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Fostering Creativity


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Panel Presentation by Elliot Felix from session at ACRL 2015 Conference "Turn Your Library Into an Idea Engine: Creating the Ideal Creativity Space." Covers how to cultivate the mindset, skill set, tool set, programs, and settings for creativity.

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Fostering Creativity

  1. 1. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 1 Fostering Creativity ACRL 2015 With Steven Bell, Joe Lucia, and Jean Shipman (Part of “Turn Your Library Into an Idea Engine: Creating the Ideal Creativity Space”) March 20, 2015
  2. 2. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 2 context for creativity To support creativity, libraries can move from the commons to studio archetype, approach creativity through the lens of projects, and consider spaces, services, and staffing together. From Commons to Studio Think Space, Services, & Staffing Chattanooga Public Library – 4th floor Projects!
  3. 3. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 3 approach to creativity To support creativity, libraries should consider the mindset, skillset, toolset, programs, and settings together. mindset Projects! skillset toolset programs settings Stanford
  4. 4. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 4 mindset To cultivate the mindset for creativity, libraries can emphasize a human-centered approach, build comfort with ambiguity, promote sharing, and transparency, and enable “flow.” Parsons Studio Csikszentmihalyi “Flow”
  5. 5. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 5 skillset To apply the mindset, people need to build skills in teamwork, storytelling, risk taking, iteration, pattern-recognition, and convergent/divergent thinking. Kantor-Isaacs Four Player Model Projects! Storytelling (at Penn State Media Commons) Prototyping and Iteration (©IDEO) MOVE OPPOSE FOLLOW BYSTAND advocacy --à inquiry--à
  6. 6. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 6 toolset The tools and techniques of creativity bring the mindset and skillset together, including both physical tools, digital tools, and tools that bring physical and digital together. Projects!Basic Supplies (Stanford) Film and Media (Seattle) Basic Tools (Stanford) Electronics (Exploratorium) Digital Fabrication (NC State) Sewing / Specialized Equip.
  7. 7. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 7 programs and staffing Activities and programs create opportunities for people to apply and improve the mindset, skillset, and toolset of creativity to solve real-world problems and connect with each other. Projects! Georgia Tech Invention StudioChattanooga Public Library – 4th floor
  8. 8. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 8 Stanford spaces and settings Creativity also needs the right settings with the right attributes. This includes versatile spaces that support the full range of project activities, showcasing space, storage, and equipment. Univ of Sussex InQBate CETL Image ©InQBate NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program Studio
  9. 9. ©brightspot strategy ACRL Creativity Engine 9 getting started Some tips for getting started fostering creativity within your library and beyond. 1.  Take an inventory what’s already happening and showcase it 2.  Find your lead-users / champions to partner on design and operations 3.  Tap into on-campus experts for programs and events 4.  Remember to create the space’s calendar along with its floorplan 5.  Staff the space with a “host” to operate and animate it 6.  Pick a descriptive name! (Walk the talk and stand-out)
  10. 10. thank you! @elliotfelix @brightspotter