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  1. 1. ElliotVIBE PRODUCTIONS Henley-On-Thames[DOCUMENT TITLE]Research isn’t so scary! Here is an easy guide to how to get the mostfrom it.The two main reasons Audience Research is done is to showthe estimated size of your audience, and also what theaudience would like to see. Researching into your chosenaudience is critical to the Video Game industry (forexample) as without an idea of where your selling point is,then you will not know how to market your productcorrectly and if the research was done in the first place youcould be advertising directly to the defined audience ratherthan having a guess as to who may buy it. Another reasonaudience research is vital is you could spend as muchmoney as you like for e.g. selling your 18 rated game toprimary school kids, but it won’t get your anyway becausethese aren’t the age range who will be buying it. So nomatter how much you spent it will be a complete waste.Below I will be looking into different media producers in thevideo game industry and how they define their audiences.
  2. 2. Vibe ProductionsTypes of research: Quantitive and qualitativePrimary methods of research: interview techniques,observations, questionnaires, surveys, types of questions,focus groups, audience panels, participation in internetforums.Secondary sources of research: Books journals, reference-based books and directories, periodicals, newspapers, filmarchives, photo libraries, worldwide web, searching internetforums, CD Rom databases, audio material, ratings,circulation figures, government statisticsThe work of data gathering agencies. E.G BARB and RAJARPurposes of Research: Audience, Market and ProductionresearchThe Role of the Research
  3. 3. Vibe ProductionsQuantitative research“Quantitative research refers to the systematic empirical investigation of social phenomenavia statistical, mathematical or computational techniques” –WikipediaThis is data that is represented as statistics or numbers for example viewing records.Barb: Barb, standing for Broadcasters Audience Research Board Is a websitethat provides all of the official viewing figures for the UK. It uses companieswho specialise in research such as Ipsos MORI, Kantar Media and RSMB tocollect the data that it provides. Data sites such as this are great forcompanies to use to determine what people are watching. For video gamecompanies sites like this that are able to determine what people are playingand also details on the background of the audiences. I’ve found a great PDFthat gives statistics on all sorts of information that will give companies theedge on who they should be focusing their advertising on. This containsinformation such as the average age of gamers, what games are played mostoften, top selling games and lots of other useful information. This is theoverall statistics for 2012, which could be a downside to information thatdoesn’t come out as often as some companies may like. For e.g. thisdocument states that 53% of gamers in 2012 are males and 47% are female.Though they are not far apart, a company could decide that they wouldmarket their product in 2013 only to males. Information can change like thisat any time, especially over a year. Examples like this are where more up todate information would be useful.Qualitative ResearchThis is research from sources such as questionnaires, focus groups and faceto face interviews.Research such as this can be done primary (when the company does theresearch themselves) or secondary research where another company will dothe research and then post it somewhere where other companies can source
  4. 4. Vibe Productionsthe information and use it. Benefits of primary research is you are able towrite the questions yourself, this can then get you the information you arelooking for and this is where secondary research can lack. Getting theinformation secondarily (what you can find of it) online from differentsources won’t always be exactly what you’re looking for.Primary content researchPrimary content research is research done yourself without aid of books or theinternet etc. It is going out and finding the information you seek out for yourself.Interviews: An interview is one way of finding out this information. Setting up aninterview with someone in the field of your interest is a great way to ask thequestions you’re looking for an answer too. In the subject field of video games Icould organise an interview with a ‘Youtuber’. Someone who posts content onYouTube as their profession. They could tell me the type of audiences they say andtechniques they use. Another great interview would be with a game developer.Someone who works with games for a living. They will know the most importantaspects of the game inside and out. A reason Primary research such as interviews isgood is because you get to write the questions yourself instead of searching throughthe internet for that one other person who has the information online.Questionnaires and surveys can be used as a feedback device. Being able to writethese yourself again means you can find out the information you need. These canalso be mass-produced to the number of responses you desire. Handed out orposted online. Because you can choose who you send these questionnaires too youcan also only aim for your market, which is really important when creating product.If you are stuck own or peer observation can be great help. Own observation can beused to have someone watch you and help out with what you’re doing, this is helpfulwhen you know what you’re doing but may need some help in creating it. Peerobservation is useful for coming up with ideas but keeping in mind that you cannotcopy word for word. It is more to get your started.Secondary content researchSecondary research consists of finding information that other people have done formsuch sources as newspapers, books the internet etc.
  5. 5. Vibe ProductionsMagazines: Magazines will have useful information written by professionals. Theycan also contain outside information from other sources and interviews. Using videogames as an example again, magazines I could use for secondary research are; PCGamer, Xbox World and Official UK PlayStation Magazines. These will cover the 3main consoles. You can look back through old copies and find when the games orconsoles were featured and find out information on it.Books are another great source of secondary research when it comes to a lot ofthings. Going into a library there will be something there to help you and get theinformation you need. If not, then the internet is always there for you. The internet isendless with research that other people have posted. But always be careful.Because mostly everything is posted by someone else, it can’t always be trustedsources. So do research on your research!