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Analysed front covers

  1. 1. New musical express’s masthead doesn’t really follow the full codes and conventions of a magazine because although it is written in bold brightly coloured letters it does not cover the whole top of the page. If they used the whole name it would cover too much of the page so they have abbreviated it. NME always uses the exact same masthead which makes it very easily recognisable. The figure on the front of the cover takes a diagonal line from top right to front left and gives a very English rock chick vibe about her. She is also behind the writing which is different as normally editors put the figure on top of the words to make them more the centre of attention and make the magazine more eye catching. The sideways barcode also challenges convention by being turned on 90 degrees to the left. The name of the figure is written in bigger letters than the masthead so this could really draw a reader in if the name is one you have an interest in.
  2. 2. This magazine is very stereotypical with its masthead as it has a big font that takes up the whole top of the magazine and uses a very bold brightly coloured font. Rolling stone always uses the same font for its mast head but changes the colour so that it fits with the image lower down, this keeps it interesting and makes everything very colour coordinated. The picture on the front of this cover is in sync with the words underneath so it’s almost as if the words are explaining the picture. The same font is used all over the cover it is simply the size that changes this makes it very easy on the eye.
  3. 3. The slits of white through the black masthead and long haired ruff looking men on the front give you a sense straight away that this is a rock and roll magazine. The black, white and red throughout also give a very dark feeling to the cover. The free poster special wording is there to lure you in and attract more readers as the thought of something free makes the magazine much more interesting. There are lots of pictures and not very many words you so can tell this will be a quite easy going magazine when you open up and look inside.
  4. 4. By having just one letter as the name and masthead for this product it creates a really sense of drama and gives a massive statement that lots of words are not needed to attract your attention. By having a picture of Madonna on the front this edition of the magazine is probably targeting the older generation, but not men or women specifically, as she is in her early fifties so would not be found attractive by younger boys. This cover has quite a lot of writing on it and could possibly put a reader off as they have to search to find out what is inside. The
  5. 5. Very clean, slick looking cover thanks to the fonts and very plain background but a slightly rugged look thrown in as Kanye has a beard growing. Two bold colours will keep the reader interested but are not too over the top. There is no barcode on this cover, this is challenging convention.
  6. 6. The fact that everything is in black and white except for the picture makes it really stand out. There is a lot of writing on the front cover and the way its put together makes it look quite messy which fits in perfectly to the whole rock star look. The masthead is challenging convention as the image of the band covers most of it so you can hardly see the words, this could be risky unless the magazine is extremely popular as people might not know the name of it.
  7. 7. The cover of this magazine really challenges convention as it has no picture, simply words. Some people may find this more interesting as magazines are meant for reading after all but other may be put of as there is no sneak preview to entice them in. The colouring is very stereotypical using only black, red and white.
  8. 8. You can tell straight away that this magazine is aimed at a male audience by the sexily dressed woman on the front. She has little clothing on and is showing some flesh so this would really entice younger boys in to reading the magazine as they will probably expect to see more pretty girls with very little clothing on inside. The cover models clothes are the same colour as the background which makes her start to blend into the background as you get further down the page, this is very ironic as the magazine is called blender.
  9. 9. She is dressed in very brightly coloured clothes but has been photographed on a pure white background, this really makes her stand out. The red masthead also stands out from the rest of the cover as it is the only thing red on the whole page. The wording on the front is very minimalistic which is positive towards the image of a model as she will get more attention.
  10. 10. The background on this front cover is challenging convention as it not just a plain colour like it would normally be. I think it is interesting and more exciting. There are quite a few colours on this cover which makes it very bright and also makes it stand out.