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  1. 1. With hard hitting action, remarkable characters and a striking setting. BioShock Infinite took the media by storm hitting both the storyline and gameplay on the head. This detailed review done by ‘Elliot’s Reviews’ gives you a great understanding into the important and gripping aspects of the game without giving you too much information or spoilers. Elliot is new on the scene with this being his first review but that doesn’t stop him from being up with other competitors such as The Angry Joe Show. He has a great first grasp on the concept of reviews but does lack in quality, particularly audio. When the review first begins, it opens up into a peaceful elevator scene, giving you some story and quotes from the game. Once Elliot begins the mic is much distorted and if you’re a headphone user, probably bringing you a headache! After the first clip this is fixed, but this should be something he looked back on. I can’t fault his use of gameplay footage as it is always a perfect example of what he is talking about. He does however not talk about quite a few things such as ‘Firemen’, all of the weapons, all the vigors and characters such as Yin. Release Date of BioShock Infinite: March 26, 2013
  2. 2. Though you didn’t feel as though his review was lacking. From playing the game you can pick up on these things that members of the audience which haven’t played the game would have missed but maybe want to know about. He does a very good job at cutting through different aspects of the game, so the script is very thought out and a lot of planning has been involved. He loses points against competitors such as The Angry Joe Show with his quality in audio, video and also humour value, but this is personal opinion. You may want a more straight forward review, getting to the point, which is what this will be. Video games review are different than reviews about music albums because they include more information about how it will play out and if you will enjoy it. An album is all personal preference as to if you will enjoy it or not, no one has the exact same music taste. I enjoy listening to metal, but on days can find myself listening to drum and bass. People have their preferences on video games genres too, but everyone knows if it’s a bad game. When reviewing an album you will look into it in depth, such as the lyrics, artwork, how it all connects together, what the band did for inspiration. With a video game review on such a big game such as BioShock by such a big company as 2K Games, they’re such a big team it is not so much on a personal level what is put into the game, but again, you can find yourself connecting with characters that other people won’t. The audience can completely disagree with both music and video game reviews so Elliot has tried to be very un-biased in the review, he has his personal opinion thrown in but mostly just gives facts of the game that you can’t disagree with. With some albums having parental advisory stickers on the front meaning that the album contains hurtful language Bioshock is age rated 18 for its violence and language. This may discourage some parents from buying the CD/Game for their children but that’s down to what they think and that is why these reviews are good is because it lets the parents know what their child will expect. The genre of his audience would typically be ‘Gamers’ though it wouldn’t be a surprise for people of all ages who have been looking
  3. 3. forward to this particular game to watch this for information. Gamers would like to know what they will be spending their money on, but also if they’re anything like me they want to know about the game, something like this brings excitement! You can imagine yourself playing it, the game hitting the emotions it intends which Elliot does well with his choice of music at the beginning. When it comes to new games coming out, and if it was one I was dying for any information I could find, I would endlessly hunt the internet. Sites such as Reddit will have information, leaked data, images and videos that have been found online but maybe not meant to have seen yet, this is where I would source information. Having a source such as Elliot’s reviews, gamers don’t have to crawl through the internet’s endless pages of mostly rubbish, to find half- truths. He brings the information to his genre of audience. But as I said, he isn’t reaching out to only Gamers, if this was a gamer such as FIFA 13 some sportier people will have their console just for their yearly release. And so will get excited, but if they saw information on a small indie game such as Fez, they would think nothing of it. Elliot caters well to his audience genre but doesn’t forget that there can be other people or genres tuning in, which is very important when becoming popular. Elliot knows his audience, but speaks to all. Bioshock is age rating 18 + which means his video would have to suit this. He talks about the racism, and the violence, giving parents the reason why it is of this rating and it becomes fairly obvious why when Booker Dewitt begins fighting. There is no swearing throughout showing that he doesn’t want to put people off him with unnecessary language or behaviour but in a video game review I don’t think why you may need to swear. A competitor called Angry Joe uses swearing a lot when he is angry about aspects of the game, he also goes on a lot of rants (hence his name) which parents and older members may find offensive. Video game review audiences can vary on the game. A review for animal crossing will have parents and younger kids interested as it is a family game, BUT you see a lot of older people playing it because it’s a ton of fun. They will aim the review at younger kids though. Age is only relative to the game rating because anyone of any age can enjoy any game, it is all a matter of opinion. This is the same for gender. You find a major issue at the moment is games getting a lot of stick for being sexist. Sexualising women in games such as Tomb Raider and Saints Row maybe a weird turn on for men, but a complete turn off for women! You don’t find it happening the other way round such as men being hunky and stripping off. Game developers need to realise that women take up nearly 50% of the
  4. 4. gaming community, and they should have a say too. Most games feel they need to when it comes to women in video games because it will bring in more of an audience. Bioshock doesn’t do this, Elizabeth is in old vintage clothing, and they still manage to make her a beautiful character, and bring in a massive audience and make it one of the biggest games of 2013. Gender profiling is wrong, and something that shouldn’t be in modern day video games. Elliot fits in with the genre of video game reviews because he has the information, he has the footage and he has the confidence to tell you about the good and the bad parts of the game. He doesn’t cut corners to make out the game is perfectbut says why he thinks the bad aspects of the game should be fixed. He includes everything that I’ve seen other video game reviews do, but also gives it his rating which is different, but works really well. I believe if you’re thinking of picking up BioShock: Infinite you should watch this review by ‘Elliot’s Reviews’ first as it gives you great, non-biased argumentabout different aspects of the newly released game.