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Yorkshire Post piece on esophyx


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Yorkshire Post piece on esophyx: now available in Leeds, UK

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Yorkshire Post piece on esophyx

  1. 1. Yorkshire Post Wednesday december 22 2010 health LifeStyle yorkshirepost.co.ukTreatmentleads worldin beatingheartburnChristmasisatimeforheartburn,butformanyitismorethanjustanirritation.CatherineScott reportsonanewtreatmentinLeeds.WITH Christmas fast addressing the route of theapproaching many people will problem.already be reaching for the “After five years I made myanti-acid tablets as heartburn own investigations and foundstrikes. that there really weren’t that But for one in seven, chronic many options for me. There alternative: Dr Elliot Goodman carryies out the Esophyx procedure which doesn’t involve the patient going under the knife.heartburn or acid reflux is was one extremely invasivemore than just an irritation. treatment which is for very the harmful effects of stomach and avoiding the potential searing pain that seems to Gastro surgeons at Nuffield serious cases and then I found acid. Fasteners keep the consequences,” says Peter. be rising in the chest can beHealth Leeds Hospital are out about EsophyX. To my tissue permanently in place Patrick flew to the team in definite signs of GORD.raising awareness of GORD mind, this was the best option where it will eventually fuse to Leeds in March this year “The EsophyX procedure(Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux available in the world and function naturally. and underwent the offers a solution whenDisease) and a new treatment decided to fly to Leeds, as a “I had to follow a special incisionless procedure. permanent medication is notavailable to help sufferers. leading centre, to have the diet for 12 weeks but now “The fact that there were an option and people The team at Nuffield Health procedure.” four months after that I am minimal risks was a big factor want to free themselvesLeeds Hospital performs An endoscope is run down suffering at least 80 per cent in my decision making. I had from the ongoing pain ofone of the most advanced the oesophagus where fewer symptoms. In my mind no adverse symptoms whatso reflux.”procedures in the world to suction pulls a flap of tissue it was well worth it and I ever. You do have to follow Dominic Jackson, fromtreat chronic acid reflux, down in order to guard the would have it again to avoid strict guidance to get the most Elemental Healthcare, thealthough it is not available on oesophageal opening from taking so much medication out of it and this included a company behind EsophyXthe NHS. strict diet for two months. Pain Free: Patrick Senycia said: “Leeds has always Known as EsophyX, it is a When you’ve suffered so from Australia flew to Leeds for been at the forefront of newprocedure to prevent pain acid reflux facts badly from acid reflux and the pioneering treatment. healthcare technologies.caused by acid reflux, but symptoms associated with it, It is leading the way withdoes not need any invasive acid reflux is when acid from some people need long- I found it very easy to commit patients who have benefited providing EsophyX to itssurgery. the stomach leaks up into the term daily medication to or to the guidance and diet from EsophyX. patients, which is a really Patrick Senycia, 41, who gullet (oesophagus). This may surgery. recommended. Dr Elliot Goodman, one of exciting development inis British but now lives in cause heartburn and other consistent and painful “I’m now almost off the Nuffield surgeons who incisionless surgery.”Australia, decided to fly to symptoms. heartburn is often an medication, taking it a step performs this procedure, If left untreated GORD canLeeds for this treatment. a drug which reduces the indication of Gastro- at a time, but feel I’ve come alongside Henry Sue-Ling, become severe enough to “I’d been suffering from amount of acid made in Oesophageal reflux disease a very long way in short said: “Reflux disease, in impact daily life, may evenreflux for nearly seven years your stomach is a common (GOrd).One in seven people space of time and I’m very addition to being a potential cause serious damage to theand after seeking help in 2004, treatment. some people take worldwide suffer from pleased with the reduction in cause of oesophageal oesophagus and in a smallI ended up on medication. short courses of medication chronic gastro-oesophageal symptoms produced by the cancer and other diseases percentage of the populationI knew however that it was when symptoms flare up. disease. operation.” of the throat, is painful and may lead to oesophagealsuppressing the cause and not Patrick is one of over 4,000 unpredictable. Heartburn and cancer.health most at-risk patients. the plastic Dental spa relaxing environment to help Making a changematters container, which will be given out free will allow the storage scoops awards alleviate the stress which often accompanies a trip to the dentist for the better of important details like medical Boutique dental spa, the – something that helped it beat More than 7,500 Leeds familiesMessage in bottle conditions, a GP’s details or Courtyard, is all smiles after strong competition from many have now pledged to live a prescribed medication for the being named one of the best leading London practices. healthier lifestyle by signing upidea for elderly emergency services to access practices in the country at Practice owner Marcos White to Change4Life. Change4LifeBradford’s elderly and easily. the national Private dentistry says: “to be judged one of the is a campaign to help peoplevulnerable residents are being experts suggest storing the awards. the Courtyard scooped best two practices in the country who are less active or don’ttold that storing vital medical labelled bottle in the fridge three major accolades: Most is a real honour, and with the eat as well as they used to, getinformation in a bottle could and sticking a green warning innovative Practice, Best vast majority of shortlisted healthy by making small lifestylesave their lives. Bradford label on the fridge door to Marketing and runner-up in dentists being based in the changes.teaching hospitals Nhs alert emergency services to the coveted Practice of the Year capital, it’s also great recognition Change4Life is led across thefoundation trust has teamed the container’s presence. Bri award. for the region.” city by Nhs Leeds and supportedup with keighley Lions and the Matron, dawn Parkes, said: Based in huddersfield, the the Courtyard plan to roll out by extended services. extendedfriends of the Bradford royal “sometimes it is the simple Courtyard prides itself on its award-winning model across services is a national programmeinfirmary (Bri) to launch a things that are the most real honour: Award- ensuring its clients enjoy a Yorkshire in the near future, that ensures families haveMessage in the Bottle scheme effective. this emergency bottle winning dentist Marcos White first class experience, offering starting with a new North Leeds equal access to a wide range ofaimed at protecting the city’s is a terrific idea.” from the Courtyard, Huddersfield. five-star surroundings and a branch in summer 2011. activities and support.