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Enter shikari

  1. 1. Enter Shikari are a British post-hardcore band formed in 2003 from St Albans, Hertfordshire. Theycombine post-hardcore and various heavy metal sub-genres, such as metalcore and alternativemetal, with elements of various electronic genres, such as electronica, dubstep, trance andoccasionally drum and bass, creating a completely unique sound. They are currently signed tooAmbush Reality which is an independent record label that only releases music by Enter Shikari.Formed in July 2006, it is co-owned and run by the members of the band and their friends.The bandhas decided that, in order to tour in the United States, they had to sign with a major record label inAmerica. The lead singer Rou Reynolds has also produced some solo music under the name ‘Rout’.He usually performs in small venues or before Enter Shikiari’s shows.The song ‘Warm Smiles do not make you welcome here’ is taken fromtheir record titled ‘A flash flood of colour’ which was Enter Shikiari’s 3rdstudio album. This was released on 16th January 2012. The director of themusic video for this track was Raul Gonzo (who has the craziest website Ithink I’ve ever seen). Raul has also directed two other videos for EnterShikari which were ‘Arguing with thermometers’ and ‘Pack of Thieves’which are also two great videos. He has also worked with artists such as‘Bullet for a pretty boy’, ‘The Shimmies’ and ‘Veil of Maya’. He not onlyworks on music videos though, he has directed commercials also. Such asadverts for ‘Tetris’ and ‘Sky Sports’. Photography is another strong pointthat Raul has, with artists such as ‘The devil wears Prada’ and ‘Pierce theveil’ he definitely has a thing for working with the heavier bands.
  2. 2. The camera work in Enter Shikari’s music video for theirtrack ‘Warm smiles do not make you welcome here’cuts between 3 main locations. A basement where theyare holding the band ready for cloning, the factorywhere there are machines cloning the band and thenoutside of the warehouse where they have a stand-offbetween the real band and the clones. The first scene isa dark smoky location, showing where they’re beingheld. It can’t be nice as it is dark and uninhabited. Thecamera is able to show this by having the bands faces asshadows at times showing you there isn’t a lot of light.You see different members of the band being clonedthroughout mainly giving you a wide shot of the cloneswith the machines in the back so you can see everythingthat is going on and understand it. They use trackingshot a lot while following the replicas showing their pathto then stand with the rest. You can also notice that thedoubles eyes are glowing blue showing the differencebetween the originals and the fakes. The third sceneoutside of the warehouse is close ups and long shots toshow the difference between the two bands. The realEnter Shikari on the right are jumping around beingactive and putting on a great show. The clones oppositethem are standing playing the instruments with no emotion or feeling. When filming the real bandthey use close ups and medium shots with the camera moving about and making it all look reallyentertaining. But with the band opposite the camera remains still on the shots and doesn’t bothermoving, just keeping it a straight shot.Enter Shikari are ground breaking when it comes to producing music and so when compared toother artists in that genre there is nothing you can specifically associate them too. They have aspectsof Rock, Metal and Electronic/Dubstep. They are definitely living up to how rock videos are. Focusingon the band and also having them playing so the audience get an idea of how they are live. Thoughthey haven’t got any completely live footage in this music video, they do in others such as ‘Sssnakepit’ where they move from an electronic/dubstep typecast gig to a rock concert where they switchgenres in their song, a very clever idea getting out to both audiences. Because they tend not to stickto a particular genre their music videos will always follow a story to the lyrics, which not only bringsin people to watch for the music but also to watch their interesting videos.
  3. 3. And with these humble tools We can trigger any emotion we choose But well just settle to pump out repeated relics diluted with time You see the airwaves are clogged up But the fickle they, lap it up They need to be drowned in condiments And left to Ponder Sense Warm Smiles, They Do Not Make You Welcome Here (x2) Snap Back To Reality The turbulence is throwing us from side to side But no matter how hard you try Surrounded by cannon fodder inundated with stagnant Sounds You see the airwaves are clogged up But the fickle they, lap it up They need to be drowned in condiments And left to Ponder Sense Warm smiles, they do not make you welcome here (x2) Transformation in Progress Transformation in progress, transformation complete Lightning strikes, A Flash Flood Of Colour Lightning strikes, I cant stand the heat Lightning strikes, A Flash Flood Of Colour I... I... I... I cant stand the heat A Flash Flood Of Colour Warm smiles, they do not make you welcome here (x6) The lyrics and the visuals match up in this song perfectly. This song is about how everything nowadays that is being produced and played on the radio is just a copy of a copy. Nothing is different anymore and all lacks emotion. ‘We can trigger any emotion we choose, but we’ll just settle to pump out repeated relics diluted with time’ meaning that when producing what you create can stimulate people to make them happy or sad or excited but most artists are just interestedin pumping anything out as long as it is making money for them not if it is actually doing anything for anyone. Next they say ‘but the fickle they, lap it up’ meaning the ones producing it they don’t care, they lap up the attention and media coverage they get. Enter Shikari produce a different track each time, they’re one of the most diverse bands with music and nothing with them sounds like a repeat. In the video, the factory is representing the producers by showing the artists being clonedover and over, demonstrating how they’re produce the same music over and over. When the clones play at the end against the real band you can see the difference in how the originals are enjoying themselves and entertaining but the copies stand lifeless doing the bare minimum. This is in relation to artists that do shows where they mouth every word because the producers put so much work into their voice in the album they can’t actually sing live, or believe the dance routine is more important. Rou screams ‘A flash flood of colour’ as he destroys the clones. He is trying to give them colour and give them life, whether anything will change is unhopeful and that is why the clones disappear. Where the lyrics suit to one half of the video (the factory and cloning part) the music behind the lyrics suit the other. Thefurther half of the video is them playing in a basement where they are being kept. The music is kept heavy at times so with the band jumping about it fits with the rock genre side of things.