Red: It focuses on the world as their band logo, more as a                 Colour theme: They’ve chosen to keep the themem...
To the left and right of where the CD is held, is wherethey have chosen to place the main body of artwork.This will becaus...
- OTHER ALBUMS1st album (2006)                                         2ndalbum (2007)                                    ...
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  1. 1. Red: It focuses on the world as their band logo, more as a Colour theme: They’ve chosen to keep the thememap then a globe on the front cover, but again inside there throughout as a dirty cream colour, as if the same as an old is two globes used emphasising this. map just like the front cover shows. Green: On either side of the CD it contains images as if showing a story, or a piece of history. They all look out at Blue: Using a crown to form around their A for Architects sea. Also the images have been kept thin, cut off as to works great for looks but also gives the subliminal meaning focus on one thing in the picture rather then everything in of ruling or power. the scene.
  2. 2. To the left and right of where the CD is held, is wherethey have chosen to place the main body of artwork.This will because when opening the digipak to get tothe CD this is where your eyes will be focused first(apart from the front cover itself). The artwork feelsas if it is only half a story, covering up the majority ofthe image with a stripe pattern and having you onlysee what they want, which could be the messageinvolved with this, that everything is only shown as tohow much the person wants you to see, everythingelse is hidden. They could have also meant for it to belike this so that you focus one part of the image,leaving in only what is important. After researchingonline there is no story behind the artwork that I canfind, but after looking at the digipak I believe becauseof the image of the front cover being a globe of theworld the containing artwork shows different historicevents that may or may not have happened.
  3. 3. - OTHER ALBUMS1st album (2006) 2ndalbum (2007) With Architects first and second album they have gone with a completely different style then they had with their next 3 albums. On ‘Nightmares’ there first studio album it shows a women’s face breathing (what I can only presume is) fire/lava and the back of her hand is made up of what looks like trees and branches, while the bottom of her face is crumbling. I believe this represents how we are destroying ourselves with our actions. The woman breathing the fire is causing the trees to then burn and turn to ash which in turn breaks away her face. This is an example for many things we do that destroy us and the world. The 2nd album Ruin shows exactly as the album title says with the artwork. It is a mess with insect outlines and 3rdalbum (2009) th 5 album (2012) other strange shapes and lines which does not give the audience an idea of what is going on with the artwork. It matches the title but nothing else more. Finally; Studio album 3, 4 & 5 finally found there means. The A from Architects within a crown has followed throughout, but just changed slightly. 1st in Hollow Crown but with a circle round circle round the A. is a very powerful shape showing everlasting life and unity. Two things very important when getting a band too work, this gives off a great feeling that you know they’ll be around a while. Also the album is black showing that they could be going through a dark time, and the lyrics and music will represent this. With The here and now album, though the front cover does not contain the A it is -- Then printed on the front of the CD still existing but there focus is elsewhere. It is also slanted on faded ruined paper; I believe this album signifies the struggle, andhow they are building themselves up musically and as a band. Also linking back to how we treat the world, and its history. Album 5 then indicates them being therewhere they want to be, the light white colour showing happiness and that they feel that this is them and they’ve made it; but they’ve switched up the crown, you canstill see the shape but it is made out of thorns. The crown of thorns is a symbol of royalty/majesty but turning it into something painful. This is there to show they areon top still, but they also get a lot of hate from some people that don’t like that they do or are jealous of their personal fame.