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  1. 1. My product was delivered exactly on time; with not a moment to spare or amoment over. For what I have been researching these past weeks I believemy video matches up to what I have seen of ‘Social Action Videos’ online, onsites and Youtube. It tells you the issue I am addressing (with backgroundinformation), it then states what my chosen social project do for thecommunity including the issue at hand. I give information on what else it holdsand does for the Bourne End community as well. My video contains footageshot by myself with permission from the head of the community centerallowing me to also publish online for future viewing. Likewise my video, allpre-production and paperwork was also in on time. Paperwork includedproposal form, location forms etc.They were satisfied with my production as I completed all 7 criteria points thatneeded to be within my video which were; Interviews, Voice overs, Factsabout issue, Cut away footage, Archive footage, end credits with thank you tosection and also music. I finished on time with schedule that I set myself; Ididn’t want to plan myself too early because I wanted to use all the time I wasgiven, and of course I didn’t want to plan late because then I would miss mydeadline and fail. I worked alone within my project; I didn’t need help withfilming as I had use to a tripod which in my interview worked great rather thanhaving someone hold the camera the whole time. I can’t think of a time whereI would have needed someone’s help while filming my production so workingalone suited me well. I kept up to date with keep the customer update to datewith what I was up too and when every week so I was not withholdinginformation from them.Working alone I feel always works better for me because I have full control ofmy project and also what goes on. When working in a team I don’t believe Iam controlling with getting my ideas and thoughts out more the opposite, Idon’t like to jump out and try to take over anything. Working alone brings outwhat I can do because the only person I am saying no to is myself. I was ableto research and plan who I was going to meet and interview with which aftersome moving around went great.I believe my project was successful, it contains everything asked, it gives factson the issue, and gives information on how they association helps. If I was togo back and change some things first of all I was not happy with how myintroduction went, I had a great idea of filming the walk to the communitycenter and then speeding it up while I did a voice over too it. While walkingthe camera was shaking around a lot and then so once sped up you reallycouldn’t tell what was going on. I managed to do my best with the footage Igot, but I don’t think shows you what the idea was behind it as well as it couldhave. While I was at the Bourne End community center gave me a tour of thebuilding, I wish I had taken a film of it or taken some pictures for my videoalso. There was nothing that the customer asked for that I missed, just somepersonal aspects I would personally like to improve on. Some things that heldme back would be only able to use one camera while working alone. I would
  2. 2. have liked to have used two cameras while filming my interview. One cameraon me and one on the interviewee.