTube star called Angry Joe whohas a YouTube show called The Angry Joe Show. He makes video game reviewsabout the latest games that come up. They’re always great quality, informative,hilarious and greatly thought out. I aspire to bring my production to his level as muchas I can, while writing a script and editing I want to bring in some of his techniques tomy production such as use of a green screen. With over 659,000 subscribers he hasa huge audience so it can’t only be me who believes his content is great. Of courseall other producers of video game reviews are competitors, I want to do a great joband produce high quality entertainment.SkillsI believe one of the main skills I will need for such a production is confidence. Beingable to speak the information with a clear voice and not seeming nervous or notknowing what I’m talking about is vital for my review to succeed and produce greatcontent. If I am not clear in what I am saying, no one will understand. Other skills willbe when recording the game play to make sure I have enough footage to talk overthe different parts for example, if I wish to talk about a certain weapon, but I neverend up using it in the game, I won’t be able to have evidence of what I’m saying,which will be bad on my part. Other skills include editing, filming, design andproduction skills. These are all important because they will be put together and to thetest when producing my review. They all need to work for my production to be asplanned.Production management requirementsManagement of my production and my time is required throughout pre post andproduction in general. I need to look into when I can have use of the green screen,and if this is a short amount of time, then I need to manage having everything readyfor it. Costumes, script, cameraman, props etc. If this is not ready then I have wastedtime and might not get the chance again. I also need to make sure all filming is doneby a certain point otherwise editing will be rushed and not become as planned.Everything depends on each other with my production.Potential codes and constraintsLegal issues I may have is posting game play footage. Some games YouTube has alicence to be able to post material of it, but I do not think this is the case for somegames. After some research it looks as if it is okay to post game play footage as longas it is my own and I stick to the rules of YouTube. Music choice is also anotherproblem I can come across because I do not have the correct licence. I will need toget in contact with the record label about using their artist’s music to make sure I donot get into legal trouble. As all the footage I will be using is my own I do not think Iwill walk into any copyright issues.