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Content outline

  1. 1. Content Outline - What my product is My product is a video game review of the recent release ‘Bioshock: Infinite’. I will looking into all different aspects of the game such as ‘Story, weapons, companions, game play, value for money, graphics etc. What I will be doing I will be playing through the game and using software to record the gameplay. Taking the 10-12 hours of footage I will then cut it down to the most significant parts that I have chosen to talk about. This will work with a face cam of me over the gameplay using a green screen so that I do not take up a great amount of space. This is more personal and will therefore become more appealing. - Why I have chosen it I’ve chosen to do a video game review because it is there to help the people on the fence about this game. It has more then what a review written can do to help out peoples understanding of the game and bring out story, graphics and gameplay also. Video Games are something I have a huge interest in and so being able to break down the game and look into subsets such as the characters, surroundings, storyline etc will not only be very interesting personally, but will give a good and accurate representation to the audience of this game. - State why Vibe Productions should invest in me With the gaming industry becoming bigger and more people investing into by buying games and consoles, most people want somewhere they can look to know if buying the game is worth their money. Having video game reviews such as on metacritic and IGN will only have someone who has written information on the game. With doing a face cam and having in game footage you can have the audience decide for themselves if the game looks for them. Vibe Productions should invest in me because I believe it is crucial when spending £40 on a game that A) you will enjoy it and B) you will get your moneys worth. I believe a video review is vital when deciding on a game and having enough of the story and gameplay to help customers but not spoil the game is very important.
  2. 2. Because there are games out there made for absolutely all ages, target audience within my video game review would be suited to the audience of the game Bioshock: Infinite has age rating of 18, this means no one under the age of 18 can legally buy this game. The age rating is given because of content such as swearing, violence and sex. I will be showing footage from the game such as fighting mechanics and vigors which are the more violent side of the game so my target audience will be matched to the game, at 18 and above. This still gives me a wide age range that will be interested in my product. Gender is not a an important aspect to my target audience because it isn’t a great deal more male gamers then females.